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  1. I sometimes wonder if I’m the right type of person to frequent a board like this. Whilst I’ll happily admit that I can absolutely be an opinionated khunt at times, I could NEVER be bothered to argue some completely irrelevant point over and over and over and over again with some faceless stranger on a football forum, for no other reason than simply to get the last word.
  2. You do know don’t you that Slash is only a wee fella don’t you. That said he’s wirey and I reckon would have a never say die attitude.
  3. Aw naw. Next thing we know, Balfy will come along to score the equaliser. And can I just state for the record, that when I suggested the appropriate penance for Slarti, I had absolutely no idea that the poor wee fella couldnae afford underpants. 😁
  4. Yes, I’m in the Slarti is being a pedantic arse here camp. That’s 3 against 1 Slarti so I think the rules are that you now need to apologise profusely to Top Cat, put a dunce’s cap on and stand in the corner for half an hour with your trousers round your ankles. 👍
  5. Adidas Beckenbauer Super only or would you accept Gola?
  6. Aye and maybe he could pull his socks up properly and make sure he wears fancier boots. If he can do all these things I’d give him a new deal. Honestly, with the absolute paucity of any genuine mercurial ability in our squad at the moment, how anyone would consider not giving this guy a contract is beyond me. He might not be the finished article but he’s more than good enough for us.
  7. Me = Happy Clapper GoW = Illiterate Chump. 👍
  8. Happy clappers = Folk who realise it’s unlikely we’re going to sign M’Bappe. 🤣 What a shambles of a thread. 🤣
  9. Yes but they play each other so +9 forAccies would also be -9 for Killie. Not that it matters.
  10. So if Motherwell lose, a draw will do us. If we win, they need to win. Fortunately county still need to be careful.
  11. How sweet would it be if wee Danny Mullen relegated Killie.
  12. It’s official. Lee Erwin has photos of Jim Goodwin gobbling a donkey. FACT!
  13. In the interests of fairness I should add that Obika is just as bad.
  14. I see after a brief dalliance with mediocrity on Sunday, Erwin is back to his turgid pish best tonight.
  15. I do like the look of wee Henderson. He has potential.
  16. Any chance we might see Dylan Reid tonight? Would be good to see what he’s made of.
  17. I thought we ended up agreeing permanent terms did we not? Maybe it was just getting agreement for him to come in January and I’m getting mixed up.
  18. I like the cut of your jib youngfellamelad. 👍
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