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  1. Have you dispensed with the services of your chauffeur?
  2. Judging by the image he has left of his burd he is punching! Either that or he knows how to photoshop.
  3. My ideal scenario would be for the Hammers and Villans to play out a draw on the final day to send Watford and Bournemouth down with Norwich who must be doomed already. 🙏
  4. Especially when you see their remaining games.....😥
  5. Also League 2 play off final at a deserted Wembley between Exeter and Northampton. Should be a bit more exciting than the EPL game as there is something at stake. Northampton lead 1-0 at present.
  6. He is also demonstrating his people skills extend to members of his own family.
  7. It’s possible that he has received no offers from Championship clubs. For all we know he may have business interests outside of football and has ambitions to grow that.
  8. What a chance Gayle missed before it became 2-0. She should stick to singing,
  9. What are the odds now for a second half victory for Newcastle? Asking for a friend.
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/malky-mackay-texts-former-cardiff-manager-accused-of-sending-racist-sexist-and-homophobic-messages-9682753.html He is supposed to be on £250K with the SFA.
  11. Utd were “encouraged” by the FA to take part. England had a WC bid on the table at the time. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football-united-withdraw-from-fa-cup-1103601.html Only 12 months previous they had won the famous treble including the FA cup which had the game everyone talks about where with 10men, a last minute penalty save then the Giggs goal against a very strong Arsenal side. Compare Utd and Arsenal now to those teams of the late 90s is like chalk and cheese.
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