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  1. This was my first ever night game. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1976&GameID=197702070 Remember it vividly despite being 44 years ago. We played in red tops and black shorts for some reason despite being a home.
  2. That has potential but it’s not a million miles from the role JDH has been playing so would involve a change of role for him. After the last few games I’m all for a change.
  3. I agree with the general sentiment of your post, but disagree on one of the specifics. I agree that the combination of Erhahon and McPherson was a terrible selection. I also agree that it’s a bit baffling why Flynn (if completely fit) is not getting a run out. His previous form certainly justifies it as in my opinion, prior to his injury he was heading for being our player of the season. However, (and you are not alone in this) a few people over the last couple of weeks appear to have rearranged history on Sam Foley and forgotten that in a midfield role he was absolutely honking earlier in the season, ultimately causing him to get dropped. Why would he suddenly now be the saviour? I like Foley, but I like him as centre defensive cover and if Shaughnessy doesn’t buck his ideas up I’d be replacing him soon with Foley. However in my opinion, Foley’s midfield days are behind him.
  4. That’s a couple of folk now said that Tait was our best player yesterday. I’d agree Tait was definitely one of very few to come out with any credit, but I thought McCarthy was comfortably our best player, head and shoulders above the rest. Consistently solid in defence and was the only one for me to make any real probing passes when playing out of defence. After being really impressive last season I felt he made a bit of a shaky start to this season, but for the last 2 or 3 months I think he’s been fantastic. Was also unlucky yesterday when generating arguably our only genuine attempt at goal.
  5. A simple like is not sufficient for that post. Absolutely spot on.
  6. That is absolute cringe. Also there was nothing “agonising” about the defeat. We were gubbed from the start.
  7. Yes they probably would. What the f**k has that got to do with anything apart from a bit of casual virtue signalling?
  8. Correct Oaky. All about opinions. You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine. Only difference between the two is that mine is right and yours is wrong. 😘
  9. When are folk going to learn with this “we were better in the second half” pish. We weren’t. We were just as shite in the second half. Livingston did what other teams have done. Got ahead and second half just gave us the ball to play with, safe in the knowledge we are totally toothless. Creates the illusion of us being better, but we were still shite. We were absolutely hopeless from start to finish and I’m happy to lay a large slice (not all) of the blame at Goodwin’s door. As an aside, Martindale seems like a right good we c**t.
  10. Great challenge by McCarthy there and in fairness he’s been really good today. He’s been pretty much on his own though We’ve looked like a pretty poor side today. As someone said earlier, out with a whimper. Very very disappointing.
  11. Well that was absolutely shite. I’m going to run with the positive vibe that the second half can’t possibly be as bad...........can it?
  12. We need to try to settle down. Just try and keep the ball for a bit. So far this hasn’t looked like a team in form against a team out of form. It’s looked like 2 teams from different leagues. Early days yet but we desperately need to settle down.
  13. Can some clean the treacle off the soles of shaughnessy’s boots please?
  14. My mate has given me his Prem Sports login. Result. It’s real-time about 60 seconds ahead of my IPTV stream.
  15. I’m having a f**kin nightmare. My IPTV audio is way ahead of the pictures. About a f**kin minute.
  16. That’s what I reckon. Mason on the left of a 5 midfield.
  17. 🤣 I did this bet yesterday for the other semi. Missed out by one card and 2 corners. Was a decent wee bet though. Got a good run for my money.
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