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  1. Long gone are the trainers with their sponge.
  2. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-provisionally-finds-illegal-price-fixing-of-rangers-fc-merchandise
  3. I had some desire to see Rangers succeed from a Scottish footballing stance until....I began to hear the usual sectarian songs being sung - nah!
  4. Alnwick and Gogic were outstanding today. Brophy unfit and lacked aggression.
  5. Last night's game puzzled me a little. How would black pants and black and white jerseys clash with Livingston's total white strip that forced us to wear RED? There has been so many times this season that we have worn this RED strip and I wonder if Aberdeen will be forced to wear another coloured strip on Saturday. What the hell are we doing to our BLACK and WHITE ancestral tradition? It's time the club woke up and take us back to our essence of a BLACK and WHITE stripped jersey and WHITE pants.
  6. If we draw or get beat tonight and Aberdeen win that's them above us in the league. Why would you want that???
  7. This will be an immense psychological boost for Main. We could see a transformation...hopefully. Erhahon did show some talented passes and he needs more first team placings. Tait biggest work horse we've got. Good energetic display.
  8. I'm against the tide on this one but I don't rate him.
  9. Erhahon is a talented player. The issue I believe is not about his 'lack of attitude' but the lack of sufficient coaching to bring about his progression which he latently has.
  10. I can't get the game on Hesgoal. Is that the situation for all?
  11. Simply put; the more money we get the better team we have.
  12. This nonsense about Brown and Naismith being better prospects than Robinson shows the usual fickle amongst those who react negatively to no matter who. I can just imagine if it was Brown or Naismith in the same position and reading, 'why the f**k didn't we sign Robinson?'. In Robinson's interview he acknowledged and took the managerial responsibility of the defeats so far, so he is aware of the sentiment of everyone's reaction. Goodwin is going through the similar experience both of whom are using the team they inherited. Right now we need to start giving Robinson support and tell the players to get behind their manager (if they have an issue with him which I don't think they have) and fight for US and the club.
  13. The club is moving in the right direction with the appointment of someone who is professional and ambitious which has been lacking for a number of years.
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