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  1. Why would the director at St Mirren responsible for financial governance resign on Thursday before the accounts and AGM? Strange. Is that so he does not want to face difficult questions?
  2. Brand Beckham. Does what Victoria tells him to do.
  3. I have a cunning plan comrades! Anyone remember the international man of mystery Mr Benn? Obviously not @bazil85 or @W6er as there parents may not even had their first snog never mind a shag. Anyway I digress. This legend Mr Benn was first written in the tremendous year of 1967. What a year! I was born. 1967 is known as the year of the “Summer of Love, hippies and hallucinogenic drugs. Many were suspicious of the government, rejected consumerist values, and generally opposed the Vietnam War. A few were interested in politics; others were concerned more with art (music, painting, poetry in particular) or spiritual and meditative practices.” cut & pasted from Wikipedia ! For those younger readers and those even older than me (yes I’m looking at you @Wilbur, @antrin @faraway saintand many other of the grumpy old cnuts on here who find all sorts of shite to complain about let me remind you about Mr Benn. A thirteen episode classic. Not as good as Faulty Towers but perfect escapism for youngsters like me back in ‘71 and ‘72. “Mr Benn is an ordinary fellow, living an ordinary life in an ordinary suburban house, at Number 52, Festive Road. One day, Mr Benn receives an invitation to a fancy dress party, and so, donning his bowler hat, he sets off to find a costume to wear. Unable to find a suitable outfit in the usual shops, he turns down a small lane and finds a shop filled with strange and unusual costumes. Inside, Mr Benn asks the fez-wearing shopkeeper if he can try on a suit of red armour; he then enters the changing room, puts on the outfit, and walks through another door... and suddenly finds himself transported back to medieval times. It is the first of many amazing and extraordinary adventures for Mr Benn…” Wikipedia. “Mr Benn’s adventures originally began in 1967 with the book ‘Mr Benn – Red Knight’, which was written and illustrated by David McKee. After it was published, the BBC commissioned McKee to create a series of adventures for television, and so thirteen fifteen-minute episodes were made; each episode was written and illustrated by McKee, and narrated by the warm and friendly tones of Ray Brooks. Using the magic costume shop, Mr Benn could become anyone - a spaceman, a balloonist, a wizard, or a cowboy, to name but a few - and each story saw him helping people and solving problems using just his wits and intelligence.” https://www.clivebanks.co.uk/Mr Benn Intro.htm Now I’ve had specialist escape and evasion training in my career along with secret methods of infiltration. You might saying I’m taking shite, but only one of us knows the truth. 🤫 And I’ve never broken down under interrogation. I know I have the skill set to get into Westminster Hall where the Queen is lying in state by dress up in one of the uniforms supplied by the moustachioed, fez-wearing shopkeeper. Some of the greatest deceptions in history have taken place totally in the public gaze. Wish me luck.
  4. Bastards. I had a cunning plan to nick the crown sell it off and help people in Foodbanks and those unable to heart their homes. https://inews.co.uk/news/how-much-is-the-queens-crown-worth-history-of-the-imperial-state-crown-explained-and-estimated-artefact-cost-1856439 How much is it worth? This is the billion dollar question. The crown jewels are thought of as priceless. They have never been insured, so they have never been appriased. However, some experts believe it may be worth between £3bn and 5bn. The Cullinan I on its own is estimated to be worth as much as £400m.
  5. Sources stated John Needham said the club is forecasting a £1M+ loss in the accounts year ending 31st March 2022. Need to wait until accounts are published later this year.
