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  1. FFS. I actually thought for a split second that Gus was returning to the club. Then I looked at the posts and suddenly remembered that some eejit keeps regurgitating posts from way back in history. This time from a season when St Mirren won the League Cup for the first time in their history when we had an 18year old John McGinn, a 15goal striker in Thommo and a top class shagger in Isma. It’s been a strange day on here.
  2. Not really sure what you are getting at here. Maybe I’ve not explained myself. I have a disability that affects my reading and writing as well as problems with executive decision making that can result in significant errors of judgement. I have known previous posters to be banned on this site and Pieandbovril due to people complaining because they disagree. That’s the context of what I wrote. Putting that last line to one side. Why do you refuse to comment on what I wrote in the rest of the post you just replied to?
  3. My view. I found his comments totally insensitive about a person he does not know and I was angry and called him out on it. @W6er can explain what he meant by his comments and if I think I have misunderstood what he said then I will apologise. But it’s a two way street. Why does @W6er say she is “visually offensive”? Not once did I refer to her gender or say he did when I replied to that specific point. Go read back exactly what I said. On the 2nd point. To describe her humour as “funny as childhood leukemia”? is insulting to those affected by such diseases. Maybe you and @W6er think that is a normal phrase to use, I’ve been affected by seeing people very close to me die young from cancer. Perhaps you may see why I was so angry with those words he used. It’s clear and obvious other people around the UK and the world enjoy her style of humour even though many of us including myself don’t. @W6er made a 3rd comment that “What is pathetic is instead of telling the outraged punter that she's an imbecile, they pandered to her. Aye, I'm assuming it's a woman.” Now my original response was incorrect and I’ve apologised for that mistake based on @Slarti correcting me. It does not take away from my perception that his view is sexist and misogynistic. Are we honestly saying that only one customer who (attended this venue where Jerry was banned) complained and she identified as a female? Because that’s how it came across to me. Now until he can grow up and “un-ignore” me and reply to those questions I stand by what I say in this particular post now that I’ve hopefully got the exact wording right. Jerry Sadowitz was banned because of what he said on stage in a performance that is an act. I’m not asking for @W6er to be banned. I’m just asking him to clarify his comments. I don’t think I should be banned from here for speaking my mind either.
  4. You might need to spell this out to me as I’m not quick on the uptake for reasons I’ve already explained. But are you suggesting that I’m a “snivelling offence-hunter” for calling out someone for what they have posted that I think is offensive and misogynistic? I clearly asked @W6er to justify his statements and he hasn’t.
  5. Yes you are correct. I misread that. But it certainly was a sexist remark made by someone who has a misogynistic outlook. I therefore I sincerely apologise to the snowflake that is @W6er for that part of my response. For the record I don’t have a high IQ. Due to disability I struggle with reading comprehension and executive decision making. As for Dawn French and her style of comedy? I’ve never seen anything she has done apart from the “Comic Strip Presents” in the 80s. I knew she was married to Lenny Henry. I know of them, but both of them I don’t find humorous but I respect them for the careers they have had and the charitable causes they have raised money for. It’s all personal choice. What you and I find funny others don’t. As an example, watching videos or descriptions of people being nominated for Darwin Awards I can find humour in. Maybe that’s down to my “vile and vindictive personality” but it never ceases to amaze me how utterly stupid some of the human race can be. It would be a boring world if we all had the same outlook on life.
  6. You have clearly been outed as an offensive fat shaming misogynistic individual if you can’t justify the statements you made about someone you have never met and could not answer any questions I posed to you. Everyone can see you for what you are. No idea why you posted an image about @faraway saint reference the “idiot community” Sometimes he behaves like an idiot. He doesn’t take himself seriously. He’s sometimes funny. Sometimes not. Sometimes kind. Sometimes abusive. But I’ve never known him to describe a comedian he has never met as being “as unfunny as childhood leukaemia”. I don’t remember him fat shaming anyone. And I don’t recall him being a complete misogynistic twat. Maybe I missed that. As for going on ignore……
  7. To be fair Bazil there have been times where no one has mentioned you directly by name or quoted you and you have leaped in all guns blazing making it all about you. No doubt you will disagree and find a way to argue. It is your modus operandi. Getting this back on topic. Have you @bazil85 heard that our club chairman said at the last public meeting that the club was running at a 7 figure loss last accounting period? Scary stuff eh? Unless 7 figures is only £30,000.00! You have hopefully some knowledge to share about that.
