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  1. I tend to make my own soup these days. Much better imho. You need to look at alternative options for your printer cartridges. One option is to get on eBay or google and stick in your printer cartridge code and search for OEM versions. How often do you use your printer in a month in terms of page output? Reason I ask is that I got a an hp printer that provides her free printing every month up to 10 pages. If you go over that there is a slight increase in price that gets deducted from your credit card. As for your beer choice surely there is an alternative?????
  2. The Royal Family: 1992 Annus horribilis 2022 Anus horribilis
  3. Link here….. https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/284071-pb-500-competition-launches/#comment-15360944
  4. I know they died. You know they died. They know they died in 2012. They are now officially Zombies. Get used to it. The SPFL and SFA never removed titles so the same club myth lingers on. Be thankful you don’t live up here and have to put up with the sectarian divide.
  5. No idea. You would like to think so. Checked the news on OS and it does not say. https://www.stmirren.com/match-previews/4522-up-next-st-mirren-v-motherwell-31st-jul If you can’t reach the ticket office contact the SLO at [email protected]
  6. His headstone will read “EBT’s broke my heart”.
  7. It was a miracle that Motherwell reached the top 6 and European football qualification. We were responsible for them achieving that goal. Our players bottled it at key games against them. That cost our club a lot of money.
  8. Is that 1000 a reference to the kids he fathered the last time he was here?
  9. You just subscribe to the Rangers News and the Celtic View. So @antrin told me! 😂
  10. Do you always go to the back page first? Last time I bought a paper was the day after we lifted the cup in 2013.
  11. Because Scottish football clubs treat paying customers as mugs. It’s a cost saving initiative by them. They don’t need to staff ticket booths. Why you can’t purchase an online ticket and present it at a barcode reader is beyond stupid. Imagine turning up at a cinema or a train station without a pre bought ticket and getting turned away. For the money they are charging for tickets a lot of people will just decide not to go. Once you find alternative entertainment or leisure activities you start to stop going on a regular basis.
  12. According to some info sourced from the web I found the following.….. ”The vote on shared gates took place in October 1980. Scottish League clubs voted 26 to 11 in favour of scrapping. Salary capping and sharing gate money meant that even the smaller provincial teams could keep their better players for longer and were able to compete better. Between 1945-1965 we had 8 non Old Firm Champions (Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee & Killie) in 20 seasons. In the cups even East Fife, Clyde & Dunfermline all won silverware on a couple of occasions. After the end of wage restrictions it wasn't long before the much richer Old Firm clubs enjoyed a period of 15 years unbroken domination including Celtic's 9 in a row titles. After the abandonment of shared gate receipts we only had to wait until 1985 to embark on a currently 36 season long spell of unbroken Old Firm title domination including Rangers 9 in a row titles.”
  13. I had to check the date reading that BBC article in case it was April 1st. The people at the top running our game are so shortsighted and certainly undersell our TV rights. Doncaster should be replaced as a priority. The two largest teams in Scotland have increased their followings dramatically since the 70s and 80s. I remember when Rangers were getting home crowds of 5000. The wealth now at the top clubs in Europe due to the Champions League and EPL is starving all other clubs. Greed is killing the game. The strength in depth that the bigot brothers have is obscene. They could probably play a second X1 in the Scottish league and would still end up positions 1 & 2. I do believe we will see them depart for richer leagues in my lifetime, with their B teams currently in the lowland league allowed to progress up the pyramid to the top league. That was a Trojan horse imho. The golden era in Scottish football was probably late 70s to 80s when we had multiple teams competing for the league title (including St Mirren) and European success out with the Old Firm (United & Aberdeen). We also had a successful period in international football. Sadly I don’t see that period ever being matched. Celtic and Rangers can spend more in one transfer than we earn in revenue. Celtics revenue from merchandise alone was £22M last year. https://cdn.celticfc.com/assets/downloads/Celtic_Annual_Report_2021.pdf I can remember the days when St Mirren outbid Celtic for Frank McDougall. We will never ever see that again unless we get some mad man who wins Euromillions top prize of £190M and decides to spunk it on our club, but it would be an unsustainable model. The game in Scotland is fcuked.
  14. We used to call that getting held back! Only joking. Power strikes or something like that?
  15. And you are the train driver after all. Keep on drinking bud! Well not Bud. I reckon you are more a Stella drinker.
  16. That would be excellent. Nine carriages getting bevvied and one solitary sober carriage for boring auld cnuts. No doubt you would still have something to complain about.
  17. I have no recollection of the Lighthouse pub. Looks a cracking building. No doubt @faraway saint won at pool in there! 😂
  18. I guess we are just going to have to wait until the audited accounts are released and the AGM is held to get true picture. For the time being we are still one of the best run clubs in Europe. Why did we not release some T-Shirts celebrating that? Missed opportunity?
  19. What is really disgusting these days is the amount of litter and dog shit every fcuking where. I own a dog and regularly clean up after other dog owners and pick up discarded plastic and glass bottles. So many foreign tourists leave Scotland thinking beautiful scenery spoilt by litter.
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