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  1. In fairness though Elvis, at the start of the season you would predict we’ll go 38 games without a win 🤣🤣
  2. To be fair we play good football most weeks. But good football doesn’t win you points. Scoring goals and winning games gets you points. We’ve been pretty shit at both of those things this season.
  3. I’m still just about in looking up mode rather than looking down so I’d like wins for Livi and Dundee and draws in the other games. Oh….and a St. Mirren win 😀
  4. There’s no composure though mate. There were at least two chances where Gordon shouldn’t have been given a chance. Even McGrath who I really rate had all the time in the world to place his shot, but he just battered it pretty much straight at Gordon.
  5. Agreed. Absolutely shite the lot of them. I’d punt the lot of them in January.
  6. In fairness I thought it was pretty harsh. Especially for a second yellow in injury time.
  7. We can play all the nice fitba we want in the middle of the park, but we’ll win f**k all because we are absolutely f**king hopeless in the final third. Any other team would’ve had this game in the bag by now. Our players (perhaps McGrath aside) have zero composure.
  8. Exactly this. This is exactly what is likely to happen when you are completely incapable of taking your chances.
  9. Dunne is a bit of an enigma. He has the hallmarks of a decent, quite classy even player, but he isnae half prone to a brain fart or two.
  10. We’ve played pretty well, but as ever we don’t look anything like scoring. So impotent in the final third.
  11. Playing a lot better than last week. That’s faint praise mind you.
  12. The thought of pumping Wales out of the World Cup in Cardiff doesn’t get much better. The thought of getting pumped out of the World Cup by Wales in Cardiff doesn’t get much worse. 😃😫
  13. Agree it was obviously a penalty and I’d have taken it in a heartbeat, but I think we’d have stolen the 3 points under those circumstances.
  14. Sorry mate but don’t know what game you were watching. We DID NOT deserve to win that game. We luckily got ahead through one piece of magic in an otherwise even (and dreadful) game. Having got ahead though, we then just conceded possession to Livi and got exactly what we (and more importantly they) deserved. And by the way, Main is definitely the new Erwin. He is one seriously honkin excuse for a footballer.
  15. McGrath lights up what must’ve been a contender for worst game of the season.
  16. Apparently some countries are lobbying FIFA to get the rule changed on the basis that it’s f**king ludicrous. Fingers crossed that happens but when did FIFA or UEFA ever do the sensible thing!!
  17. FFS. Mrs coming up to Scotland that Saturday. I says book me a flight too and I’ll go to the St. Mirren game. Following Saturday the flight back is at 7am so can’t even go to the cup game. As Tedious Tom would say…..FFS! FFS indeed.
  18. Anyone know why there are no games scheduled on 15th January??
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