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  1. He has mention “God” and “Jesus Christ” recently. Perhaps he is one of those right wing religious nuts.
  2. What’s that old saying? It takes one to know one!
  3. Is that because you are one of them? 😂
  4. Even the president of the USA has contributed. Hopefully Katie Hopkins encourages that loonball taxi driver to do the same!
  5. I’m sure they must have driven past a number of ANPR cameras on the way. Just surprised they managed to get as far as Anglesey. Hope they made them walk home. 😂
  6. Finished 0-0 between Liverpool and Utd. Disappointing but not surprising.
  7. I watched the BBC2 documentary on Dolly Parton the other night. What an amazing career. She has written over 3000 songs. Set up a really good charity for kids. Lives a very private life. I’m no way a country fan, but enjoy watching music documentaries and reading diverse autobiographies. She also stood up for women’s rights in a business dominated by men. Worth a watch.
  8. Wilbur. I think you can tell that some Saints fans are not taking this seriously enough. 😂
  9. He’s never been to any of the stadiums. Give him a break. 😂
  10. I’m away for a pint. Hopefully second half will be better. Fernandez free kick highlight for Utd. Harry Maguire 😂 hope he plays against Scotland. We might manage a goal.
  11. Fred is a weak link. Thiago will take him to the cleaners. Have they not got someone in the academy? Waste of a shirt imho.
  12. It must be something in the food at McDonalds.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-55695408 Yet another Covidiot fined £200 heading to the golden arch 100miles away from home 🤣
  13. A minutes silence for Gerry Marsden? 🤪 He never even wrote YNWA.
  14. I really hope Utd do a Villa on Liverpool today. Get some early goals and go for the jugular. ETA guarantee it’s a 0-0 snoozefest now!
  15. Maybe Thommo can give him some advice. 😂
  16. These games don’t come round very often in a players career when playing for a diddy club. Let’s home Jim fires them onto glory next week. Yes it will be a shame not to see it in person, but it’s a great chance for our club to make some more revenue in a season where they have been starved of money through lack of gate receipts and hospitality. I am looking forward to the game. We have a lot of experience in our team in defence of cup semi finals and finals that will help the younger guys in the team. Similar to 2013. COYS. Now that we can only watch on TV it gives us an insight to what Oakys experience of St Mirren must be like. 😂 Yeah I miss not being there too Tommy. 😢
  17. Hopefully a bit of rest will recharge his batteries. He operates very similar to Kanté. Not saying he is as good, but he has a great future ahead if he keeps his head down, works hard and signs a five year deal with us. Follow in McGinns footsteps but avoid the Hibs before starring in the EPL.
  18. Hopefully McGinn or Robertson nail him and Grealish beforehand.
  19. I don’t think we have a player by that name. Cameron MacPherson was sent off for two yellow cards yesterday.
  20. Given you have called me a troll, a bore, an abuser and a cnut why do you not have me on ignore like it states in your description?
  21. Aye but is that extra yard on the left hand side of the pitch or the right? 😂 it could make all the difference to how Oaky sets the team up.
  22. Surely the subtle hint of me using bold on a players name Is a bit of a clue. Even for you.
  23. Hmmm. That might be difficult. Shows how much you understand about football. 🤡
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