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  1. Sorry mate, I wasn’t talking about those being the costs across the board. I was more talking about where we have outliers like Livi. Whilst I understand the principle of wanting to say “f**k you” to clubs that are taking the piss, if it meant not being able to see the game, I’d struggle to stand by that principle. That’s all I meant 👍
  2. Without wanting to underplay the potential financial hardship some fans may face, I really struggle to comprehend the moans about having to pay £25 instead of say £22. If it’s a matter of principle rather than a financial matter, then I don’t think I could ever let that principle get in the way of me seeing my team. Especially if it is no fault of my team. You boys up the road have no idea how lucky you are to have the option to see our beloved team every week. For the last 35 years (outside of family) it is the thing I have missed most about living in Scotland.
  3. Fair play to you for having the commitment to type all of that. If I was sat across the table from you in a boozer, I’d have a go at picking a few holes in your argument here, but the honest truth is I cannae be bothered. 😁 It’s only opinion anyway.
  4. Yes and that’s what gets my goat. They’ve got money because they don’t bend over and take it up the arse when a team comes in for their better players.
  5. I realise it’s all just speculation at the moment and I had no real view on the signing of this guy as I know the square root of eff all about him……BUT……It boils my pish when we are “price out of a move”, by teams like Motherwell. Hibs I can just about accept, but f**king Motherwell 😡
  6. So if they get beat by Galatasaray, they will be in a play off to earn European fitba till Xmas rather than automatically getting it? That’s my reading.
  7. Got a completely off topic question, but doesn’t warrant its own thread so just thought I might as well ask it here. Remember towards the end of last season there was talk of UEFA trying to backtrack on the Scottish Cup winners being guaranteed European football until Christmas? Did that get sorted out in the end and do St. Johnstone still have that guaranteed income?
  8. That’s hilarious. Don’t know what’s more hilarious though……. Their absolute hatred for us. Them saying we want a rivalry with them when the obsession is the other way around. Their delusions of grandeur with all the big team/wee team patter. All that said, they do seem to be running scared. No wonder right enough. We’ve absolutely owned them in any meaningful game in the last 40 years 🤣
  9. Or to put it another way, it is only in black & white. 😉
  10. Main is (as we knew) a terrible finisher, but he earns his place with his work rate, nuisance value and assists. I think it’s time Dennis got a proper run of games to see what he can do. A proper chance like others have had. I’ve no idea if he’s capable of being the answer or not, but we’ll never know if he keeps just getting bit part appearances.
  11. We appear to have lost the edit function in this latest format. That should be fun.
  12. I honestly think if you’d seen the whole fame mate, you’d have a different perspective on those stats
  13. It’s got to be said. We are STILL f**king hopeless up front. Nothing has changed. 2 points dropped. No other way to look at this.
  14. Come on tae f**k Tanser. What was that. Bit of composure!!
  15. Henderson needs hooked. Free run and cross for Dundee there.
  16. After some bright showings, Henderson has been poor today. Guess he’s entitled to an off day.
  17. Typical St. Mirren performance really. Totally dominant and cruising in the first quarter. Then just fall out of it second quarter. Happens so often.
  18. Thank you all for providing responses that were considerably more polite than the one I was intending to make. Special kudos to Hendo who was the recipient of the utterly ridiculous accusation.
  19. Has anyone actually announced that the capacity will be the same for the Hearts game? I read the link posted by HSS as saying the club were surprised by no shows at the Thistle game so were canvassing supporters to establish the required number.
  20. This is incredible. You are incredulous. Here to help! 👍😁
  21. Aye, unless he stops banging on about it, in the (sort of) words of Thom Yorke, when I am king Scott-Leeds will be first against the wall. 😁. You’ve been warned S-L😘
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