  6. The covid loan was included in last years accounts year ended 31st May 2021. This is clearly documented in the last years accounts. St Mirren received £1,764,000. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55850272 The club accounts for year end 31st May can be found here https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/4440-st-mirren-football-club-ltd-the-annual-report-and-financial-statements The SMiSA report back to the membership who are not allowed to attend the formal club AGM held on Sunday 27th January is here https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/322-st-mirren-agm-2022-report John Needham responded to a number of concerned shareholders who had submitted questions in advance of the AGM held over Zoom specifically to this loan, how it is absorbed into the accounts and the payback over 20year interest free. He said “Q1 Loss of £49K but profit of £449K. JN explained that the confusion was due to the way the Scottish Government loan had been included. The actual cash loss was £45K, depreciation £263K (£303K) but an investment gain of £33K had reduced figure to £275K. Grant conversion £1.7M present day discounted by 20 years value £729K Agreed not very transparent but presented as required to meet accounting regulations. Q2 Note 4 - £920K grants- again related back to £729K plus £170K in furlough payments plus £22K in miscellaneous grants.” It’s clear that the covid loan has already been reported in last years accounting period. Therefore why did we not say we had a seven figure loss last year? What’s changed? I’m told that John Needham at a recent SMiSA meeting when pressed by the membership in attendance that the club was “forecasting a seven figure loss”. I’m been made aware that he and the other club directors did not know this figure at the meeting. So as I’ve said before….. A seven figure loss could be a) anything less than or equal to £99,999.99 or b) anything greater than or equal to £1,000,000 Whenever I’ve worked on large business transactions imvolving global corporate giants such as IT outsourcing companies, IT hardware & Software vendors, investment banks, MoD, DWP etc with huge turnovers far in excess of St Mirren’s £4.5M annual turnover I’ve never included anything from £0.00 to £0.99 in my business case. Obviously when my purchases order or sales deals hit the financial bean counters in the purchasing or procurement department the two digits to the right of the decimal point are included in the financial systems to notify the banks to perform the inter bank transaction accurately. In the UK that is performed using BACS. International transfers are more complex but a similar process. However you need to take into consideration the currency conversion and other transactional fees incurred. Anyway I digressed just so I can get my word count up to annoy @faraway saint So let’s hope the seven figure loss allegedly forecast by our club chair at the most recent SMiSA meeting is less than £100,000. Nothing was formally documented by SMiSA https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/332-smisa-members-quarterly-meeting via this correspondence on the website (26th August)!and to SMiSA membership by email (27th July 2022). It took 5 days to produce those minutes. I wonder why it took so long? To avoid any Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD for @bazil85 benefit) the next SMiSA meeting should be “live streamed” via Zoom to the paying SMiSA membership given there were only 22 members in attendance that night? Surely the SMiSA membership who own 51% of the club deserve a better option to question the Club and SMiSA elected representatives? Zoom was successfully used at this years club AGM in January 2022 discussing financial year end 31st May 2021. So surely with the SMiSA procured membership software there is an easy way to invite people through the managed database software to join a zoom call if the member can’t attend in person?
  7. I was a few years older than you at same place. But saying that you were either kept back a few years running or you had a very hard paper run as you look 10 years older than me. Very few Saints fans in my year or older years. We were few in number but at least we attended the games. I’m still in touch with some of the guys I went to games with back then who also included those in the year below. I’m glad to say two kids witnessed games at Love St, Greenhill Rd and both domestic finals in 2010 & 2013. At least they suffered as much as I did. I still insist that the LC final in 2010 was the worst experience in my lifetime. A thousand times worse than the UEFA cup tie against some Swedish mob. It made 2013 all the more special.
  8. Jeezo. I remember in my year there were probably only around 7 Saints fans who mostly went home and away. And we were at a Paisley secondary school in the main European glory years from ‘79 to 84. All the rest were of a blue bawbag bigot persuasion who never went, the odd green bhigot and a Chesterfield fan who had moved to the area just before his own towns team pumped the mighty Gers in the Anglo Scottish cup and the hordes from Govan subsequently rioted. Nothing new there then.
  9. What the fcuk does that question actually mean? If you are implying or suggesting that you are having sexual relationships with my mother who is 87 years old and extremely vulnerable I’d say that says a lot about your state of mind. She has physical disabilities and brain deterioration due to her age. Thing is I was on the phone to her at her home where she lives alone between 830am and 930am. I’m now travelling to see her to make sure she is all right. I’ve only suggested in the past that you still live with your mum. I’ve never ever been abusive. I may end up having to look after my mum very soon as a dedicated home carer. While she can still live independently I will visit her every day and help her out, but there is no way I’m putting her in to care until such times as it’s medically or physically impossible for me to care for her. So I have no issue with that. What you have hinted at suggests something else and I think you should seriously reconsider that question you posed to me 4 hours ago. If if completely misunderstood that question “Will your mum being here do? then I will be the first to apologise.
