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  1. See I don’t get that argument. Kilmarnock for years have been consistently finishing higher than us and as a result earning more revenue by finishing in the top 6, qualifying for Europe and opening up three sides of their stadium to milk the bigot pound. They have done this while over spending and incurring large debts. Hearts are coming back up this year. Dundee will also bring a large support to Paisley. Remember that Kilmarnock no longer get W6 & W7 - only the away end - the cash argument for them staying in the league and bringing their support for maybe only one game a season is not as big as you think. Hell mend them for overspending all these years. It would not surprise me if Broadfoot, Dicker, Power, Lafferty and Burke are all on higher wages than our team. I’d imagine that the Tommy Wright is earning a larger wage than Jim Goodwin. Feck them. It’s about time they were relegated and experienced four derbies against Ayr United. Plus we can get rid of that plastic pitch. St Mirren and the other top flight clubs should start a campaign to remove those pitches from our top league. Plus their pies are overrated. 👋 bye byeeeee Killie. 🍺
  2. I don’t see Celtic getting rid of Johnson without a transfer fee, so IMO that rules us out. Unless you know he is out of contract. The other issue would be his wages which I imagine would be too steep for us.
  3. I believe that the “underlying health list” is supplied by your GP to the NHS. Like you I have serious underlying health conditions which should have meant that I was taken as per the guidelines on those u65 with pre-existing conditions but was ignored by my surgery. I only got my 1st jab 4 weeks ago. It’s definitely a postcode lottery. My wife and I attended at the same time with neighbours and people from the village we know who all have surnames beginning B & C. My wife is Irish and has lived up here for 15 years and did not even have an NHS Scotland ID as she has never been ill - until she had the vaccine which impacted her really badly. First days off sick I have known her to have in 23 years. The nurse taking me was aghast that I had not been vaccinated up to now. I’m in my mid 50’s to give some context. I’ve not complained. No point. I’m just happy for those who have received their vaccinations as the consequences of catching this respiratory illness can be lethal. I know what its like to have your lungs fail and basically drown.
  4. I agree. To be fair if they didn’t have the Academies they’d have to spend big bucks buying the players. They would obviously like that return to be higher, but it’s better than the alternative. You look closer to home. Look at the money that Rangers have invested down the years in their academy with little return. Our club benefitted big time when Rangers discarded Kenny McLean and Lewis Morgan. Both ended up playing in our first team, got sold on for transfer fees, and both have been capped at full international level. The actual odds on a child born in the UK becoming a player in the EPL are far less than 1% I do feel that the Academy system is flawed in many ways. It gives hope to kids and parents that they are on the path to wealth and happiness. Sadly as you can see the odds are stacked against them. All those hours spent training and keeping food diaries throughout you childhood only to be discarded. Often depression kicks in as they feel failure and rejection. In some cases this leads to self harm and suicidal behaviour. I’d like to see academies adopt football scholarships or apprentice schemes where kids and young adults have something to fall back on. Sadly there is too much greed in the game for that to happen.
  5. Villa are a completely different side with Jack Grealish playing. He is one of those old fashioned players that gets you off your seat every time he is on the ball. I just hope he picks up an injury in training before Scotland play the auld enemy. D I really can’t see Liverpool slipping up. After all slippy G is now at The Rangers. Palace have nothing in the locker. Guaranteed home win. I can see Chelsea struggling to beat Villa. Leicester have run out of steam and will likely draw against Spurs. But who knows? I’ll certainly be tuning in. Just wish there was a relegation battle this season to add to the excitement.
  6. Jeezo. I’m quite surprised that the odds were so good. That seems like free money. I gave up gambling years ago. I have a very addictive personality and it’s not a healthy pastime for me. I do like to see punters giving the bookies a run for their money. Well done! 👍
  7. Sets it up for a great second leg. Hoping Broadfoot has a nightmare and concedes an injury time own goal to send Dundee up.
  8. Never understood why he was allowed to leave when his replacement was Junior Morias.
  9. Killie going down means more classic derbies next season. Dundee vs United Ayr vs Killie Get down you Ayrshire “Hello Hello” Billy Boy Bawbags. Yer pies have been shit in recent seasons anyway.
  10. What happened to you? After Andrew Neil and I left the place went rapidly downhill. He’s a cnut mind you. To be honest I hated school. Left at 16 and never looked back. My sister on the other hand was the deputy head girl. I remember the Head boy phoned our house to say he had bad news…..”I’m sorry to say Mr Corbett has died” - I replied “so what’s the bad news?”
  11. Stop shouting or we won’t be allowed back in anywhere. Oh and stay off the BrewDog and Guinness ya mad man.
  12. Charlie Adam, Paul McGowan vs Kirk Broadfoot. All former Saints players. Two legends. One other who used to be, but he burnt his bridges by doing a U turn on us. Bye bye 👋 Killie. Be good to get them and their plastic pitch out of the league.
  13. So far under Jamie Langfields coaching we have done pretty well in the goalkeeping stakes. There is no doubt in my mind that our last three primary goalkeepers Samson, Hladky, Alnwick have all benefitted from his coaching style. I’d imagine that Jamie is involved in the recruitment process as it's a specialised position.
  14. As a youngster in late 70s and early 80s I used to travel to all away games on the Knox St bus. I wonder if I would have known Tam?
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57170516 Worrying times. This is absolutely sickening. The OF fans are a cancer on our society. I hope they catch them. If Peter Lawwell and his family were inside would this not be attempted murder rather than wilful fire raising?
  16. That is the legend that is Bobby Holmes. His career was ended when he was 25. But he was a great servant to St Mirren. Hang your head in shame. 😒
  17. Trust me I’ve been in far worse grounds across UK and Europe - admittedly pre Hillsborough and Heysel disasters.
  18. There are some absolute howlers in this compilation. If you can’t find anything to laugh at here, you must lead a rly boring life like Oaksoft and Baz. 😂
  19. The worst one I experienced was Willie Donachie at Hampden. I think he was also at Man City at the time. It must have been something in the water at Maine Road.
  20. My favourite own goal is by Jamie Pollock of Man City fame.
  21. I don’t think being a football supporter is a good pastime for your mental health. Maybe try Elephant Polo where Scotland have been crowned World Champions at both male and female tournaments. https://www.inveraray-castle.com/castle/the-family/elephant-polo https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/scot-ecstatic-lead-all-female-team-4779733
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