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  1. Your spelling indicates that you did not do very well at school. I can’t imagine you have ever been in a boardroom unless you were emptying the bins.
  2. Guaranteed that they won’t be out in the streets at the weekends in the pouring rain shaking a can and asking some OAPs to empty their purse and leave their remaining estate to the charity. The top “executive” in the Salvation Army receives £15,500 and some living quarters.
  3. They are a bit of an irrelevance. So don’t worry. You do remember the supposed betting scandal they were involved in when they threw away an unbelievable lead in some lower division they were playing in? They had, at one stage, been 12 points clear at the top of the table, but a spectacular collapse saw them finish in fourth place - 11 points behind eventual champions Airdrie United. Has the Renfrewshire Cup now been stopped for good?
  4. I actually thought with the current fuel prices that we would see a reduction in speed by these nutters. If anything it’s getting worse. Today on the A737 I watched a transit driving at 70mph 3 feet behind a McGills bus. The McGills bus was haring along on the outside lane and just pulled in and off the Linwood exit. Had either made a poor decision it would have been carnage. Last night on the M8 in the average speed restrictions from Braehead to Clyde Tunnel section I witnessed idiots accelerating, undertaking, overtaking and then braking near the next set of cameras. Oops. Some fines will be dished out for those eejits. It even has clear signs warning “average speed cameras”.
  5. I always think it’s disgusting the salary and pensions these directors of charities receive.
  6. Regarding accidents I’m surprised it was given the green light. Maybe the W7 NB crew could do some artwork both sides with a suitable message for the arse cheeks and Morten.
  7. Not someone I’d like to see at our club. I’d rather promote from youth academy.
  8. I’m sure that Aberdeen can raise the cash following the sale of Ramsay. Good reliable keeper. Still believe Jak was a better goalie though. Best since Dibble.
  9. I’ve mentioned this before, but any time I cross the viaduct at the Airport the new electronic advertising system with the Paisley pattern gantry is never in operation. Anyone know why?
  10. I had a near miss in Elderslie the other week. This mad cyclist leaped from the pavement onto the road directly in front of my car on the approach to the left filter lane at the steak house. This occurred after the cycle lane on the road ends. He never looked. He took exception to me blowing my horn. He was a local youth I guess. Not one of the Lycra wearing eejits that often ride three or four abreast. He kept telling me I was number one driver though. 🖕 My reactions through years of playing pinball and high speed PlayStation driving games whilst drunk or stoned obviously played a significant factor in him being still alive to tell the tale.
  11. Only if the plane/ferry is free too. What’s wrong with swimming across? And hitching a ride? Pah. The youth of today.
  12. I don’t think anyone can be critical of the lad. Let’s be honest he’s hardly played for the first team. Would be great if he gets a chance this season, but unless he is a stand out in pre season then it’s likely that the manager will stick to experience. It’s a difficult age. Some promising young talent never develops for a multitude of reasons. Let’s hope that Dylan can push on and have a great career.
  13. Given its free entry would we not expect half of Paisley to turn up? 😂
  14. Sadly the TV police have told me it’s shite, so I’m not going to watch it ever again.
  15. Yeah. I think the current threesome make it a good show. It’s more entertainment than deep car knowledge. Clarkson, May and Hammond became really stale.
  16. The cost of living crisis will mean many people with be cashless. Broke.
  17. I heard it was one of the ST holders in the family stand that was already free! 😂
  18. Just imagine what Alex Beckett would be worth in todays transfer fees.
  19. It’s a very high fee for a player with so few games. Good move for him, but that is an enormous fee for Aberdeen.
  20. For me one of the major technology advances is IT data storage. When I started working in IT in the 80s we had massive rooms housing IBM hard drives that each stored a massive 2GB of data each costing over £100,000 https://www.ibm.com/ibm/history/exhibits/storage/storage_3380.html Now you can buy 1024GB flash memory card for £25.
  21. I absolutely love pinball tables @HSS I wish I could own one but very expensive. Personal favourite is this one which they have released a 40th anniversary edition. https://sternpinball.com/game/elviras-house-of-horrors/ https://www.homeleisuredirect.com/pinball-machines/new-pinball-machines/stern-elviras-house-of-horrors-premium-pinball-machine.html I have an iPad and you can play that game and many others on it, but it’s not the same as a proper table.
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