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  1. What the hell are you on about? I didn’t say the game wasn’t shite. I thought the game was utter shite. I’m entitled to that view as I actually watched the feckin thing. You on the other hand were suggesting Goody watched a different game to you. He did.
  2. I thought you only saw the last 20 minutes so how the f**k would you know. You don’t half talk some shite.
  3. I like the sound of this Foster guy. When did we sign him?
  4. This team are f**kin lucky there’s no fans in the ground.
  5. I thought you “weren’t wasting your time watching the same old shite”.
  6. Connolly has made a difference but you still can’t see us scoring.
  7. Good shout. Just switched. Much better and don’t have to listen to that fanny.
  8. This is becoming unwatchable and for once I don’t mean the standard of play.
  9. I’m getting very close to turning the sound down. This guy is an absolute bellend. Embarrassing.
  10. Yeah I’ve been on SMTV from the start. like you say, a bit of buffering but it’s more just the quality of the pictures isn’t as good as usual.
  11. Not a great quality stream today. First time mine hasn’t been good.
  12. I think you already know the answer to that question ya cheeky wee monkey. All joking aside I think you know if I lived in Paisley I’d be a season ticket holder. As for PPV, I had......erm......an alternative option before all this shite started. I didn’t get it to avoid paying for PPV. It would seem a bit daft to pay for it when I can get it for nothing. Especially if as you say, all the revenue isn’t going to the club.
  13. Yeah but you could apply that logic anytime. As long as they are not legally able to show away games in the UK that’s fair enough.
  14. No it wasn’t. I initially had the Celtic TV stream on my IPTV and had to switch to SMTV.
  15. Actually you’re right mate. It was on Celtic TV. Which actually when you think about it is a feckin disgrace. How is that even allowed?
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