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  1. Tickets purchased. Up for a week and getting two games in. A rare treat for me. Really looking forward to this one. Used to love going to Ayr. Don’t think I’ve been since the mid 80s when Fraser Campbell scored the only goal of the game relatively late on to much relief from the away support. Think someone said earlier on this thread that Somerset Park was a shithole. Totally disagree. I love it. Proper old fitba ground.
  2. Coming from the back water of Jersey that still doesn’t have an electronic proof vaccination (aye ok, it does but it’s fairly new and so far i’ve been too much of a dunderheid to work out how to work it)., so I’ve just got my paper certificates. I trust those will be ok?
  3. Ha ha. I was more referring to the lack of traffic generally on this thread.
  4. OK I’ll break cover. I might not have thought he was a big haddie, but I never saw much in him during our time with us and I certainly wasn’t heartbroken when he left. 20/20 hindsight is such a wonderful thing. Everyone is a scouting genius now he’s scoring for fun in English League One. Even when he was scoring a handful of goals for RossCo I didn’t think he was a massive loss.
  5. I’m sure a kindly season ticket holder who isnae going will help me out. Otherwise it’ll be in with the Ayrshire great unwashed.
  6. As stated on the Dundee Utd thread, attendance restrictions to be removed as of 17th. Tickets permitting I’ll get two games in on my trip up the road. Speaking of which, what’s the script re tickets on this one?
  7. Attendance rules to be removed from 17th. Ya beauty.
  8. Fingers crossed. I’m up that week and had planned to go to the Ayr game, but I might take a drive up to Dundee for this one if we can get in.
  9. Any chance of the crowd restrictions being relaxed for this one, or is that already a non starter?
  10. Much as it pains me to say it, he is exactly what we are missing (provided he is still capable of what he did at Killie last season).
  11. Do we think the notion of getting crowds to return the way we did in 76/77 is an unrealistic one? Yes the team that won the First Division that season was special and entertaining, but you could argue that the teams that won the Championship in 2000 and 2018 (not so much 2006) were also very entertaining teams. Whilst both those seasons probably saw meaningful upticks in our away support, I don’t think that applied so much to our home support. Do you think maybe give or take a thousand either way, we are where we’re forever likely to be crowd wise?
  12. Indeed I was. It wasn’t exactly my first Saints game, but it was undoubtedly the game I truly became a Saints addict.
  13. McAvennie was in my opinion the “best” player I’ve seen for Saints in my lifetime. Favourite player is a MUCH more difficult question to answer. Peter Weir, Lex Richardson, Billy Stark, Dougie Somner, Ian Scanlon, Frank McGarvey, Iain Munro, Fitzy and probably others, how do you even begin to separate those players. My FIRST hero though, was Bobby Torrance.
  14. You would’ve thought so eh. Didn’t sound like it though. Either that or JG should take up poker. Don’t know. Either way, maybe he simply meant not much money available for players i.e. earmarked for something else 🤷‍♂️
  15. Going by JG’s comments after the Rangers game, this’ll be a quiet thread. Not much money. Happy with the squad. Doesn’t really want to offload anyone. The third point is the most worrying of all if that also includes the likes of Erwin and Main. He did say they had one or two players in their sights, but he didn’t sound overly convincing. I predict a very quiet window for us. Sadly.
  16. Would it be considered childish to simply say “f**k off you fat, bitter Aussie prick!”? Asking for a friend.
  17. Honking night covered that I thought. 👍
  18. Absolutely to be expected. Covid fears, Covid ravaged team, honking night, sectarian drivel and a humping on the cards. I was a die hard back in my Paisley days and I reckon I still would be if I lived there, but last night would’ve sorely tested my resolve. Don’t blame a single person who didn’t bother.
  19. Guess who feels like a bit of a silly Billy.
  20. I reckon we could see the lowest home crowd (as in number of home supporters) for an old firm game in our history tonight.
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