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  1. Correct. The sacked Kibble PR guru is barking mad. I can’t wait until the summer when he is demanding a tribunal when the inevitable happens.
  2. Lewis Morgan left St Mirren for Celtic for a transfer fee of £300,000 aged 21 with no sell on fee as far as I know. Why did St Mirren not take Celtic to a tribunal if you think the fees for Dylan Reid are going to be worth much more AND include a sell on fee. You need to have a word with Jim Gillespie as he allegedly spoke very well about the value now versus when he is out of contract.
  3. Me upset ? About your mum? Not even seen a photo of her. Even if I did I’d not stoop so low to describe her as “visually offensive” (copyright @W6er) Danny Ings was with his local club Southampton growing up but was rejected aged 10 while still at school for being to wee. He joined his dads team Itchen Tyro from age 10 to age 16. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/9879141/danny-ings-shows-off-his-talent-in-bournemouth-academy-days He joined AFC Bournemouth on apprentice scheme while still at school in 2006 aged 16. He was there from 2006 to 2011. Initially in the Academy then made 27 first team appearances. In the summer of 2011, he was linked with reported moves away from Bournemouth with Celtic, Liverpool and Newcastle United.Premier League club Fulham also had a £400,000 bid rejected by the club.In July 2011, he was rewarded with his fifth contract in twelve months, improving his deal to be one of the top earners at the club. He remained at the club through pre-season and started in the first match of the season in a 3–0 away defeat to Charlton Athletic. It proved to be his final appearance for the club. Despite injury he on 30 November 2010, he signed a new contract extension which lasted until 2012. He was still under contract with Bournemouth when on 15 August 2011, Ings signed for Championship club Burnley for an undisclosed fee believed to be in the region of £1 million, on a four-year contract. He was 20 years of age. He was under 24 when he signed for Liverpool. All the examples you have provided are based on rules implemented by the English Premier League (and perhaps all of England) From this article. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/558723/Liverpool-warned-Danny-Ings-compensation-fee-double-striker-earn-England-cap “Ings is out of contract in July but, because he is under 24 years old, Burnley are entitled to compensation if he moves to another club. The Reds are interested in landing the 22-year-old but face a battle with David Moyes' Real Sociedad to secure his signature. .the Reds are likely to face a compensation rate equivalent or higher than the £6.5m Chelsea were told to pay Manchester City for Daniel Sturridge back in 2009. Liga club Sociedad, meanwhile, could offer Ings a competitive wage as they would only have to pay Burnley £200,000 in compensation, according to FIFA rules.” I think you may owe me an apology. I am all 👂 👂 Noddy.
  4. You have offered no supporting evidence from the FIFA regulations. I’m not lashing out. That’s your standard go to when you are losing an arguement. No one can have a debate with you are your arguments do stand up. I’ve asked you to supply evidence from the FIFA directives backing up your opinion. I even submitted the links. Do some research on FIFA website and show where you you are getting these compensation (not transfer) tribunals and sell on percentages. So it’s down to my personality as to whether I’m allowed to ask you a question on whether you still live with your mum. FFS 🤦‍♂️ It’s a simple enough question. Does she take in lodgers? Given your redundancy from St Mirren PR department then rent money from her boy will soon run out. I’d fancy having this debate in question over the breakfast table. I hope she does a good fry up. 🍳 🥓 ☕️ Just on weekends mind.
  5. @bazil85 what comments have I made about your mum that are causing you distress? I just asked if you still lived with your mum and jokingly suggested that she might be putting hallucinogenic drugs in your nighttime drink. Did I say anything remotely controversial? Do you still stay with your mum? Will she be due any compensation when you move out?
  6. Are you really saying that St Mirren would be able to insert a sell on % instruction in future contract? So why would Jim Gillespie state at a public meeting that the figure negotiated with Celtic was £125K but with sell on fee if you are saying that we would get more money if he leaves in the summer of 2023? Surely St Mirren would not have let Dylan Reid, his parents and his agent speak to Celtic if we can get more money next year. 🙈
  7. @bazil85 I’ve just spoken to Jim Gillespie (Director responsible for Academy) and Keith Lasley (COO) and they both say you are talking 💩 💩 💩. They have said to me that the are wanting nothing more to do with you and your PR duties on B&W army. Nothing will formally be announced by the club as they never did so with Head of Well being & Head of Ticket Office.
  8. Are you honestly saying that St Mirren would be due a fee far in excess of £150K? Are you actually suggesting that if Liverpool signed Reid out of contract in 2023 that St Mirren would be able to take them to a tribunal for a transfer that never took place? When Elliot signed from Fulham he was not out of contract. And you are saying I’m having a nightmare? Jeezo. What does your mum put in your Horlicks at night? You do still live with your mum don’t you?
  9. Is that Cockney rhyming slang? That’s a weird look.
  10. That’s a clear as the 💩 I’ve just had. No evidence. Nothing whatsoever. The club need a new PR spokesman as you are hopeless. One redundancy I’d approve of.
