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  1. Missed tonight’s game. Hope that Liverpool and Man Utd take the FA Cup seriously this weekend. But I doubt it. Still at least we have the Cup Semi between ourselves and the Livingston. Jim said that the players know what’s at stake for them, the club and the fans on Sunday.
  2. I asked for an update at AGM. Cards close to chest by club. Don’t want to give opposition any information. So aye Naw! But if you PM I can give you the inside track.
  3. Imagine trolling someone because of their disability. How low can some people stoop?
  4. Of course mate. PM only. Not having prying eyes involved.
  5. Just like this topic has fcuk all to do with you. Leave the supporters and shareholders to it.
  6. This really will be a historic AGM. I believe the first ever to have been carried out with all attendees remotely logged in via computer. Hopefully it’s the last one.🤞 I look forward to hearing about the plans for the future involving the Kibble and SMiSA. How the club has been dealing with COVID. The plans to get fans back in the ground after restrictions are lifted. Jim’s plans for the domestic cup double. Fitzy’s plans to fill in the corners and get ST up to 8,000. How the club can eliminate the Hesgoal Harry’s.
  7. A well kent face for many St Mirren supporters sadly passed away at age of 73 according to OS. https://www.stmirren.com/fans-news/3893-st-mirren-saddened-to-hear-of-the-passing-of-supporter-harry-mclachlan RIP Harry.
  8. I asked a simple question because I know some people who wish to be individual shareholders. I asked politely. Not that is any of your business because we ALL know you don’t financially help the club in ANY way. Shull has made it crystal clear that he won’t spend another penny on following Saints and I respect that decision. My gripe about “supporting “ St Mirren is with you and no one else. Now away you go and count your bog roll ya troll. 😂
  9. Just call Saul Balfy! Maybe there is still hope for @saint in exile
  10. Have you considered selling your shares given that you no longer choose to support the club?
  11. But he’s got a PhD. That means he is more intelligent than the rest of us peasants put together. 😂
  12. Alternatively email the General Manager David Jamieson at [email protected]
  13. Don’t give up. Write a letter to Chris Stewart who is secretary at St Mirren FC. Explain the situation. All it will cost you is some time and a stamp. Alternatively email the General Manager David Jamieson at [email protected]
  14. Have you contacted the secretary and asked them to check your contact details? I receive all my correspondence by email now, but they are generally very helpful.
  15. Or grab a lift in Shulls cab and listen on the wireless. 😂
  16. How many games were Sevco unbeaten before they played us in the last round? ETA it was 27.
  17. You should try contacting the organiser as he is very helpful and responds to emails. Well he does to me anyway. 😂
  18. Nah. I got the wife to do that. I was still pissed.
  19. Just a reminder to all shareholders that the AGM takes place via Zoom tomorrow night at 7.30pm. You can test your connectivity today between 2 and 5pm.
  20. I think the last time I bought a paper was on the 14th March 2013.
  21. Media will only print stories that generate interest to increase readership and advertising revenue. Good news does not sell. Always has been. Always will be.
  22. It’s on a topic like this that Stuart Dickson would have been in his element. He would have been using it as a stick to beat St Mirren and no doubt Stewart Gilmour. And then when the truth came out he would still be taking the stance that St Mirren operate dodgy financial practices. Be thankful this topic is only 6 pages long.
  23. I think we are seeing the damage caused by families and friends mixing over Christmas. Not to mention those who rushed onto public transport to beat the travel restrictions. I wonder how we compare to those European countries who chose to have a strict lockdown policy.
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