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  1. I’m sure Iain Munro, Billy Thomson and Peter Weir all were included in the same squad while playing with Saints.
  2. It’s a disease commonly known as OFS which is short for Old Fart Syndrome. It usually starts when you hit 50. i think we were spoilt during a golden era of Scotland qualifying for World Cups during the 70s, 80s and 90s. i finally gave up going to Scotland games at a recent campaign when the SFA were charging upwards of £40 to see Scotland play Gibraltar on a Sunday evening, I had been a regular at Hampden since the 70s. UEFA and FIFA and the SFA can get themselves to feck. Modern fitba is pish.
  3. Could this op not have been carried out during the winter break? Perhaps it was not deemed serious enough at that time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing,
  4. Don’t feed the troll mate.
  5. Is this done with the approval and cooperation of the McCanns? (can't listen to audio so don't know if it tells you) It would appear not according to this. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/mar/13/netflix-to-stream-madeleine-mccann-series-after-delays-and-disputes
  6. Add Iain Munro to that list. He managed to get 7 full Scotland caps (which is a club record) and helped win the Anglo Scottish Cup. He was also unbeaten as a manager. Surely due a nomination at some point.
  7. I’m just struggling to believe that Shull handed over £100.....
  8. I’m assuming IOBS is turning 60. He won’t get reduced entry until he is 65 at most grounds. Unlike you and I with our youthful looks who can still get in cheap as long as we wear a hat.....
  9. “If you build it he will come”......Field of Dreams?
  10. It takes the edge off the heroin withdrawal. Next question Magnus,
  11. Sadly no boats anymore. More is the pity. How many would have turned out to see Dicko take on the challenge.
  12. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.....
  13. Well that doesn’t happen very often this season.
  14. Darren Jackson is a cnut.
  15. Please don’t attend either game ya fuking jinx.
  16. I reckon the big chap would have been better up front after Utd went down to 10 men.
  17. Probably in the Ibrox boardroom toasting the queen....
  18. Not according to the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2640677 between 3 and 445pm the winds drop to maximum of 23mph. Nae bother. Game will be on.
  19. Did Dunfermline not reach a Scottish cup final and get relegated the same season with an N. Ireland manager? They play in black and white too. Too many similarities. I’d love us to reach Hampden in May and survive via the play offs. Got to be optimistic.
  20. It could be argued that Alex Smith is better that JR. Won a major trophy with Saints and then went on to win two further major trophies with the sheep. JR may never win a major trophy in his career. Just saying......
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