  11. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12213077/harvey-elliott-liverpool-ordered-to-pay-fulham-record-compensation-fee-for-16-year-old Harvey Elliott: Liverpool ordered to pay Fulham record compensation fee for 16-year-old Liverpool signed Harvey Elliott as a 16-year-old in 2019 but could not agree a fee with Fulham; the Premier League champions had reportedly offered around £750,000 in compensation, while Fulham originally wanted around £8m; Fulham set to receive in region of £4m once add-ons met. You really are not understanding this are you? There is no way that the FIFA solidarity payment amounts to £8M (what Fulham wanted) or what the transfer tribunal told Liverpool to pay (£4M). If Harvey Elliot left out of contract at 16. The fifa solidarity payment due would only have been around EUR 360,000 based on 4 years development assuming he was with Fulham from age 12. Are you aged 12 and still living with your mum?
  12. So what is your claim? What will we be due Dylan Reid leaves after expiration of his current contract? Lay it out clearly for all to see.
  13. Bazil. This is St Mirren we are talking about. Anything’s possible. It’s not the first time we have overlooked certain terms and conditions of agreements. As an example we were in breach of Health & Safety regulations as we did not service our stadium standby generator for a significant period of time. I’ve clearly presented workings on what I believe St Mirren will be due if he leaves after expiration of his current contract. You present an alternative financial narrative. Go on let’s see your workings?
  14. Where is you FIFA evidence to the question I posed? Less of this whataboutery. I’ve been crystal clear presenting my case with hard facts from FIFA the governing body. 🤡
  15. Campbell Munro was our stadium announcer/DJ and then became “Head of Ticketing”. I’m sure it was a different announcer at Ross county game. Campbell is no longer listed on the club directory. https://www.stmirren.com/club/contacting-st-mirren/club-directory He was appointed head of ticketing in July 2021. Campbell is a great guy who many of us have known for many years following Saints home and away. Sad times.
  16. @bazil85 Where is your FIFA evidence that 30% sell on fee stays in place if a player leaves out of contract?
  17. I’ve clearly demonstrated how the FIFA Solidarity payments work. I’ve told you that Chelsea agreed a compensation fee and additional payments when Gilmour was 15 and under contract at Rangers. St mirren must offer Dylan Reid a new contract 60days prior to the ending of his current one to qualify for solidarity payments. What evidence do you have that fifa solidarity payments include a 30% sell on fees if Dylan Reid does leave without agreeing a new deal?
  18. I’m sorry for responding to @bazil85 who first brought up Dylan Reid into a discussion about redundancies at the academy. It’s usual deflection tactics by the St Mirren-Kibble PR department. Fcuking clown 🤡
  19. Bullshit. How many times do you have to be told you are wrong? Chelsea and rangers agreed compensation and sell ones and appearance add ons when he was 15. 🤦‍♂️
  20. Ok Bazil. I personally don’t think Dylan Reid is going to sign a new contract. I think he will leave us at the end of this season (unless he goes before and the club can insert a sell on agreement). Let’s say I’m right. Dylan’s birthday is in March so he will be 18 once his current contract expires. Given all the evidence I have provided on FIFA solidarity payments I believe that the compensation due will work at follows- Solidarity payments are where the new club where he signs after he leaves us is to distribute 5% of this compensatory amount to all the clubs where this player has played between the age of 12 and 23. This distribution of monies is meant as a solidarity contribution to the clubs involved in the training and education of the player. When a professional moves during the course of a contract, 5% of any compensation, with the exception of Training Compensation, paid to his Former Club shall be deducted from the total amount of this compensation and distributed by the New Club as a solidarity contribution to the club(s) involved in his training and education over the years (calculated pro rata if less than one year) he was registered with the relevant club(s) between the Seasons of his 12th and 23rd birthdays, as follows: • Season of 12th birthday: 5% • Season of 13th birthday: 5% • Season of 14th birthday: 5% • Season of 15th birthday: 5% • Season of 16th birthday: 10% • Season of 17th birthday: 10% • Season of 18h birthday: 10% • Season of 19th birthday: 10% • Season of 20th birthday: 10% • Season of 21st birthday: 10% • Season of 22nd birthday: 10% • Season of 23rd birthday: 10% • Total = 100% Only England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy have Category One clubs. The table below from FIFA is from 2019. It’s probably gone up now, but I can’t find it. https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/17224a13a232cbcc/original/qcbskojvmdcvhcysjzfl-pdf.pdf I don’t know whether St Mirren are a category 2 or 3 club. Maybe you can tell us? if Saints are Category trained by a UEFA category 2 club for the years 12 until 18, and signs after expiry of his current contract the training compensation will be calculated like this: 12th until 18th birthday: 6 X EUR 30,000 (category 3) = EUR 180,000 circa £150,000 Or 12th until 18th birthday: 6 X EUR 60,000 (category 2) = EUR 360,000 circa £300,000 Now I believe we must be category 3 and chose to negotiate a compensation fee of £125,000 plus 30% future sell on fee with Celtic as that is much closer to the FIFA compensation fee due at end of his contract. It is imperative that St Mirren offer him a new contract 60days before his current one expires to get the solidarity payment.
