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  1. Excellent advice davidg. Not having an Ipod I was not sure how easy it was to "import" back. Once I saw someone try and scan another Ipod onto his computer and it wiped his music library. As one storage bod said to another : "I assume you have a backup of that?" And he didn't - ho hum. On the subject of backups BT are offering an excellent service called Digital Vault I've not tried the "free" version, but it uses the same technology as the main editiion, but with less automation and reporting. Worth a try for people concerned about losing important data. It uses software from a company called Connected who were bought by Iron Mountain. Last week I also used an excellent freeware product to recover data from an erased camera flash card. This can also be used to extract data from damaged hard drives. They are called PC Inspector File Recover and PC Inspector Smart Recovery. I was impressed with how good these tools were. Always remember if you have files that you want to delete be aware that just hitting delete or reformat on the PC or camera will not remove them. Due to the nature of data placement and recovery methods the safest way to erase data is using something like the DBAN tool: Darik's Boot and Nuke
  2. BVB, Have a try with this : CopyPod Probably not what you want to hear, but good advice for all people out there is to always make a backup of your important data, and then back that up to on a regular basis. No excuse these days with cheap external/internal hard drives, DVD recorders and the like. Apple Itunes Backup Hope this helps. If not get back to me - I've been working in the Storage Industry for 20 years so know my way round disk technology like you do The Clash back catalogue.
  3. I'm listening to ...... my wife nipping my ear! Only 4 more nights to go before we return to God's country!
  4. I'll ask the Bro in Law to record it rather than pay as he is a C*lt*c season ticket holder who subscribes to this...I just hope that our games do not have a parental guidance certificate and that 7-1 & 5-0 horsings from the Auld Firm are a thing of the past.
  5. So remind me again why we want to go up?
  6. 1. After watching St Mirrenoff play Ayr fans pre-match and then performing the Panda dance to the the All Seeing Eye - Walk Like A Panther tune with Harpo and a few others pre-match 2. Paul McKnights goal - it's one of those goals that will never leave you 3. The OTT celebrations in the terracing, stands and on the pitch. I believe Trigger was known to have encountered Zippy on the half way line and asked him what he was doing there as the game was due to restart. 4. The journey back after more beers at the Prince of Wales (?) where I asked our driver (Kenny from Official Site me thinks) who had a sunroof to take us the scenic route back via Greenock so that I could inform the locals that we wre back where we belong - ok I know I've taken that a bit too far in the description 5. Me storming the stage at the Paisley Beer Festival to get to the mic and start a OWTS song.
  7. 1. Having a few pre-match swallies, but not going overboard to ensure I saw the game in full 2. Greeting like a bairn with many other buds on this forum at the end of the match after we realised that we had eventually got ourselves back in the Premier League as Champions (even though we had clinched promotion at Ayr the previous week) 3. The scenes outside the Hole in the Wa and Argyle pubs for what seemed like hours hugging and singing and getting slowly blootered as traffic was slowed to a crawl 4. Heading to New Street for the evening party and recreating the scenes from 3. 5. Heading back to our hotel (Airport Travelodge or Holiday Inn Express) and finding half the team in the bar. The following morning as Mrs B tried to sober me up for the long journey south we shared breakfast with Yards and TH who were with their respective families. Still regret missing I knew then that Yards was on a slippery slope with his weight when I saw what was on his plate - absolutely piled high with sausages and the like. Still a top man and a Saints legend! I reckon the big man may well be in Paisley on Saturday.
  8. 1. Police Horses and crap stewarding from Stock Ready numpties 2. Going to Ibr*x and P*rkhead and putting up with sectarian bile 3. Having black and white flags (eg Sammy Browns 1877) confiscated at away locations especially the above two - one rule for the bigots and another for us 4. Inflated ticket prices at away venues 5. Not being able to stand ala Brechin (with a rather nice fish supper!)
  9. Yflab

    Pc Help Required

    This is a good starting point http://www.getsafeonline.org with lots of useful links
  10. Yflab

    Pc Help Required

    I'd suggest getting yourself a reliable AntiVirus (AV) product on CD purchased from any good PC shops and a few bad ones too. Install it on your machine and run a full system scan before you log onto your ISP. Once logged on do not open any Internet windows, but instead connect to your AV providor for the latest updates as usually the CD can be produced months before therefore is likely to be out of date. Once you have done this then I'd suggest disconnecting your broadband connection and running another full system scan. Once that has cleaned up then do the following as TL suggests - Install Adaware (free version) and run the scan through - Install ZoneAlarm (free version) which will provide a firewall - make sure that you have the latest updates from Microsoft Make sure that you run these updates on a regular basis. I tend to do my updates every morning before I do anything else. It might take a few minutes every day, but it is worth it to stay virus free. It is really not worth reformatting your hard disk unless you are truely goosed. Hope that helps.
  11. 1. George McCluskey - Always seemed to score against us. Reckon his goal to game ratio against us must have been highest 2. Davie Cooper - great player but had a number of controversial run-ins with the NorthBank 3. Any former Saint's legend - take your pick from Ian Ferguson, Frank McAvennie, Frank McGarvey, Tony Fitzpatrick, Lex Richardson, Peter Weir, Billy Thompson, Billy Stark, Bobby Torrance, etc. I hated seeing them playing in someone elses colours. 4. John Robertson - Dirty, cheating, moaning diving wee shite 5. Darren Jackson - As above but also included GBH on Les Fridge
  12. Yflab

