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  1. Best of luck Jonah always thought you had potential and appeared to be playing better when Robinson left. However a footballer's career is short so can't begrudge anyone a move that they think will pay dividends.....but under Robinson...?????
  2. I'm surprised that Robinson hasn't had a word with your Chairman and told him of the huge reduction in the cost of season tickets at his former club Morecambe. Basically the more that people bought the lower the price. Season tickets for a seat went as low as £150 and showed an increase in sales of over 350%. It's a model that other clubs have and are looking at. The cost of living is increasing week on week. To ask fans to pay more when times are tough seems stupid to me. Still feel that Robinson despite all the fine words will turn out to be a disaster.
  3. As much as I am over the moon that Robinson has gone, his record of results is almost identical to that of the clubs current manager. Robinson had 40 games in which to get it right. He won 10 Lost 20 and Drew 10. Derek Adams has had 12 games and his record to date is Won 3 Lost 6 Drew 3. Adams has had to make do with the squad he inherited which come the close season will see a lot of departures other than those Robinson put of 2 year contracts such as Ayunga and Obika. It is hoped that one of Robinson's better signings will return next season albeit on loan will be 'family man' Carson who lives in Barnard Castle, just over 60 minutes away from Morecambe which compared with both Paisley and Dundee is considerably closer.
  4. Suggest you get your facts correct.....Cole Stockton was NOT a Robinson player or signing. He was in fact signed by a previous manager Jim Bentley who was replaced by Derek Adams who under his guidance Cole became a regular goal scorer and has carried that forward under the new guidance of Robinson's successor ( thank goodness) once again Derek Adams. Robinson would without doubt have seen us relegated long before now and so we give a huge vote of thanks for taking him off our hands (and the donation of £100,000) as he is in the eyes of many nothing more than a good talker of the game but is tactically inept as I suggest you are now coming to realize for yourselves.
  5. Martin Foyle who was part of Robinson's recruitment team at Motherwell has today left Morecambe FC. Would't be surprised if he once again links up with your manager.
  6. Can't help but feel sorry for you guys that you've got such a clown as a manager. Everybody at Morecambe is delighted he's gone as without doubt he talks a good game but the results on the field show a complete lack of any responsibility for the failings in his tactical approach which is laughable. He blamed everybody at our club and it appears he's doing the same with your squad. How on earth any team can perform when the manager blames them all for not being up to it is ridiculous? I genuinely hope that by some miracle your results never mind performances improve as you deserve a lot better than a clown at the helm. Whatever your BoD were thinking when they decided he was for you and even agreed a fee for his services needs some serious questions to be asked to their competence. However the same could and has been said of our Board who like yourselves have been hoodwinked by his slick talk and convincing demeanour. Wishing you all the best for the rest the season.....
  7. Is he still at Morecambe as his interviews there are a template of what they are here. Needs to look at his methods and make the most of the players he inherited. Not change to a style they can't cope with. Bad appointment for the off.
  8. The honeymoon period will only last a month and then he'll show his lack of tactical awareness.
  9. Looks as though his departure from Morecambe has been welcomed by fans saying he talks a good game but is tactically inept.
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