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  1. I think the last time I bought a paper was on the 14th March 2013.
  2. Media will only print stories that generate interest to increase readership and advertising revenue. Good news does not sell. Always has been. Always will be.
  3. It’s on a topic like this that Stuart Dickson would have been in his element. He would have been using it as a stick to beat St Mirren and no doubt Stewart Gilmour. And then when the truth came out he would still be taking the stance that St Mirren operate dodgy financial practices. Be thankful this topic is only 6 pages long.
  4. I think we are seeing the damage caused by families and friends mixing over Christmas. Not to mention those who rushed onto public transport to beat the travel restrictions. I wonder how we compare to those European countries who chose to have a strict lockdown policy.
  5. I know a number of St Mirren fans who put the club as a major priority in their life. To some it’s as important to them as their family and jobs. Some might disagree with that, but it’s a major part of their lives and they are happy for it. Many volunteer their services to help the club through a variety of means. Either helping the club directly or running supporters buses, clubs or SMiSA. These activities are a huge time commitment and are often unseen. I personally don’t see anything wrong with having such an interest and investment in your local club and community activities. I’d rather sit beside those supporters at games than some other so called “fans” that only watch on TV.
  6. Let’s have another crowdfund 🤑🤣
  7. Aye. Worth watching the first 15mins or so. Rest you can ignore.
  8. My apologies. I knew I should have checked The Independent “facts” with you first. Sorry. Shameful.
  9. Could have been worse. You could have become a pipe fitter!
  10. I thought the CBD stadium in Hamilton was the highest! [emoji377]
  11. UK now has the highest death rate in the world now. It’s not just those who die that will be affected by this virus. Those who survive COVID many of them will experience life changing situations. So sad. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-uk-update-live-lockdown-news-latest-b1788743.html
  12. You are probably right. As you know my memory is goosed. I certainly don’t remember it anything but the places you mentioned from mid 70s onwards. It must have been in the high street that I remember getting taken too! I still hate shopping to this day! When did FineFare open up in Seedhill?
  13. Goal line technology to be used for first time during these semi finals. HawkEye the noo! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55702536
  14. I bet he wishes he had written some coded message to remind them of their password on the Hard Drive now!
  15. Thanks. I didn’t realise you knew how successful my Ltd company was. 😂
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excelsior_Stadium We hold the attendance record at that ground.
  17. Anyone remember Galbraith’s? Seem to remember one in Glasgow Rd opposite the Sherwood chippy as a youngster which I believe is now a funeral directors. Think it used to be a Tool Hire shop for many years. Think it might have ceased trading around the time FineFare took up residence at the old ice rink site in Seedhill. No doubt @Eric Arthur Blair will correct me as I’m probably wrong.
  18. Not as far down the line, but doing well. https://www.thekillietrust.com/ I understand your POV and it’s everyone’s individual choice. I’m saving on fuel and beer costs through not going to games. I’m even getting to watch away games at lower costs than normal. Every little helps. Just remember we were fined £25,000 by SFA for not fielding enough u21 outfield players against Spartans even though our goalkeeper was u21 at the time. Who’s to say that Saints did not plan to play him outfield that day.
  19. That attitude will never catch on with Hesgoal Harry. 😂
  20. Some goal by Ilkay G. Hopefully our very own Ilkay D can score a similar one next Sunday.
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