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  1. @faraway saint @StanleySaint You are right, grammar, writing, articles, it's all mine. When you are engaged in text, it's never boring! Very different topics!
  2. As a person who has been working as a computer for the fourth year by a computer at a distance, I can share my experience how to diversify my day. . Sports at home, these are gymnastics, exercise with fitness rubber, if you have a simulator, then do it on one hour per day. I have an exercise bike, I am at lunch on it one hour and turn on your video on YouTube. So that there were fun. It became for me the discovery, it is cooking food. It distracts me from my work do my homework for money , it can be treated creatively, and experiment in the kitchen. During cooking, I began to listen to audiobooks, it helps to develop your imagination. When do you want to do anything, I collect puzzles. After a 30 minute passion, the desire to do everything immediately appears, just not to collect puzzles. Good luck to you, I hope to people who are forced to spend time at home, will find a lesson who will be fun and useful for you
  3. Audio books is good! My wife and I read a lot of your daughter, and from recently I started listening to audiobooks, she really likes. Listened to a large number of books, but Harry Potter is a better work for her, listened several times all parts. We listen to portable columns, keep books on USB.
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