  21. Bazil you are talking shite. You have offered no factual counter evidence from FIFA to argue you case. You are a 🤡. Rangers agreed a fee with Chelsea when Gilmour was 15. Gilmour was then free to talk to Chelsea and agreed his terms. The clubs then agreed that he would leave in the summer when he was 16. There is plenty of evidence to back up exactly what I have said here. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/10870337/billy-gilmour-completes-move-to-chelsea-from-rangers“Chelsea have signed Rangers' highly-rated 15-year-old midfielder Billy Gilmour, who has come through the Scottish club's academy system.” https://www.espn.co.uk/football/soccer-transfers/story/3019319/chelsea-closing-in-on-rangers-teenager-billy-gilmour-sources “Chelsea are set to beat a host of Europe's top clubs to the signing of Rangers youngster Billy Gilmour, sources from both clubs have told ESPN FC.Scotland under-16 midfielder Gilmour is regarded as one of the best youth talents in Europe after impressing for club and country in the last 12 months.Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have all been credited with an interest in Gilmour after sending scouts to watch the 15-year-old in action. Sources have told ESPN FC that Gilmour spent last weekend in London for talks at Chelsea and to have a look around the club's facilities as the Premier League leaders look to bring the the player to Stamford Bridge.Gilmour is under contract at Rangers until the end of the season, but Chelsea have offered the Scottish club £500,000 to sign the player now rather than wait until he is 16 and try and land him on a compensation fee.”
  22. Why then would St Mirren let Dylan Reid talk to Celtic if clubs agreed a compensation fee plus 30% sell on of future transfers if you say that he is worth more when he is out of contract? I’m sorry your logic is fcuked. There is nothing in the FIFA solidarity mechanism that states a 30% sell on fee as part of development. https://www.easportslaw.com/news/training-compensation-and-solidarity-mechanism https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/41c272bcbc3b19df/original/c83ynehmkp62h5vgwg9g-pdf.pdf There’s my evidence where is yours?
  23. I’m actually very concerned that the financial cost of running the academy may not be as good an investment as we had hoped. I don’t know how much the current cost of running the academy is every year however I think Stewart Gilmour said at an AGM when he was chairman saying it cost north of £1M every year. Please correct me if I have that figure wrong. If we look at the rough income made on transfer sales since the academy started. John McGinn has been the best return ever. St Mirren get 30% of any fee that Hibs get with their sell on (15%). We received fees for Stephen McGinn, Kyle McAllister, Cammy McPherson, Lewis Morgan and Kenny McLean. I can’t remember too many others. Morgan and McLean were rejected by Rangers as youths so we can’t really claim to have reared them in our Academy structure. I don’t think Stephen McGinn was part of our youth academy as we know it now. So would it be fair to say that the only real assets that the Academy has produced are John McGinn, Kyle McAllister and Cammy McPherson?. Did we not pay a fee to get Kyle back? So if we keep the argument simple and discount Stephen McGinn and Barry Lavety as there was no youth academy structure in place as we know now. Lewis Morgan and Kenny McLean were predominantly reared by Rangers. Let’s ignore them. That leaves us with John McGinn and Kyle McAllister. We sold Kyle McAllister to Derby. Then bought him back on no doubt a large wage and signing on fee. Let’s say that cancels out the fee received. Cammy McPherson went for a nominal fee. Let’s say £30K. Therefore we are left with John McGinn as the biggest return to date. Let’s just for arguments sake say we’ve received in total £1.5M for John McGinn. I believe the Ralston Academy was completed in 2009. Roughly 13 years ago. So you can say that the return on investment so far on the Academy has been very poor. It has been measured that in the elite English Premier League academies only 1% make a first team start. That is probably a similar return for St Mirren. I think there is nothing better than seeing someone from the youth academy making their debut in the stripes, but what cost to the 99% shirt fillers whose dreams are shattered as they never made it. There is a huge commitment made by so many kids and their families when they join an Elite Academy. Not just making training and matches, but very strict diet restrictions that they have to follow and record. These kids should be having fun with their friends playing football for enjoyment. Look back on the estimated transfer fees we received in the past for a handful of players that never went through the academy structure who we signed from Juniors or Lower divisions. Archie Gemmill £13,000 Gordon McQueen £30,000 Frank McGarvey £300,000 Tony Fitzpatrick £280,000 Peter Weir £300,000 Billy Stark £80,000 Frank McAvennie £340,000 Ian Ferguson £850,000 Paul Lambert £250,000 Barry Lavety £200,000 I make this a total estimate of £2,643,000. Remember you would need to adjust these figures for inflation to see how much that money is worth today. I would argue that we did far better scouting and bringing through players than the academy we have in place now. How many of those players from the past would get in the team now?
  24. Hey @animal Have you heard any further specific news about the academy? I see that @Albanian Buddy has posted that Michelle has left the club.
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