  8. That’s some statements about someone you possibly have never met. Why do you say she is “visually offensive”? I’d be keen for you to answer that. Was it because she was overweight? She reduced her weight by 7 stone in 2014 by healthy eating and exercise so that she could have a hysterectomy operation. She is 64 years old and although she has put more weight back on since she seems to be embracing life and still touring? Her autobiography she called “Dear Fatty”. Why do you say she is “funny as childhood leukemia”? I’d be keen for you to answer that. Are you just trying to be “edgy”? Out of interest do you have any children? Perhaps you might want to contact Tony Fitzpatrick and ask him about his experience of losing his son to leukaemia at 6 years old. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/13207975.tony-fitzpatrick-love-never-lost/ Do you remember the utter anguish and pain that Tony Fitzpatrick went through at this time in his second spell with the club? For a St Mirren supporter to use that phrase when one of our greatest ever servants who lost his son to that disease is to me disgusting. Tony has written many stories in memory of his young son Tony who tragically passed away in 1983 (age 6) with acute myaloid leukemia - His nickname was "Babakoochi Bear". https://www.babakoochibear.com I bought and used his books when my children were very young as they lost primary school friends in their class to tragic accidents and illness. I remember Tony Junior as a mascot when it was common knowledge he was terminally ill. You can see the pain in his fathers eyes. Were you not aware of this? The word arises from the Latin word imbecillus, meaning weak, or weak-minded. It included people with an IQ of 26–50, between "idiot" (IQ of 0–25) and "moron" (IQ of 51–70). Given her long standing career in comedy since 1982 where she has written and performed in a vast number of show resulting in a BAFTA Fellowship in 2009. She received an advance of £1.5M for her autobiography. It’s estimated she has a net worth of £7M. In February 2013, she was estimated as one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom by BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour. The Guardian named her as one of the top 50 funniest people in Britain. https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2003/dec/07/comedy.thebestofbritishcomedy1 Not bad going for an “imbecile“. Eh? I’d love to know what you’ve achieved in your lifetime. I personally don’t give a flying fcuk what someone’s IQ is. I met some of the most obnoxious and arrogant high IQ people and met some of the most down to earth, gentle, kind and happy people who you would class as an “imbecile” due to their low IQ. Why do you “I'm assuming it's a woman”? I’d be keen for you to answer that as I genuinely have no idea were you are coming from. Surely you are not misogynistic? A self confessed Guardian reader too. Ah but it’s ok. You attended a party last week hosted by three gay men. How liberally minded of you! It was me that called you a Tory cnut. In Scotland the word cnut can have more than one meaning. Used widely in the Scottish dialect to replace the word "person", not necessarily always used in a derogatory manner. Also replaces words which end in "one", referring to another person. Good c**t = nice person Daft c**t = silly person Bunch of cunts = Tories That c**t = Him/her Total c**t = Nigel Farage Kick his c**t in = Fight that man Ooo ya c**t ye = that's sore. So you really have no idea why I called you out on that last week. Given what you have written this morning it could be argued that you are a thick c**t = stupid person! I await your reply.