    Old Grammarians

    I agree Bill, Rab McCamley really did open up your mind to what was available to read. He was never one to to tow the school party line and would welcome debate about most subjects. His teaching methods were most excellent! Other teachers I remember were... Annette Graham (Chemistry) - she used to write our lessons up on the blackboard before we arrived. I regularily used to attach the bunsen burner to the water tap and shower the board and other pupils. I think she ended up having to take a prolonged break from school duties. If any of that was illness down to me then I take this opportunity to say sorry. Mr Jardine (Chemistry) - this guy was a mini Hitler resembled him both visually and in character. He used to have a steel rod that we would hammer down on desks to try to get some piece and quiet. As I'm known to speak my mind I spent many lessons outside the classroom. Mr Cosh (Technical Drawing and Metalwork) - a very hard basturd when crossed. Mr Dargan ((Technical Drawing and Metalwork) - hard but fair. Did help our cause that his daughter was in our class. Miss McKinnon aka MiniMac - (French) - totally crazy woman who would often disappear during our lessons to "get some books" and come back hoaching of booze and fags. Miss/Mrs McCallum (History) - her idea of discipline was to get badly behaved pupils to stick a 2p piece on the blackboard and hold it steady with their nose. Once it dropped on the floor it was belt time from both herself and any other teacher who was in the vicinity.
  13. Yflab

    Old Grammarians

    I have two distinct memories of that basturd.... When I broke my right ankle, left collarbone and bent my spine in a trampoline accident on Friday 13th April 1984 just before my Highers, Corbett told me to my face that I had done it deliberately to avoid sitting exams. I laughed in his face and said if that were true I would have done it after St Mirren had played in the Scottish Cup Semi-Final against C*lt*c and not the night before. When I took a phone call at my parents home from a former head boy who was in the same year as my sister and he told me "bad news I'm afraid Mr Corbett has passed away" - I told him hang on a minute while I lie down on the floor and proceed to laugh my socks off and then 5 minutes later I told the caller that was the best news I had received in ages!
  14. Different slant.....top 5 Guitarists who really should be dead with the amount of drugs/drink consumed: 1. Keef Richards 2. Eric Clapton 3. Peter Green 4. Slash 5. Lemmy/Duff McKagen (for all you bassists out there)
  15. Is that on your 78RPM record player that is powered by gas.....?
  16. Been listening to the Artic Monkeys over the last few days.....
  17. My abiding memory of Jim McLean was his last act as Chairman of Dundee Utd when he chinned the reporter John Barnes and SKY captured the moment. Perhaps we should "hire" him to take on Mr Waddell.
  18. Bill, I reckon reading between the lines only one of those listed was a possible HHiBS conquest. I could be wrong.....now HHiBS - I'm suprised you never listed that lassie in the curry hoose in Ayr....you could have spent a week between her ample breasts without coming up for air!
  19. Very suprised at this entry - having attended the Scotland game in Belgium that we lost 2-0 I was appalled by the exceedingly poor stewarding and crammed entrance to get into the stadium - basically 16,000 TA were funneled into a 3 turnstyle gate entrance if memory serves me right. You may have been at the same game and had a different experience, but I felt that the safety of my wife was put at risk by the problems stated. This stadium reminds me very much of the "new" Hillsborough away end - the understadium gangways into the now seated Leppings Road end would bearly allow Bill Lees to get through....both grounds in my opinion should have been flattened and completely redesigned. All they appear to have done at Hillsborough is put in seats and removed the fences. As for the "new" Hampden - it is crap when compared to modern arenas like the Millenium Stadium and the Amsterdam Arena. The amount of money ploughed into the Hampden redevelopment and what was produced is a joke - especially when compared against Murrayfield. My top five (excluding Love St & Hampden) would be: Stade de France San Siro Amsterdam ArenA Millenium Stadium Murrayfield Although I must say that the stewarding for the top 3 has been piss poor on the occasions I have been there.
  20. Yflab

    Top 5 Worst

    Suprised no-one has mentioned Aberdeen yet. The old gag that Aberdeen is gaelic for hypothermia is not a million miles from the truth. I seem to remember snow showers in August one year when we played them in the League Cup in the late 90's. The only time the heat was on in Aberdeen was the usual run ins with the ASC. I think the coldest match I've ever attended was Steau Bucharest vs Aston Villa in the UEFA cup. I spent the whole match with the Romanian Army pointing a water cannon in my direction. I did wonder whether it would freeze mid-air if put to use. Thankfully they never had need to use it. The post match knees up in a "Gentlemans Club" (ahem) helped us all thaw out though.
  21. There is a nice curry hoose in Ayr....and a very nice waitress with large baps if memory serves me right!
  22. The sickest song ever was in the last 5mins of the Hammarby game when the Northbank were in full voice singing "we're gaunae celebrate...."
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