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  1. Good point. Seems like a missed opportunity by the club. St J. were also promoting their player sponsors during in game commentary and telling viewers which players were still available. They have always been light years ahead of us in the commercial field. They usually take in over £1M extra than us in revenue.
  2. I’m sure many posters on here contribute to local and National charities. But it’s great to see that great and not so good of Scottish football getting behind this campaign. These include Eddie Smith (ref), Alex Rae, Josh Heaton, Neil Doncaster and Gunni Torfason.
  3. Never mind him. I’ve already got bets on a Scottish Cup and League Cup double with a final treble bet of us winning the Europa league next season. Mad for it!
  4. A bit like taxi drivers. 😂 except @HSS he’s a good guy!
  5. Nice one T. Donated. C’mon @oaksoft spend some of those £millions on helping St Mirren.
  6. That’s certainly one approach, but not one I’d recommend. I spent 30 years in IT recovering data from many lost causes. Looks like I might need to come out of retirement to safeguard the UK population. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55672194 If anyone needs help recovering lost data I’m yer man! But I will charge a finders fee. If you need me to erase your data I’m an expert at that too. All for a fee of course!
  7. In any league in the world that is outstanding regardless of the opposition. Martindale has performed his miracles once again taking an average bunch of players and turning them into winners. That guy has turned his life around. Drug charities in Scotland should be using his experience and knowledge in prisons up and down the country. He knows he did wrong and accepted his punishment, but has since transformed himself and his local club.
  8. Just think about this next time you visit McDonalds. You are actually making me richer.
  9. I never said they were. I said the 4 idiots who travelled 68 miles to a restaurant were Covidiots. You are a clown. I should just ignore your ramblings.
  10. A wee inconvenient reality is that YOU are not a supporter of St Mirren FC. YOU don’t have a Season ticket YOU don’t pay anything towards the club to PPV YOU are nothing in my eyes but a leach.
  11. Another Bitcoin fail.... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/jan/12/in-bits-the-programmer-locked-out-of-his-130m-bitcoin-account?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  12. McDonalds is over rated expensive trash food. That company has brainwashed a generation of kids into consuming trash food. I support local people in a foodbank. I only wish we had the facilities to teach people how to cook basic and nutritious meals for a fraction of the cost of a Big Mac. Where do you volunteer in your community? Out of interest have you ever read Ray Kroc’s autobiography “Grinding it out?” I have. So I know how that business works.
  13. COVidiots....no surprise they like McDonalds. These people are just as bad as bog roll hoarders. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-55676507
  14. Poor stuff today. First home win for St J. since November. Dust ourselves down and get into Livingston next week.
  15. Our record in Perth is honking. Last minute equaliser coming up! COYS!
  16. Not the first time you have said this. I thought you had a habit of not repeating yourself. You selfish twat.
  17. I’d take a defender off, play three at back and leave two up top. But I’m a crazy mf.
  18. Cammy has been so poor. I’d take him off for starters.
  19. Not a nice way to talk about your wife. Shame on you Harry.
  20. Jim will sort it out at HT. need to JDH and McGrath on the ball.
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