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  1. Shame you won’t be there if we get to Hampden!
  2. Kinda ironic the name change given the history between the two clubs way back.
  3. You are right. Compare them to what players they had in the 70s and 80s. Night and day! Saying that we are no better with the same comparison. 😂 Am I just turning into a grumpy old man that longs for the good old days? The names trip of the tongue. Fitzy, Stark, Lexy, Aber, Weir, Copland, Reid, Somner, Munro, Macca, Clarke, Fergie, McGarvey, Scanlon. We used to have players with skill, flair and determination. The last decent top flight team we had was in the 2012/13 season. A mixture of old heads (Thompson, Teale, Vanzy and Goodwin) mixed in with the young team (McGinn, McLean, Gowser, Newton, Dummett and Cheesy). Now where did I put my pipe and slippers? Auld age is a cnut....
  4. I wonder who Martindale will appoint next.
  5. Some footage from the game at Hampden when Diego scored his first international goal. Immense talent.
  6. Yes that’s Asa. Always a reliable and consistent performer for clubs and country.
  7. An unbelievable talent. His autobiography is worth a read. It gives an insight into his tough upbringing and the price and pressure of worldwide fame. I think even Shull would enjoy reading it. He overcame horrendous tackles and horrific injuries during his career in top leagues in Spain and Italy. He took Napoli from nowhere to win Seria A and the UEFA Cup. He also single handedly (sic) won a World Cup with a decidedly average Argentina team. I please to have witnessed his talents against Scotland (with Iain Munro and Frank McGarvey playing) in 1979. RIP Diego Armando Maradona.
  8. What makes Somner’s goal scoring exploits unique is that he was part time while playing with Saints. IIRC he had a full time job within the Secret Civil Service and only trained on certain nights especially given that we had mid week games. To top the goal scoring charts of the Premier League as a part timer during that period should have seen him capped by his country. Just imagine how good he would have been had he been full time. Unbelievable scoring record. I liked the recognition these fans gave him for his goal scoring exploits. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/st-mirren-goalscoring-legend-doug-21151167
  9. It certainly was a great time to be a fan of our club. Some of the teams we had between 77-86 deserved to win a major trophy. That’s what made ‘87 very special even though it was a much poorer team than had gone before. I’d love to see another Scottish Cup win before I die. Could this be our year?
  10. One memory I had of Andy was that he was sent off at Ibrox, but it was mistaken identity. I might be wrong as it was decades ago. Refs were even worse cnuts in those days than now.
  11. I think we should have “rock paper scissors” this season instead. It’s been a weird year after all.
  12. I tried to watch a documentary about Totti but my wife threatened to kick me in the baws.
  13. Probably still pissed from Serbia and OGS is keeping schtum under orders from SurAlex.
  14. What’s happened to Scott McTominay? Not seen him listed last two Utd games.
  15. I thought you had given up with the beautiful game? 😂
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