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  1. If we did lose McGrath who would you recommend we sign to replace him? Just admit it you honestly have no clue about football at all. You cannot tell us any players you have scouted. PS - Erwin would have missed all his penalties.
  2. It’s not as if they have had no time to plan for this scenario. Like others I’ve emailed the club on a couple of occasions recently and received no response. It’s got to the stage I cannot be arsed anymore. I even brought up some issues at the AGM that were poorly dealt with. One related to the fact that “foreign” fans get SMTV access to ALL home and ALL away fixtures for less than half the price of a early bird Season ticket holder.
  3. They have special seats with desks, power and internet I believe. Freeloading bastards. Make them pay to get in. I’m gonna ask Div if I can report on behalf of BAWA. Then I will cut the power and Internet for all the other free loaders.
  4. Kick the press out of the main stand. Let paying fans in there.
  5. Not sure. But he certainly has his tail between his legs. Some of his posts on P&B are mind boggling. I don’t think his MASSIVE 🧠 and HUGE ego cope well in this heat.
  6. Anyone missing Oaksofts stimulating intellect and scientific observations? Nah me neither.
  7. Let’s play post match JG bingo….. - it’s still only our second competitive match so early days. - lots of changes to give run-outs to whole squad to get match minutes into them - double training sessions
  8. The role carries a decent wedge. Nice guy, but not fit for the role he is employed in. I think there is a place for TF, just not as CEO.
  9. Wish the Stenny camera would keep the f**kin thing still.
  10. Does this mean we can compliment women on their appearance with this lovely jubbly weather without getting scolded?
  11. He is posting on Pie&Bovril and making an arse of himself there instead.
  12. I agree you should not have to wait so long. If you want to write to SLO you can reach them on [email protected]
  13. But he is the smartest guy on the forum. Don’t you know he has a PhD? Stephen Hawkins consulted him on his book The Theory of Everything.
  14. The track and trace system is prone to errors. People have been pinged through neighbouring homes, cars in traffic jams, shared mobile charging stations, etc. I think we will see more people switch off the app as they lose faith in the system. This unfortunately leads to real cases spreading out of control. IIRC from the news the other day the UK has currently the third highest infection rate. Worrying times. Proceed with caution.
  15. The other times short term loans were required was at season end as the league prize money is not paid immediately. I’m sure SMiSA will have that covered. We are 9 days away from being a majority fan owned football club. Brilliant news.
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