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  1. Not been the same quality of strikers in Scotland since Thatcher cracked down on the unions in the 80s.
  2. I cannae climb two steps when I’m drunk never mind 12. ETA Joking aside just in case someone complains. Alcohol can be dangerous and very addictive . I’ve known a few alcoholics in my time and I admire the changes they have put in place to turn their lives around.
  3. You’d best stick to getting plastered the only way you know how tonight! Cmon Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. Scottish football down the years has been littered with players who despite being some of the most skilful around are actually the worst trainers and their off field shenanigans take a toll on the length of their playing career.
  5. All you seem interested these days is food. Have you given up the Voddy?
  6. Are there no Covid restrictions in Copenhagen? And we are only allowed 500 in our stadium. Mental.
  7. I’d imagine his agent was touting him about from January onwards.
  8. Good luck to him. You could not even polish a turd. Why can’t you name anyone you have scouted? Dib dib dib. 😂
  9. I brought the issue up at the AGM. I said it was unfair for season ticket holders to have to pay twice as much for half the matches. Let’s not get started on what the cost of PPV is versus season ticket. I’m happy to be a season ticket holder, but it’s unfair that someone living abroad gets streamed home and away games for half the price of a ST. The question was answered very poorly IMO by our chief executive. I’ve not seen what the price is of foreign SMTV this season and what matches are included, but it would not surprise me if it was the same as last year. You can see the attraction for some existing ST holders to get a VPN and buy a foreign SMTV subscription to get all the games at a fraction of the cost.
  10. What is unfair is that foreign buddies can get home and away games streamed live at half the price of an adult season ticket. They should be charged the same imho.
  11. I thought you would be too busy away scouting to have the time to to see Saints. 😂
  12. Naw. We should’ve chased him over a month ago!
  13. Don’t see too many people bothered about either player leaving. I’d be more keen to see McGrath given a decent offer to extend and promote youth to replace JDH, Connolly and Durmus.
  14. When are you going to scout some decent players for Saints? Who would you suggest Jim signs?
  15. Cobblers! Not at all fussed Dylan has moved on. Don’t think he was consistent enough. Would rather see talent like Jay Henderson start or another of the promising youth players. Same goes for JDH. If they don’t want to sign get them moved on.
  16. And that’s just the first half. 😂
  17. Unfortunately England possess something we don’t at this level. Proven goal-scorers. They have massive threat up front. Scotland managed to get to this tournament via the back door penalty shootouts. As much as I’d love to see Scotland win, the odds are stacked against us.
  18. Nah. I don’t see why we can’t hope for Croatia to win today. It could make our last game against them a dead rubber if results go our way. I can’t bring myself to support England.
  19. I think we all remember his wonder goal and his free kick ability, but besides that I don’t think he brings the same kind of energy and drive as McGrath who I can’t remember having even been substituted during his time with us.
  20. I rate McGrath higher than Mallan. I haven’t seen much evidence that Stevie has improved greatly since he left us.
  21. Schoolboy error. It’s not just me losing my marbles as we get older. Any chance I can get a dram too! When’s the party? 😂
  22. Just been speaking to a friend who provides first aid training and looks after the village defibrillator he said the percentages of surviving such an incident IIRC are 4% no CPR no defibrillator 34% with CPR no defibrillator 76% with CPR and defibrillator The average age of a heart attack is 34 in this country. Being able to perform CPR is a skill we should all learn at school and in the workplace. It’s not a hard skill to learn, but can make a massive difference to saving someone’s life. If you choose to wait for the professionals to arrive it may be too late.
  23. I really hope Christian Eriksen makes a full recovery. Football certainly takes a back seat. IMHO the general public need better education on CPR and the use of defibrillators as this is a common problem within our communities every day. In our village we have introduced equipment across a few locations along with free education on how to deploy CPR and use defibrillators, but only a handful of people turned up. I imagine that elite footballers go through rigorous testing these days for heart defects, so if someone like Christian Eriksen at 29 can collapse like that with no warning it’s a wake up call to us all.
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