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  1. I just checked this because I did think that £2000 a week was ridiculous. That means he’s earning nearly £80,000 a year. Even that is a massive waste of money for a player like him. I say we ship him off and use that money towards trying to sign Ronan
  2. I think we should let him bring in his own players and keep him going at least until the end of the season. He’s been poor since he came in but at the same point we need to be looking at the players too. We are wasting £100K a year on Curtis main’s wages while he has done next to nothing and puts in no effort for the club. Jordan Jones IMO has been shite as well. But if we don’t stay up, I think that the only option is to send Robinson out the door along with Fraser Tait and Main.
  3. The season is finishing now and imo gogic has been stand out since January. I would love to see him stay on as he gets little game time at Hibs and is enjoying his time in Paisley. Would you agree that he should stay?
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