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  1. Any idea why this lad hasn’t featured in the first two games?
  2. Hod the bus!!! I might have been in Jersey for 36 years but Paisley is my home town. I had 20 solid years there before I upsticksed (for the summer season in 1986 😀). They certainly sell Buckie here but I cannae say I’ve seen Eldorado.
  3. God no. The IOM is a dreadful shithole. How about I try to organise a pre season friendly next year against Jersey Bulls.
  4. I did mate and the old Who’s on first sketch remains funny to this day. My post was poking fun because you appeared to be correcting someone for saying who instead of whom, but you then incorrectly said Whose instead of who’s. What is it they say…..if you have to explain a joke then it isn’t funny 😩😩 I just cannae help myself when someone who is correcting someone’s grammar makes a f**k up themselves 🤣🤣
  5. No but I don’t know anybody called whose either.
  6. Thank you Slarti for saving me the bother of responding to SL’s lazy post 👍. But that’s just me being lazy.
  7. No having that FS. I know that it was a UK vote and I know Scotland is currently part of the UK. However, it is churlish to try to suggest that the will of an actual nation that is part of a political union, is just the same thing as the will of a town or even county of that union. Each tae thir ain though.
  8. Yawn. How original. Did you stay up all night writing that hilarious gag.
  9. That’s pretty much how I rated him. I think he’s a good player but too many brain farts for my liking. Funnily enough I’d rate Dunne almost exactly the same.
  10. Yes I’m well up on that. I was responding to the post above mine that suggested he was close to going into the last year of his contract.
  11. I thought McGinn signed a new 5 year deal with villa only about a year or so ago??
  12. Jimmy and I currently in “The Goat and Tricycle” in Bournemouth. Doubt a pub called that would last long in the West End of Paisley. 🤣
  13. That’s the fella. Suppose I wasn’t a million miles away with Ions Skye. Thanks chaps.
  14. Aye but I was getting mixed up. I’m sure the pub I was thinking of was on the opposite side of the street from the Bar Point.
  15. Actually cancel that last question. Apparently it was the Bar Point. Im thinking of a pub that was on the opposite side of the road. f**ks knows. I’m getting too auld.
  16. Just resurrecting this thread as Jimmy H and I are sitting in a boozer in Bournemouth chatting about Paisley Pubs. Jimmy cannae remember a pub called Iona Skye in the Wesr End and I cannae remember any other names it had. Any offers?
  17. Will I be safe? I don't look like a monkey, but I'm well hung.
  18. Really strong first half performance. Hopefully get a couple more second half.
  19. I’m not questioning the fact those people will think it’s the right thing to do. I’m questioning their motives for thinking that.
  20. Anyone indulging in this virtue signalling, patronising, look at me look at me utter pish should be forever banned from Hampden. C’mon Scotland!!!! Right intae thum!!
  21. Absolutely, but as ClydebankSaint said, it was the correct decision for the wrong reason.
  22. Got what we deserved tonight despite creating so many openings in the final third. Our decision making (and let’s not kid ourselves ability) to find any sort of decent final ball is absolutely abysmal. It’s a shame because there really was some decent stuff played up to the final third that just went completely to waste time after time.
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