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  1. LS, I do share your sympathy, but that's technology progress for you. I've worked with data storage all my working life. At the same time I was purchasing vinyl LPs the computer room (wall to wall IBM 3380's each storing 1GB) I looked after had less disk storage than is on my MP3 (60GB) now. CD's have also become capable of storing more data per sector since they first arrived on the music scene due to enhancements in the method of recording, but over time CD's will go the same way as vinyl. I too have a very large music collection (including LP's that I've not used in 2 years) - some of which I have digitised and use my MP3 player as a juke box connected to my hifi system - sure beats having to load and unload CD's. Over time even MP3s in the use I have described will be redundant as no doubt service providers will offer "over the wire" music for a flat fee every month. But yes - there is the cynic in me that say's "just hang on the extra special edition" - be it CD or DVD.
  2. I already have the following music requests in my will: 1. Wish you were here/Great Gig in the Sky/Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Mix - Intro 2. One Step Beyond - Madness 3. Firestarter - The Prodigy 4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave you/Stairway to Heaven- Led Zepplin Mix 5. Are you Lonesome Tonight (Laughing version) - Elvis Presley - Exit During the service Flower of Scotland and Oh When the Saints will be sung by the attendees. This will not be a dull day - plenty of money will be set aside for post fire party. Inland Revenue states that "reasonable" funeral expenses are allowed to cater for wake and so on - I've asked them what reasonable means and they do not stipulate an exact figure - only that it does not cover travel & accomodation (aside from my coffin and fast black cab)! So basically I will set aside a chunk of dosh that will be outside my IHT allowance for the cremation activities and any remainder will go to a charitable trust - SMISA. As far as I'm concerned I've paid my tax on any assets I own - The IR can whistle for any more money from me after my death! Needless to say my immediate family will be well look after.....
  3. The crowd that night at Hampden for the game against Wales was 70241 for a mid-week game - the goalie was Jim Blyth and the game ended 1-1. I remember being in the old North Enclosure that night - the OG had to be seen to be believed! There must have been something in the water at Man City where Oor Wullie played alongside Tommy Hutchison who scored for both Man City and Spurs in the 1981 FA Cup Final that resulted in Villa* winning the replay. *Older viewers will know what I mean!
  4. Technically according to Law 15 this was not a goal and should have resulted in a throw-in the the Blues as Enckelman never touched the ball.
  5. 1. 5.1 version of 30th Anniversary DSoTM Pink Floyd 2. Appetite for Destruction - Guns n Roses 3. If You Want Blood - AC/DC 4. Led Zeppelin Remasters - LZ 5. "0" - Damian Rice BTW Aussie Floyd are touring again - well worth going to see IMHO. Seen them a few times in and around Birmingham, Warwickshire and Royal Albert Hall. Robert Plant is doing a gig soon at Warwick Uni - anybody seen him recently that can pass review?
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