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  1. A world cup highlight the Parklea Messi (Keanu) smashing Messi in a tackle
  2. Told you guys you had a gem of a player in Kenau He was brilliant last night, came on at half time and really gave the midfield some energy. Parklea Messi v Messi next
  3. Great that the Parklea Messi is in their thinking.
  4. Glad to hear that the Parklea Messi (Keanu) had a good first game. Now to get me one of those quite sexual away strips you have put out.
  5. As a regular watcher of the A League Strain is a decent solid enough right back. Nothing spectacular but he shouldn't let you down. Keanu has a lot more about him.
  6. Look after him over there, he's a great young player and person.
  7. Another WSW fan thought I'd add some other bits. You've got a gem of a player and more so a person. I've had the good fortune of meeting him a couple of times and he is one of the nicest people you could meet he is very quitely spoken but total genuine person with no ego. He still turns up at old junior club and will help coach the young kids. He is always first win or lose to acknowledge fans home and away. Some of my fellow WSW fans have a pub trivia team named in his honour and he turned up and played, his Trivia isn't fantastic but he did ok on film. Posts' onfield assesment is pretty accurate. One trait Id add is he never goes missing he's always looking for the ball and to turn and go forward and he'll run his arse off for you when you don't have the ball He deserves his shot overseas and hopefully it's a big success for him he deserves it for years of hard work coming through the Wanderers junior system So look after him he's a good un
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