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  1. It still does not explain why he is not being put through proper rehab by our physios.
  2. If that passes the regulations how long until Sevco have an Orange sash on their shirts.....
  3. Does that not breach the regulations on advertising dimensions on a strip? Surely this is a piss take.
  4. Our signing policy is the equivalent of waiting for the supermarket markdowns......
  5. Surely he would be doing his rehab under the instructions of our physio. Something not right here sadly.
  6. The league cup is significantly more lucrative than the Scottish cup. A good run in this tournament could add to our transfer budget for use in January when we will need to further strengthen. COYS.
  7. Just needs some FTOF and GLS graffiti in the background
  8. Reckon you have been too outspoken against GLS for handing over the Family Stand to the OF cnuts and he is banning you until you repent.
  9. Aye you are right. Sorry.
  10. I wonder what options on the next SMiSA ballot will be.....
  11. Are you going to stick a load of money on that prediction and buyout GLS?
  12. Let’s be honest Gus never recovered from the LC final against Oldco.
  13. Sweep sweep..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-48683584 FTOF
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