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  1. I’m kinda glad I don’t live down south anymore. I might have turned into Michael Ryan.
  2. Thought Main and Erwin looked outstanding as a pairing. 😂
  3. We would not be able to afford take a guy of this standard on loan from Liverpool.
  4. Think of the money you are saving! Also think of the healthy life your kids will have not having to endure the mental torture of being Saints fans. I thought you worked in social care too. It’s criminal to inflict Saints on your kids.
  5. Ignore God of War. Most of us do anyway. The Cotton Club burnt down a while back in mysterious circumstances. There are a decent number of Saints pubs in town who will make you welcome. You will meet many Saints fans in The Court Bar, The BankHouse, The Brewers Tap and The Bull. My wife is Irish but was brought up in Bootle. She supports Everton as well as Saints. You have chosen a good game as there is no love between Saints and Hearts. Should be a good atmosphere.
  6. Maybe she does not know it’s missing. He might not be allowed under normal circumstances.
  7. I’d like to see a portion of it invested into a Vanguard all world tracker fund. Even a small amount each month invested stands to gain far more long term than residing in cash. I agree with Smithers with a higher % saved in the first five years. At the end of the day we as members will be able to adjust these percentages depending on what our needs are. We are in good shape moving forward. The accounts covering the Covid season will be out later this year. Hopefully reaching both semis has given us some breathing space. Hopefully Villa are offered big money for McGinn in next few years. 🤞
  8. The club shop is being taken over by Provans under a new trading name. They won’t have the shop fitted out until mid July at the earliest. No news on dates when you can order new strips afaik.
  9. No but the bib was the killer! You have to question the mentality of the people who sanctioned those two strips.
  10. We never got relegated in that strip surprisingly enough. It certainly aided the slide down the league.
  11. Shaqiri never lasts 90mins
  12. You won’t get that information unless you are on the BoD or in the Commercial department.
  13. Have any statistics been provided for those failing to take their second jab?
  14. Our club secretary Chris Stewart is a Partner with Digby Brown. Chris joined the club along with Richard Atkinson during the 10000Hours period.
  15. Plaudits? Is that some weird slang in Spanish for Goals? It’s fcuking goals we need Baz!
  16. Careful with your comments. Certain people frown on such compliments.
  17. I guess I do a bit. It’s just basic shit though. That’s what pisses me off. It ain’t hard what I suggested as alternative approaches. It looks to me that they ran down the contract with Interstadia without thinking ahead. Interstadia look like they are not willing to provide any more support, so it’s time to start afresh.
  18. They are a business. They employ office staff who have used the ticketing system for years. To be in this position asking people to enter information that they have had access to for years is a joke. I fancy a seat closer to the halfway line. I might as well have chosen another seat.
  19. I’ve done the same. Thankfully I still had my ST details. There may be some people that have lost their card. It would seem to me that the previous suppliers should have transferred the database into a usable file for the new provider to use. The club should have been able at the very least to produce a CSV of supporters details. You may end up with people putting in the wrong seat information in the required fields. Not the first time Saints have fcuked up with technology!
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