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  1. Tosh. We have a declining ageing population in Scotland. Due to Brexiteers like you we have significantly less immigration to staff the NHS, care, agriculture, fishing, hospitality sectors.
  2. The problem is that inflation is running out of control, so although it might sell for 10x what you paid for it in 2022, by 2032 what you can buy for £470 then may only be a fish supper. That’s if fish are still available to deep fry.
  3. It was launched in June 2015. I believe take up was really good. All founding members have their names up on the board. Ricky is not there. Given he asked this question 14months after launch I’m not surprised he is not seen to be a founding member.
  4. FTOF. the real point being made is that ALL away games are too expensive. I did say that “Cost of attending all away games once you factor in travel and food costs is stopping supporters from attending.”
  5. There are plenty of options at the club shop. Y shirts, hoodies etc. I’m sure you could find St Mirren branded slippers to go along with your pipe and pyjamas. The club are not responsible for items in the shop. Provans are always keen on supporters ideas.
  6. That’s kind of the issue we are all trying to address. Our own away support at Celtic and Rangers has seen dramatic reductions in size since the 70s and 80s. Cost of attending all away games once you factor in travel and food costs is stopping supporters from attending.
  7. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Rest of it is immaterial then. If you are not part of the organisation how can you influence. You stick to wearing your Club1877 founders members badge even though you are not listed on the board.
  8. Great singer, but she’s a bit mental.
  9. The home strip had not been washed after the previous game as the player whose turn it was couldn’t afford the electricity to power his washing machine.
  10. Just a shame about the ugly bugger wearing it. 😂 I am in same boat. See you Saturday.
  11. Did anyone else get butchered by this device that used two fcuking razor blades in the ‘70s? I should add that the only person that this was “Funny” for must have been the person using that device on the poor unfortunate victim.
  12. I don’t think you have been smoking the same stuff as me!
  13. As much as I despised that bitch, she came to power in ‘79. Football hooliganism was rife in the 60s and 70s long before Thatcher. St Mirren fans stoned a referee after a game at Love St long before the 60s. I will try and find the date and names so that you can hound the friends and families of those responsible.
  14. So was this yesterday? Or a week ago she left? Did she leave by choice or was it a redundancy? Supporters should not need to phone the club to ask about this. Even if we did who would answer? The club should announce it via website or Twitter thanking her for her services and wishing her all the best for the future. As it is she is still listed on the official site club directory. https://www.stmirren.com/club/contacting-st-mirren/club-directory An update to this website should take less time than I have taken to write this post. Disappointing St Mirren FC.
  15. Yeah I understand that. Good point. It would be much simpler if the club had just announced that Michelle was leaving the post.
  16. It’s very disappointing that the club does not formally announce when these departures take place. They are quite happy to have a great fanfare announcing the appointments, but given we are fan owned (but not fan run) communications is key. As I understand from the Official web site we have still not replaced our long standing club doctor who resigned from his post after the Kibble led revolution took place. If anyone from the club is reading these forums, then sort out this communication as a priority as all it is causing is divisions in the support. We should all be pulling together. I was shot down in flames for saying I had it on good authority that the club ran at a loss last season to 7 figures. Yet other people are coming on and saying the same thing. This is extremely worrying. Di we need to wait until the next SMiSA meeting or AGM to get the truth?
  17. I’ve noticed that a few of the old homes around the new stadium have been recently demolished in Tannahill Terrace. Similar rubble stack. So sad to see them torn down.
  18. Are you actually a pigeon? Joking aside. People have rightly asked what actual solid evidence is there to back up your claims. You have provided nothing. I've just checked my LinkedIn and Michelle Evans personal profile is still listed as I have never doubted your claims. But you do yourself no favours if you can’t provide hard evidence to back them up. My response of the FACT acronym was directed at a different user. Don’t be such a snowflake.
  19. Hang the bastard ! Or shoot him at dawn
  20. brilliant! Morten only sold 1000 last season. I wonder how many Inverness, Hamilton, Ayr, Queens Park and Raith Rovers will sell. In the top flight I wonder how many Ross County and Livingston have sold.
  21. You are the user formerly known as LawStud. We all know who you are behind your Brilliant Disguise. 👋
  22. Are you using Baz's definition of "fact" there? F A C T Fully Automatic Crap Translator
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