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  1. I tested positive for COVID today and the news came as a complete shock as I don’t have any symptoms whatsoever. I can taste and smell things just fine and I don’t notice any other differences in my body. I have no fever, no elevated body temperature, I don’t get tired any more than usual etc. So, obviously, I’m going to need to stay in lockdown for at least two straight weeks, and I’m already worried about how my mental health will cope. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not the type of person to cry wolf without reason, but I know myself well. I’m proactive, outgoing, and I enjoy meeting new people and staying on the move. Remaining sedentary is really not my cup of tea and I’m already getting anxious just thinking about not leaving my flat for the next 14 days. I would love to get some ideas on how you spend time by yourself. I already know that watching the telly, watching online courses, working and all that are some of the stuff that “experts” recommend. But, I need something truly out of the ordinary that’s “addictive” enough to keep me occupied for two weeks. I’ve been thinking of applying my maths GED to see if I can’t win some cash at https://www.nodeposit.guide/exclusive/ and similar venues. I’ve never been much for it, but necessity is the mother of invention, so I figured why not make my isolation useful. Any other tips? Please help!
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