  10. Firstly are you in denial that St Mirren FC Ltd were in a the most significant financial crisis when Stewart Gilmour and his consortium took control of the club in the late 1990s? Secondly are you in complete and utter denial of the SEVEN FIGURE debt of £2,000,000 that was going up cause our club to go out of business while we were playing at a crumbling and run down Love Street that was causing significant maintenance costs and issues with meeting modern safety standards in 2007? An absolutely vital event as important if not more as winning any major domestic trophy in our proud clubs history took place on Tuesday 24th April 2007 when Renfrewshire Council granted detailed planning permission for the new 8,000-seater arena in the Ferguslie Park area. Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/st_mirren/6588983.stm …..a £15m deal to sell their St Mirren Park stadium to supermarket giants Tesco will clear the club's £2m debt. St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour said: "This is an historic day. It is the day the club has been saved." St Mirren Park has been the club's home since 1895. But Gilmour has welcomed the short move to Greenhill Road. "We said from the start that the only way the club could survive in its present form and remain in Paisley would be to sell our ground for enough money to pay off our debts and build a new Premier League-standard stadium," he On Tuesday, Renfrewshire Council granted detailed planning permission for the new 8,000-seater arena in the Ferguslie Park area. And a £15m deal to sell their St Mirren Park stadium to supermarket giants Tesco will clear the club's £2m debt. St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour said: "This is an historic day. It is the day the club has been saved." St Mirren Park has been the club's home since 1895. But Gilmour has welcomed the short move to Greenhill Road. "We said from the start that the only way the club could survive in its present form and remain in Paisley would be to sell our ground for enough money to pay off our debts and build a new Premier League-standard stadium," he added "Thankfully, for the club, the fans, the players and the whole of Paisley and Renfrewshire this has now been achieved. "We can look forward to a new era of financial stability and hopefully, the success on the park that stability can bring us." http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/shared/img/o.gif http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/sol/shared/img/v3/end_quote.gif A new stadium can be appealing and hopefully it will attract players to St Mirren http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/sol/shared/img/v3/end_quote.gif Gus MacPherson St Mirren manager "Thankfully, for the club, the fans, the players and the whole of Paisley and Renfrewshire this has now been achieved. "We can look forward to a new era of financial stability and hopefully, the success on the park that stability can bring us."
  11. Bazil - would you like me to produce evidence or facts to back up my claim? i firmly believe that your theory will be blown up far bigger than all the Blaw Up Betty sex dolls in the world? You keep claiming that I’m spinning things when you have provided zero fcuking evidence in response to any factual documents I previously supplied. If you do want me to explain this one more time please can you ensure that your mum is with you when you read it so that she can explain it to you as I really fear you are not capable of absorbing the information. Failing that please attend one of the following meetings - the next SMiSA quarterly meeting due around October 2022 - the club AGM for financial year ending 31st May 2022 due around December 2022 or January 2023 These meetings are usually held in the evening around 730pm.
  12. As a infamous Radio Clyde football pundit once said “Are you accusing me of mendacity?” I also don’t particularly like the slur suggesting I was drunk. For all you know I could be a recovering alcoholic. Unless you mean I overdosed on white powder?
  13. I was not attempting any humour at all. I was merely pointing out the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of @shull’s post. I didn’t intend my post to be funny in the slightest. My message to @shull was that I believed he was being somewhat economical with the truth! You did however fall directly into my trap of quoting the post directed to @shull that he would not have seen from me, but he will be able to view as you replied. Now for that to happen within 12months of me posting I did find funny. But given you created the laughter you must take all the credit. Take a bow sir!
  14. I’m totally stunned. I thought @Sidmirren was one of your best pals. What’s happend between you two? Have you argued over who gets to pump Blow Up Betty? For the record Sid replied rather controversially to a humorous post I made in the wee small hours last night quoting the complete post I made on the Robbo appreciation thread. @Rascal aka Ricky also quoted the same complete post I made hailing it as “Brilliant!” So even if you didn’t see Sid’s response then I’m sure you must have seen Ricky’s reply. I thought you might have actually enjoyed the joke I made about the death of Rangers 1872-2012. You know the one. The reincarnated club you now refer to as “Sectarian/Vermin Sevco 2012” I’m absolutely stunned that you have @W6er and @bazil85 on ignore. Why is that? I know I find their posts extremely dull and repetitive and in one particular post misogynistic but I’d never bother to put them on ignore. If you have the whole forum on ignore bar @Rascal and @stlucifer is it not a rather dull experience? I guess you must be very busy taking fares in your taxi that you just don’t have time to read the rest of the drivel posted on here. Jings. There was me thinking their was a UK/Global cost of living crisis, apart from Cardonald.
  15. I don’t think think your mum would approve of such language. Sweet dreams 🛌
  16. Does that mean that @div will invite me to the Glynhill/Bankhouse to present the BAWA player of the year? A few pints rather than a sit down meal would suffice, therefore hopes it’s the annual Bankhouse event.
  17. Does that mean you lost your betting slip? Or did you not back the Saints to go and win 3 games in a row without conceding a goal just prior to when we left Love St?
  18. @shull Who do you prefer the last manager to win a major domestic honour the legend that is Sir Danny Lennon or his captain Jim Goodwin? If it is the former why do we not get interviews posted of Sir Danny Lennon at Clyde FC?
