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  1. Why don’t you take the “advice” you dish out and stay out of issues that don’t affect you. 😂
  2. That’s a great picture. Three of my footballing hero’s. I first saw Fitzy play in this game. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1975&GameID=197508010 I still have the programme and I’m sure it has an article about Fitzy as having learning a trade as a painter. I’m glad he was a much better player than a painter. The beating heart of Fergies Furies. Frankie boy looks really dapper and happy which is great to see given his off field struggles. What a striker he was for us. I remember him playing in the first SMiSA Saints Aid and he was lethal. He was substituted to save our fans keeper @Eric Arthur Blair from further humiliation. Only joking T. 😂 Dibble looks well too. If he had been a bit taller he would have definitely got capped on a regular basis by Scotland. In my opinion the bravest keeper to ever have represented our great club.
  3. Ffs Baz. Be the bigger man and take a break from posting for a couple of weeks. It’s tiresome.
  4. Let’s be frank, the last time they were in the top league the Berlin Wall was still standing and Thatcher was still PM. The lower leagues present huge problems for full time clubs with limited support. The last major honour they won was 99 years ago. It just goes to show how successful our club have been in comparison. Money is needed to finance stadium redevelopments and community initiatives. They don’t have any. There are a number of full time clubs struggling in the Championship and League 1. They are desperate to get to the top league. It just goes to show how critical that game away to Hibs when we stayed up in the Championship on goal difference. Morton used to be decent rivals in the 70s and 80s. The atmosphere against them was electric. Now it’s just a day out to a lower league outfit where the most we usually have to worry about is whether it will rain. A drop down a division could spell financial disaster for them.
  5. He can’t read your response ya mad man. Oops now he can since I replied. I like this game. If I keep replying to your posts then @slapsalmon may ban me too! We could have our own wee club ya dafty! I have a medical reason why I’m a nutter what’s yours?
  6. Let’s not forget the impact that Lewis Morgan has had at Inter Miami where he was voted Most Valuable Player. Only Covid travel restrictions stopped him from being part of the Scotland squad during qualifying. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/news/st-mirren-academy-product-lewis-morgan-signs-new-inter-miami-deal/ Imagine Lewis scoring the winner against the auld enemy at Wembley and doung this celebration to their fans.
  7. I actually suggested that and it was met with an element of disapproval at the SMiSA AGM. It’s clear it is a St mirren BoD decision and I understand why confidential financial issues are kept away from the general SMiSA membership, but if the membership votes in favour of keeping our family stand exclusive for our supporters at all home games then we should be campaigning for our BoD representatives to reject plans to allow those fans to take our stadium over. It will take a group of us to initiate change. We may not manage to do anything for next season, but we should at least try to see whether the majority of the membership would favour using contributions to keep our home stands for our use at all times. Who is in favour of this approach?
  8. Won’t be the first time you’ve failed to recognise your own players at a match. I used to put that down to the bevvy. 🍺 😂
  9. Is that your evidence to back up your accusations? I’d recommend you don’t ever get in trouble with the law and try to defend yourself without a lawyer.
  10. You are 100% correct. It’s fcuking disgraceful that both teams supporters have breached UEFA regulations and the clubs has been fined for their behaviour yet nothing is done for their repeated behaviour up and down the country every week. We have all experienced issues at Ibrox or Parkhead where sectarian abuse, coins, pies, etc are hurled at us yet the police and stewards do nothing. If you ever ask the police what they are going to do the response is “If you don’t like it then leave - if you carry on complaining I’ll make you leave so sit down and shut up!” We have all seen worse incidents at Love Street and Greenhill Road over decades. You regularly see them before games drinking and urinating in the street, before entering the ground to sing songs with no place in society and behave with impunity by breaking the laws. The police never intervene. The directive from the police match commander is “get them into the ground and out again with the minimum of fuss.” I know that because at numerous club AGMs when I have asked the question why the police take no action on illegal behaviour that was the feedback given by Stewart Gilmour. For a number of years those two Glasgow clubs provided their own stewards for matches at our ground. I’m not sure whether that still happens but I will ask the question of our SLO. Yet we have all seen the complete reverse attitude by the police and stewards when dealing with fans of Motherwell, Ross County, Inverness as examples. I asked at the recent SMiSA AGM “will there be a members vote on the issue of closing our family stand to our fans during games against the two arse cheeks when we take over the club?” The response I was given was that this would be a Club Board decision and would likely be in favour of the financial argument of the bigot pound. I believe our club needs to make a stand. Be the first in the country to stand up and be counted. If we can reduce their numbers, get the police to actually handle the loutish behaviour in the ground and use the expensive CCTV facilities that we have to prosecute then we may see other clubs do the same. It’s time for direct action. Nothing will ever change unless we do something positive. I’m willing to take these concerns to our club via the official process. I also plan to write to our local MSPs. I would also like to have a meeting with the police match commander, the chief executive, our MSPs and our SLOs. We may not change the BoDs view on the family stand, but if we can ensure that the police and stewards carry out the role that legally they are there to enforce them progress will be made. The police and stewards are paid to do the same job whether that is Celtic or The Rangers, Brechin City or Motherwell. If people think it would be worth it I could also write to other non OF clubs SLO’s. I’m going to change my username to Che Guevara. How do I do that? I’d be keen to receive feedback (a like on the post is sufficient) on what I’ve written, and whether there is anything that needs to change or be added. Thanks.
