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  1. I just visualised Sir Gareth of Southgate missing the crucial penalty. I felt much better.
  2. To stop club board members introducing these creations….
  3. Thats the current rules and I don’t think it stops anyone u16 from joining SMiSA but they cannot vote or be an officer.. However IIRC at the last SMiSA AGM they discussed looking at options to introduce a third tier for low waged at £5 per month with the possible introduction of a junior members scheme. I could be wrong. I’m not going to listen back to the AGM broadcast though. 😂
  4. It should be pointed out that currently the SMiSA membership does not cater for u18s which will account for a large number of ST holders. IIRC there are plans to introduce a junior membership.
  5. “A lion rampant (standing erect with forepaws raised) was a lion, while a lion walking with head turned full-face (passant guardant) – as in the English royal arms – was a leopard. It’s important to note that ‘leopard’ was a technical heraldic distinction; there were no spotted felines on any coat-of-arms in the Middle Ages. Like all heraldic animals, the leopard carried some symbolic meaning; it was thought to be the result of an adulterous union between a lion and a mythical beast called a ‘pard’ (hence leo-pard). Believed to be incapable of reproducing, leopards were sometimes (but not always) used for someone born of adultery, or unable to have children – a senior clergyman for example.” So basically what this is saying is the English are mainly bastards.
  6. They don’t even have one lion on their shirt never mind three.
  7. Always wondered why you ended up in Jersey…did you murder her? You’ve been on the run all this time.
  8. Excellent news. I personally thought the products for sale with Provans were good quality. Great to have them back. I thought the club might run this venture in house with Kibble operating the shop. https://www.stmirren.com/commercial-news/4003-st-mirren-welcomes-home-pitch-pro-retail
  9. From the highs of Hampden to the depths of despair in Amsterdam in a matter of days. Feckin nightmare. The only times I felt worse at a Scotland game was probably going out on goal difference in 1978 & 1982, losing to Costa Rica & Brazil in 1990, beating Switzerland in 1996 but going out on goal difference, Morocco in 1998, England in 1999. Ach feck it. There have been loads of lows. We are overdue some change in fortune. Let’s do a Greece!
  10. New strip bingo calling! Cheers Baz. Only a few more needed for a full house. Happens every year.
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2013/05/08/alex-ferguson-created-385-million-in-value-for-manchester-united/?sh=73e1380e14b0
  12. Hmmm. Certainly he could do with shearing off his remaining hair.
  13. He has no clue. You see more St Mirren games in person than he does. Pars & Jags? Those are two of the biggest full time teams in the lower leagues.
  14. The only reason Celtic and Sevco are not bigger clubs on the European stage is because of the size of the TV deal we get. You are not telling me that either of those clubs are smaller than Tottenham, Chelsea, and Leicester as examples in terms of global fan reach if they were in the English leagues. I’d love to see the back of them from our game. These colt teams are merely Trojan horse moves by both clubs hierarchy. It’s imperative that the SPFL clubs in the top 4 divisions don’t swallow the bigot pound.
  15. You only need to take a look at Dundee’s accounts for the last few years to see how much of a financial mess they are in. They have already had two administrations. Without Nelms at the helm they would be facing a hat trick. This is taken from their last set of accounts - remember this is pre pandemic. “The accounts for the year ending 31st May 2019 have been approved and signed by the Directors. Quite clearly, 2018/19 was a frustrating and disappointing season with the club being relegated from the SPFL Premiership. A loss for the year had been forecast but the actual loss of £1,825,669 was significantly higher than the previous year’s loss (£425,748).” Source - https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/club-statement-accounts-2/ Previous accounts don’t make good reading either - https://dundeefc.co.uk/club/accounts/ Their fans don’t believe there is an issue with this level of debt. Dundee don’t even own Dens Park. That is owned by a United board member John Bennett. I don’t think United are much better off financially. I wish our governing bodies took a tighter control against clubs that are gaining an unfair sporting advantage by spending way more than their income over other clubs to gain promotion or higher league positions. Have we learned no lessons from Motherwell, Livingston (twice), Dundee (twice), Rangers (liquidated) and Gretna.
  16. Aah but GoW is a renowned scout in the game. He just won’t divulge his clients due to confidentiality concerns. I though everybody knew that. 😂
  17. Does that include your good self? Simple Yes or No. I believe you like simple questions. If yes that’s great. I might even buy you a drink. If no why not?
  18. Aye I agree nothing special so far but we were spoilt growing up with a midfield lineup of Stark, Fitzpatrick and Richardson.
  19. Am I on your list? If everyone calls you out on your fitba scouting claims you will have no one to talk to bar yourself. Come on who have you scouted? Dib dib dib!
  20. I think we need to consider that he is still very young. Physically he needs further work in the gym and on the training pitch. He has been getting game time experience in the last two seasons that will stand him in good stead. There are not many young players in the top league with more games under there belt at age 19/20. I think he would develop faster if he had a more experienced player alongside him in midfield. I believe he has proved a more consistent performer than McAllister or Magennis at the same age. Neither of those two players have set the heather alight during the last season. I have no doubt that Ethan has played more games this last season than those two combined. Magennis has managed 4 starts since joining Hibs. He was permanently injured this season for Saints. McAllister has hardly managed to start regularly never mind finish 90minutes. Jim Goodwin obviously trusts Ethan and it shows that he was prepared to let both his captains this season leave the club in Magennis and Foley. Let’s cut the young lad some slack. He’s still very young and inexperienced. This last season will have given him immense confidence to kick on. Not many St Mirren midfielders have experienced playing in two cup semi finals at age 19/20. He deserves his call up. Unless someone can point me in the direction of another defensive Scottish midfielder at his age group.
  21. So who should be in his place? We are still waiting to read what players you have scouted. Zzzzzzzz.
  22. Even better was Broadfoot buying out his contract and slither down to the Championship like the snake he is.
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