  9. From Twitter: Andrew R @ExcelPope This is from when I went to see him live, maybe five or six years ago. He did a whole piece to the audience about people wondering if it was OK to laugh at his joke. Was he saying terrible things because they were funny, or were they things he really believed? The audience felt confused. Guilty, even. He explained he had a solution. He indicated to a table at the back of the stage. This table, he said, contained a load of hats. If he put a hat on then he was just playing a character, He wasn't really him. It was OK to laugh at the joke. "Let's try it out. Remember, wearing a hat means 'just a character', it's OK to laugh." He went to the table. The audience is silent. Obviously he's going to return wearing a hat and say something really terrible. He came back to the front of the stage. He was wearing an SS Officer's cap. "Right, then, what are we going to do about the Jews?" I go to see a lot of comedy. From household names through to people just starting out. I don't think I have ever seen a more perfect joke than this. It doesn't just #MadeYouThink, you could write a f**king thesis on the layers in that joke. But, and this is the crucial thing, if you were to reduce it to a 1-sentence line in a tabloid, it would be... "Sadowitz, dressed as a German office, made jokes about the holocaust." Context is everything, and I doubt anybody understands that better than Jerry Sadowitz. I've seen what he's capable of, and I won't judge him on a line in a tabloid. /End.
  10. Tanser was out of contract and we offered more (wages & signing on fee) than St Johnstone.
  11. We might be forced to sell him in January to try and get a % future sell on fee as I think he is in last year of contract.
  12. So were goals by Bobby Reid in 76/77. A far superior player to GR. Should I start a new thread for Bobby? For me the best ever centre half I’ve witnessed playing for St Mirren. I never saw Gordon McQueen play for St Mirren but saw him many times for Scotland. I’d argue Bobby would have had as good a career had injury not killed his ambitions.
  13. Terrific marketing ploy to sell out his up coming tour You just can’t buy free publicity like this! He is a very smart guy. And an outstanding magician. Now just wait to see these tour dates sell out fast.
  14. Ross County forced Carson into one save in the whole game which was from a deflected shot and a brilliant save. Ross County have been playing terrific football this season against Hearts and Celtic and ran both sides very close. It was expected that Ross County would play expansive football on the break and they have a number of good players. The fact that we limited them to one shot on goal was brilliant. There are no easy games in our league. That was a fantastic win yesterday in very difficult conditions. There was (and still is) tremendous pressure on not just our manager but the players as well. They know how important that result was yesterday. BTW You rarely find anything positive to say about St Mirren. May I suggest an excellent choice of reading material. It really is a superb book.
  15. At least I was able to fit into the one I bought. 😂 You couldn’t even get it over yer napper.
  16. For those not at the game it was really hot today. The temperature in the shade in the West Stand was 27C. f**k knows what it was in the sunshine on the pitch. I was sweating sat down in my seat. I couldn’t manage to run for 5 minutes never mind 90+ minutes in the sun. That was a huge result for the club. Well done everyone! COYS
  17. Resulting in…..issues with predictive text on my phone. No laughing matter imho.
  18. @W6er @W6er will be much happier when there is a UK population decline this winter with increased deaths as a direct result of Tory policies caused by hypothermia, starvation and suicides.
  19. I was part of the “brain drain” from Scotland in the early 80s like many other Scots. Emigration happens the world over. The current population of India is 1.38Billion. The UK population is 67Million. I don't believe that some Indians doctors and nurses moving for economic personal reasons is disgusting. That is their personal choice that cnuts like you have deprived them of. Go fuk your self. We have a history of population decline due to Tory policies. Even the Highland clearances had a massive effect when sheep and deer were more valuable than people.
  20. You are an idiot. Many of these people seek opportunities to move from where they currently live to countries where they can earn in a month what would take them years to achieve at home. By doing so they can send money home to support extended family thereby giving other younger family members the opportunity to study longer in school and university that they would not have been able to do had some one else in their family had the opportunity to study, work and learn in the UK. Selfish people like you have stopped that opportunity in the UK and you indirectly have blood on your hands. An “underclass on benefits”? You Tory cnut. So you suggest that all physically and mentally disabled people should work the fields? Are you aware of how many terminally ill people are told they are not eligible for benefits? While we are at it. Let us reopen the mines and send orphans down the mines. Regarding population control. WW111, Global pandemics and starvation as a result of a global recession should deal with a few deaths that no doubt you will be happy about. Climate issues resulting in natural disasters will kill millions. The next few decades you can spend wanking at your tv screen as millions die.
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