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  1. Write up in the Scotsman.... https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/a-grand-day-out-and-broxburn-athletic-do-their-town-proud-1-5077233
  2. I wonder whether anyone captured his vault over the advertising hoarding on mobile phone. That was hilarious.
  3. A fourth-round tie played on February 26, 1977 between St Mirren and Motherwell at Fir Park. Kick off was delayed by 10 minutes to let all the fans in. The crowd was given as 26,709 and they saw Motherwell win 2-1. Vic Davidson and Willie Pettigrew (pen) scored their goals and Frank McGarvey netted for Saints. Cheating bastards. Can’t believe that was 43 years ago. Time for some payback.
  4. It’s a shame for the Broxburn keeper that Sportscene never showed any of his saves. He deserved that given his performance. Poor show once again from BBC Scotland.
  5. There was a point during the game where you could easily hear the seats being wrecked. This was deliberate imo.
  6. We won the cup in ‘87 by winning Our first game 3-0 at home to non-league opposition. Just a shame (lol) that Morton are out. BELIEVE !
  7. Us? Does that mean you are attending this game.....
  8. St Johnstone too. That is down to the fact that they have a very good commercial organisation.
  9. Not for those fixtures. If one of our supporters pays on a game by game basis rather than a ST they would be charged £27. Family stand ST get a substantial discount on buying a ticket for the main stand or west stand.
  10. Yflab

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    I’m not so sure. I expect Leeds will field a weakened side. The main aim for them this season is promotion. Arsenal on the other hand will likely field a strong team as this is their best chance of silverware.
  11. I think you are being incredibly generous with 15000.
  12. We could hold concerts, plenty grass pitch stadia hold them. You re-turf/re-used after the concerts. So you're d be looking at late May/mid June. You know more than Tommy Docherty our excellent groundsman. Is there no limits to your talents?
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