  19. I have no feckin idea how to use the quote function to highlight where you have voiced concerns about SMiSA or that you are not a member which you have repeatedly stated. See exhibits A, B and C below. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C
  20. There may be a St Mirren historian who can answer that in the time it takes @bazil85 to say “Where’s your evidence?” but the “without conceding” aspect is particularly difficult to achieve. I think the last time we won three top flight league games in a row was under Jim Goodwin last season. Now if you wish to research your question why don’t you spend some time on this site? http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk “This is an unofficial site devoted to the history of football match programmes involving St. Mirren Football Club from season 1945/46 to the present day.” If you can’t find the answer to your question on this site, then maybe you could research further and get this page updated with your specific “club record of most consecutive top flight league wins without conceding” https://www.stmirren.info/club-records The keeper with the record Most Consecutive Clean Sheets 8 Games (838 Mins) Craig Hinchcliffe, Division 1, 01/03/05 - 16/04/05 However that is obviously not in the top flight. Neither is this 3 match win sequence without conceding a goal. Now I’ll rightly be criticised by @faraway saint for the long rambling post. @Slarti will rightly accuse me of “copy and paste”. @antrin will probably find a spelling or grammatical error in my post @W6er will accuse me of trolling you but as I’m the only one on his ignore list he won’t see it until someone replies quoting this entire post @BuddieinEK will like my post as he always likes my content. @shull will accuse me of having a second alias of @BuddieinEK just to increase my number of likes @munoz will give me a 😂 as he’s gibbering drunk probably lying in a gutter somewhere in Paisley singing songs about burning 🔥 the Old Firm and screaming “Fcuk the Ton” @antrin will now respond that the Old Firm ceased in 2012 with the demise of Rangers through liquidation and post a picture as evidence but I’ll save him the time and post this. @TPAFKA Jersey 2 will give me a series of 👏 👏 👏 as he is probably another one who is in a drunken stupor as he will have been out on the lash with his wingman @Jimmy H @StanleySaint will probably provide you with details on what the weather was on the days if your research @Callum Gilhooley @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @Tam M @chalky1 @saint in [email protected]@Mid Calder [email protected] Saints @guinnessall hopefully give me a like as they seem to be good guys but will be accused by both @shull @Sidmirren of being another of my aliases which is rather ironic. @Slarti will then likely say “how do you know that they are guys?” to kick off a debate on gender classification. Fcuk knows how @stlucifer will react @TopCat will probably argue we should never have sacked the manager overseeing such a fine run @Mainstand Sweary Mob better give me a 👋 as I sit in the West Bank on matchdays. I think he might be my auld mucker Allan T who I knew many years ago from the auld Saints Online Guestbook. @beyond our ken @waldorf34will both seethe and destroy my post bit by bit as they just don’t like me. I’m sure there are plenty other posters who I could add to this list but I don’t want to know 😂 @Eric Arthur Blair @HSS @Livinginthepast @Sue [email protected] @[email protected] @Sonnywill likely have a race to be the first statto/historian to reply with the correct answer to your question in less time than it takes @elvis to predict that we won’t ever win again. @renfrew156 will abuse [email protected] as he likes to do @animal will find some way to lead the discussion to something the Kibble have done @Brilliant Disguise will find a way to blame the SNP or SMiSA for having not repeated this feat more often @portmahomack saint likely had a successful wager at the bookies on that particular sequence coming to fruition and he will post a picture of his betting slip as evidence. @Hendo will blame Tory policy for it not happening more often @santaponsasaint will hate it if the record was achieved by one of Gus McPherson teams @shullwill be ecstatic if it was his favourite top flight manager of recent times - Danny Lennon @Cookie Monster would try and pick a fight with his arch nemesis Stuart Dickson but they both don’t seem to post any more. Maybe they finally met up and are both in jail waiting for a court appearance. 🥤 🍿 @Warrior Saint will call me a toolbag for this excessively long rambling post @[email protected] will ask whether the games were on TV Finally some smart arse likely to be a Statto (check list previously) will just respond to @Rascal question with a “Naw it’s never happened before” Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out.
  21. I’m really pleased they enjoyed themselves. As a former long distance “commuter” to Saints games home and away over 20 years when living way down south I know what that feeling is like. I think my longest ever journey was a 1,000 mile round trip to see Saints play Inverness Caledonian Thistle when we were pumped 5-0 in the final game of 99/00. And yet we still invaded the pitch and demanded the team and manager back out. That was quite possibly the greatest ever season following Saints. So many memories. So many last minute winners. So many laughs and so many drunken nights celebrating Paisley’s finest football team. When we win it’s an enjoyable journey back, but any loss means that every mile going back down the road is unbearable.
  22. Is there any news you can provide on Campbell’s departure? I believe as well as stadium announcer Campbell was also the Club Ticket Office Manager. Has Campbell move on to a better job elsewhere or was he made redundant? I would find it incredible if Campbell left of his own volition as he bleeds black and white. Top guy is Campbell. If you can’t explain on here, if you can PM that would be appreciated.
  23. You have never even supported our fan ownership model. Why is that? Did you miss out on being a Founder member?
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