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  1. It really hasn’t though Oaky. That’s the thing. Anyone who pays the slightest attention to any of my posts on this topic will know I’m an avid supporter of Scottish independence. However, the constituency vote share for pro independence parties was still less than 50%. That it not a majority, let alone a substantial majority. After the emotional effort invested by so many in 2014, I have ZERO appetite for another referendum until polls show an actual clear majority in favour. Another defeat is frankly unthinkable.
  2. You could look at that two ways Billy. Perhaps he was countering it by introducing Connolly with the intention of saying let Middleton chase Connolly back. Why should we necessarily be the ones to defensively counter an attacking move by them. It didn’t work, fair enough, but it wasn’t necessarily naive. Honestly he gets criticised for not being attacking enough and gets criticised for not being defensive enough.
  3. I honestly don’t think the manager is the problem, or at least I don’t think there’s enough evidence yet that he is the problem. I simply think we haven’t got enough really good players yet, or quite got the balance right. Unfortunately I think some of the few really good players we do have won’t be around next season and it’ll be another rebuilding session.
  4. Fair enough. So they didn’t splash the cash “efficiently” as I suggested. That sum of money should guarantee a club of our (or their) size, a pain free season.
  5. I think the biggest disappointment about today was that £3m European carrot. Don’t think it’ll make a huge difference to where Hibs are likely to finish next season, but for teams like us and St. Johnstone it’s a proper game changer. If St. J win the cup and use some of that money efficiently, it could seal them a guaranteed top 6 spot next season.
  6. I know I’m normally one of the worst for firing bullets all over the place when things don’t go our way, but I think a lot of people are being a bit harsh on a lot of players. I agree our midfield got overrun at times, but I don’t think anyone had a terrible game. Also thought for the most part we defended really well. Priority number one for me today was that we turned up and had a go. Don’t think anyone can claim we didn’t do that. Just wasn’t our day today.
  7. Whatever happens today, Durmus has been outstanding.
  8. We are defending really well, but we’re pushing our luck if we think we can sustain this.
  9. Aye that doesn’t make much sense. You know I’m no Erwin fan, but when he does do good things, it’s usually when he gets the ball into feet. Him and Dennis seem very disjointed so any rare flick ons he’s had have been pointless. Don’t mind mixing it up a wee bit with the odd long ball, but not lumping it at virtually every time. Still, at least we’ve turned up today.
  10. I think we’re playing pretty well. Both teams having wee spells on top. However we are still far too guilty of letting players run far too far unchallenged.
  11. We’ll team up wi Guernsey, Alderney and Sark tae boot their surrender monkey baws. 😁
  12. No, people are suggesting that if the correct amount of injury time has been played, we might have scored an equaliser. Of course we might’ve, and of course we might not. Can you point out the post that says if the correct amount of injury time had been played we WOULD have equalised. All folk are saying is that it’s really annoying when the rules are not properly applied, ESPECIALLY (of course) when you lose.
  13. And to be fair Lucy I don’t think a single person is disputing that. Doesn’t mean some valid points haven’t been raised.
  14. You are of course 100% correct, but that doesn’t mean MCS is wrong. They create these rules to avoid time wasting (6 second rule for goalies/30 seconds per sub) and then don’t apply them, whilst creating absolutely mental rules like being able to take the goal kick from either side which serves absolutely no purpose other than creating an opportunity to time waste. Like all things associated with the application of rules, I think all anyone wants is consistency.
  15. 🤣🤣 I might want to think about editing that post 🤣
  16. I very near pished my 12 year old pants when Archie scored that goal. Johnny Rep swiftly cured any potential incontinence.
  17. I’m sorry Oaky but that’s a load of stating the bleeding obvious shite. Of course “anything could happen”, but there are still levels of likelihood of things happening, based on one team being pretty consistently better than another. I’m not saying we can’t win. Of course we can. I just believe it’s highly unlikely and I believe I have a decent rationale for saying that. As for betting, no matter how convinced I am that we might lose, I would NEVER back against us. Treachery lies there.
  18. Can’t agree with that. The two games at their place they absolutely battered us and it was a miracle both were only one goal victories. Even the game at our place, they were the better team until they had a man sent off. I’m not at all confident about this game. Our form is woeful and I was very impressed with them against Rangers. For us to win this we’ll need the combination of us producing form we haven’t seen for a while and them having an off day.
  19. I don’t think the boy has had his head turned or issn’t trying. I just don’t think he’s that good. I think we’ve been guilty of bigging him up too much on the back of a couple of decent performances. I have zero qualms about him leaving.
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