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  1. What is actually wrong with these f**king mutants.
  2. Hadn’t realised realised GD counts before head to head in this tournament. Sadly that means Wales would need to gub England by more than 4 goals to put them out.
  3. Aw man the look on Bale's face earlier was just a picture. Absolutely glorious. I think I've thought of a wonderful scenario. If USA beat England tonight (big if I know) and England and Wales draw in the last game, they could both go out, regardless of what happens in the other game. Delicious.
  4. It is fair to say he had a penchant for the odd "unsophisticated" goal, but he scored some stoaters too. I remember one against Rangers at Ibrox in a 2-1 win he rattled in off the post and he also scored a beauty in a cup semi against Celtic. Unfortunately we lost that one 2-1.
  5. Yup. Followed swiftly by one of the biggest travesties in our history courtesy of Brian McGinlay. 😡
  6. Not that it matters but isn’t detest an even stronger verb in this context than hate? Also wouldn’t it be better to say you hate or detest the existence of a royal family. Unless of course you really do detest the individuals involved. In which case fair enough.
  7. Right but all of those other things you mention are sadly commonplace at these games. I thought you were citing something peculiar to this particular game.
  8. Sadly I have to agree I thought the same, but I still think it was pretty low to use a moment of commemoration to the death of any person to make a political statement against that person. Especially to do it in a way clearly designed to be “funny”. I mean it’s not like they weren’t going to spend the next 90 minutes going on about how much they hate the royal family anyway. I would place myself somewhere in between ambivalent and anti monarchy but even I thought that was pretty tasteless. To repeat though, not sectarian.
  9. I’m assuming he meant the “If you hate the royal family clap your hands” routine. I’m not sure that qualifies as sectarian mind you. Certainly unnecessary and certainly undignified, but sectarian? I don’t think so.
  10. Just thought it worth reiterating that we appear yet again to have found another top class keeper to replace our previous top class keepers that we were very disappointed to lose. This lad has been absolutely superb for us and for me has been a wee bit unsung. Keep it up Trevor!!
  11. It definitely did get mentioned because the ref gave a foul AGAINST Ayunga for that. In normal play I thought it looked like a correct decision, it was only when I saw the close up replay I thought it looked like it could easily have gone the other way. As for the actual penalty I’m afraid it was a stonewaller for me. Naive challenge by Fraser. He should have just let Kent go past him once he knew he wasn’t going to be able to fairly challenge him. The way he was playing he’d probably have ballooned his cross out for a throw in. Overall though, an excellent performance and I agree with those who say it felt more like s defeat. We need to learn to see games out. As @faraway saint said, we’ve arguably dropped 4 points in the last few days for that very reason.
  12. We’re too one dimensional. Loads of hoofed balls coming to nothing and conceding possession. Our only couple of decent moments have been when we’ve tried to play through them.
  13. Normally sheep fans would whinge about the early start, but I’m guessing they’ll be quite happy with that on Xmas Eve.
  14. Call me a cynic but it’s amazing how these types of “Breaking News” stories often come right before a game with the ****.
  15. I obviously can’t directly argue any of your points, but I just don’t share your optimism that he will come good. We’ve been saying that since he joined. If he’s true to form, he’ll win his place back (mainly due to any ineptitude on the part of Ayunga) and then pick up another injury and be out again. I’ve just run out of hope now that he’ll come good. I also don’t think he brings much else to the party so if he’s not scoring goals he’s not doing anything. Main on the other at least makes up for his lack of goals in other ways. I couldn’t have been more critical of him last season but he’s made me eat my words this season. In any case, I’m not really here to compare Brophy to our other strikers. I just think he’s had more time than any of them to show what he can do, but has failed to do so and I’m certainly not going to soil my breeks over a striker finishing as top scorer in a one off season with 8 goals. I just feel like people are desperate for Brophy to deliver for us, what he did in a relatively short spell for Killie. I’m no different, I just no longer think it’s going to happen.
  16. Sorry but I disagree with you. His return on investment has been poor whatever way you cut it and time spent on the treatment table is no excuse. On the contrary, it only adds to the issue. And for the record, I don’t hate Brophy at all. I was delighted when we signed him and I’ve wanted him to do well the entire time he’s been with us. However, for me his time is up and we can no longer keep justifying his wages.
  17. It’s clear from your posts Bud that you are a Brophy fan. I just don’t get where your unwavering faith in him comes from. He’s done next to nothing in his entire time with us and has spent a considerable amount of time injured. He is literally at the top of my list of the “big earners” that I would punt out of the club at the first opportunity. For me he has been pretty much a complete failure.
  18. It's actually from joint 3rd to joint 5th, not 4th. Pedant 🤣🤣
  19. I tells ye, some c**t on a steel drum ootside ma hotel windae is gonnae feel ma last second goal concession wrath in a minute if he doesnae put a sock in it. 🤬
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