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  1. 不不不不不不不不不 Rodri getting interviewed complaining about Scotland players play acting. 不不不不 Is he f**kin taking the piss??? Spain were throwing themselves all over the place. What a classless c**t!
  2. What a f**king awesome performance in every department. I thought half time came at a good time for us and I was fearing the worst a wee bit for the second half, but I cant actually believe how comfortable it was. The whole team was absolutely brilliant.
  3. FFS Man, I thought he'd signed a new deal when I saw this!
  4. You sussed a friendly boozer for the match mate?
  5. So we havent lost to Livi in our last 8 games against them, but 6 of them have been draws! Every chance of another at the weekend too.
  6. Dont know why but his video reminded me of this guy 不
  7. He definitely didnt. He played in the middle of a back 3. I couldnt swear they didnt change shape at some point in the game, but thats definitely where he started.
  8. My mate just asked me a question that Id no clue about. Before Gogic, who was the last St. Mirren player to play against Scotland??
  9. Hmmmm, I know thats a possibility and you could be right, but that opinion would suggest that hed never performed at Premiership level. I dont think thats the case. He definitely has if not consistently (then again who does in our squad?). I did understand the reasons for letting him go though and the move seems to be doing him some good. I wouldnt be writing him off at Premiership level just yet (I know you werent necessarily doing that). He may have something still to offer.
  10. f**k it. Ive decided to come up for this one. Need to be in London for work on the Thursday and Friday so instead of flying back on Friday evening Im just going to train it up to Glasgow Friday afternoon and flying back to Jersey from Glasgow on Sunday. Dont think Ive seen us fail to win at home to Livi so hopefully that trend continues.
  11. He didnt really mate. After he signed for Kansas he was called up for that trip to Peru and Mexico (which Morgan and my granny were also called up for). I think hes only been called up on one other occasion since then. He only got 14 caps in total and Im sure the vast majority were pre MLS.
  12. The only forward there that I wouldnt necessarily have had in is Jacob Brown. But I wouldnt have had Morgan in in his place. Id have brought in a young guy like Doak just to blood him in the squad. Immaterial now anyway as hes injured. Im not convinced Morgan is the answer. Yes, he seems to be performing reasonably well in the MLS, but if you watch the games, the standard can be comically bad. Ryan Gauld performs well in that league too and he doesnt seem to be anywhere near a call up either.
  13. None of them are in the squad? 仄儭 In fact Im pretty certain neither McBurnie nor Burke have been in squads for ages.
  14. Which blistering goal machines do you feel Clarke has omitted from the squad?
  15. I believe both matches are sold out.
  16. You Main Standers are a boring lot apparently. Have a word wi yersels. 不
  17. Im not saying Main didnt dive, but Ive yet to see any categoric evidence that he did.
  18. We had a first choice defender available on Saturday. We didnae pick him though.
  19. Hmmmm. I think starting Greive is a mistake. I would have started Watt and told him to knock his pan in for 60 minutes, then used Greive as an impact sub.
  20. He may or may not have been, but regardless of that, going by the offside rule at that time, Gallacher was also offside anyway.
  21. This weekends fixtures. Hoping for. Draw Draw Not arsed Not arsed Home win Home win
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