  11. Seriously? FFS. I despair.
  12. It certainly not the first time, nor will it be the last. What a shameful football club and a cancer on our game.
  13. Any chance you can remove the symbols in the top left and top right?
  14. It’s one of the most progressive things that has been introduced to our game across all leagues. Personally what I think we need now in the game in the top league is the following : - no plastic pitches - reintroduction of reserve league - two u21 players in first 11 of every top league match - removal of 10-2 voting rights - financial fair play rules across all sides based on an agreed % of all income - financial penalties and points deduction for sectarian, racist, homophobic chanting and violent disorder from supporters Just some ideas. I’m sure I may have missed some key issues, but I’ve been on the bevvy.
  15. Their fans seem ok with the owners…but then we have seen this story twice before with Dundee. Must be something in the water in Dundee. Even United are sailing close to the wind.
  16. More likely we will do the expected……finish 3rd and go out on goal difference 😂
  17. The four 3rd best team qualify from the group stages. BELIEVE 😂
  18. What evidence do you have to back up your claim? I’m really keen to know why you are against it. Will you provide a counter argument to what I set out below? IMHO there is a wealth of talent within the St Mirren support. There are many retired business people who can and do get involved in supporting our club with their time and experience. We have local MSP on the SMiSA committee. We have a well known journalist on same committee. Everyone I have ever spoken to that is involved in SMiSA has the clubs best interests at heart. Why would they put the club at risk? Compare our club accounts to Dundee. https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/club-statement-accounts-2/ “……2018/19 was a frustrating and disappointing season with the club being relegated from the SPFL Premiership. A loss for the year had been forecast but the actual loss of £1,825,669 was significantly higher than the previous year’s loss (£425,748).“ Would you rather have their model of ownership? It will be interesting to see their next set of accounts. We have also seen some very positive contributions around the club since the tie up with Kibble. Fan ownership 50+1 model has worked really well in Germany. We will finally achieve the same model after 20 years of SMiSA. For most of those years only around 100 Saints fans were part of the journey. I’m so glad that more fans have joined and I hope that many more join in the future. If you believe that you can make a difference, then join. Come on a join the party! One Member - One Vote.
  19. Good points. Not sure which country it was, but I read recently that a country have introduced a rule where the starting first 11 needs to contain two u21 academy players. We need some positive change in our top league, but thanks to Aberdeen we lost the option of changing the 10-2 voting structure when Rangers died.
  20. Club has previously budgeted for finishing 11th in the top league and going out first round of cups. Anything above that has been seen to be a bonus. Despite no hospitality and matchday revenue this season due to Covid we may well have come through the other side of the storm with less impact compared to other clubs in the division. When SMiSA take over on 21st July 2021 we will have an excess of £140,000 in he SMiSA rainy day fund. Most fans seem keen to continue their subscriptions so that rainy day fund will grow even more. It is planned that a new introductory membership will be introduced at £5 per month with the other levels set at £12 and £25 per month. Regardless of what tier you enter it will still be One Member - One Vote. The more members we have the more representative of the total support and the more funds we have at our disposal to improve matchday experience, academy improvements, first team squad and staff. St Johnstone pull in over £1M extra revenue over us due to their off field activities. Our club and fans need to generate additional revenue streams and plans are in place to do that within the club moving forward. Anyone wishing to join SMiSA can do so here https://www.smisa.net/buythebuds/member-benefits-sign-up Maybe even Oaky will join. I still don’t understand why he never puts his hand in his pocket to support his club. Surely even he can manage £5 per month. The only reason he can watch the games on Hesgoal is because we have funded St Mirren TV. We live in hope.
  21. @ICC do you have a good photo of the Fergie ‘87 final goal?
  22. In fairness to Ilkay Durmus he caught Covid early in the season and it affected him pretty bad. I don’t think he was the only one affected in our squad as a result of the illness.
  23. Big game on Tuesday between Leicester and Chelsea will have an impact on that. Liverpool have Burnley and Palace left to play. Chelsea have Leicester and Villa Leicester have Chelsea and Spurs. Bar an absolute collapse by the others and some weird result I can’t see Spurs in the Top 5 which is pleasing.
  24. So in what format do you think Colts would work in the Scottish professional game? Personally I believe the reserve league should be reintroduced to allow academy players to play alongside and against older players coming back from injury. It was a format that allowed development in our game and improved the skills levels of our young players - as a result Scotland qualified on a regular basis for major tournaments.
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