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  1. 18 hours ago, oaksoft said:

    No, Jimmy was a different one.

    Nothing justifies threats of violence in response to words on a forum or in person but "chimp mode" is a problem which some humans have always had problems with. You can go back to the earliest days of man and you'll find examples of it.

    It's almost exclusively a male problem which makes me think it's testosterone and ego fuelled. I'll never understand it myself. To be fair, this site isn't really a problem. Pie and Bovril is a absolute swamp for it.

    It will be a real shame if the site goes after all these years but we'll just need to wait and see what Div decides.

    The principle reason I don’t issue threats of physical violence on here, is because if the intended recipient ever found out who I was in real life, they’d probably batter f**k out of me. I couldnae fight sleep.

    That said, despite not being a fighter, I am obviously a fantastic lover! 

  2. 4 hours ago, oaksoft said:

    That would have had more of an impact if you hadn't threatened to punch me on the forum a few years back. 🤣

    Just like poz and Drew, who pissed all over this forum, chucking abuse at others before buggering off and slagging it off on PieandBovril exactly as you are doing here (before getting bored on there too), you won't be missed

    Aren’t you thinking of Jimmy H Oaky? Or do you get threatened with punches on a regular basis. We’re going to need to start thinking about what/who the common denominator is here. 🤣


  3. On 5/29/2020 at 8:15 AM, windae cleaner said:

    Every game wee Frank got it

    A mind the cup game in 86 where they booted f**k out of money and Neil Cooper went in goals.

    We were surrounded by the Maroon Balloons who giving it tight to McGarvey

    At the end of the game a few started to appauld the man

    With shouts "No wonder you're knackered McGarvey you're carrying a whole team"

    Great wee player never gave up

    That was my last St. Mirren game before moving to Jersey. Sunday 9th March 1986. Left for Jersey the following Saturday. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Bud the Baker said:

    I actually have no problem with Hertz fans holding a grudge from 1986 (even some who might not have been born then) it's Newco fans who bring it up when it had nothing to do with them. When Newco fans do bring this up I point out that twice during their 9IAR run in the 90s they fielded weakened teams immediately after clinching the title and lost affecting who got relegated.


    Back on topic

    87 SC S/F, 88 winning at Tynecastle on the penultimate day of the season IIRC to avoid relegation, 2013 LC final & March 11 2020 henceforward to be known as ObikaDay - I love Hertz but get thum doon

    I take a different view. It very much annoys me when they have a go about 86. Scapegoating us to cover up the fact that they couldnae take care of their own business and completely shat their pants.

    I usually respond by saying “You are right. We did cost you the title in 86, but we didn’t do it by losing to Celtic. We did it by scudding you 6-2 earlier in the season. 

  5. 51 minutes ago, Prague Buddie said:

    I stand by that point. He played in CZ until he was 28 and did next to zero. He was bang average. 

    I stand by my initial post too. 

    He was VERY AVERAGE in CZ. (That is why we were able to sign him).  He played enough games to make an impact, but ultimately wasn't good enough to hold down a place in the Liberec team. In his last year there he had his chances. I think at one point he was given around 9 or 10 games on the bounce, but ultimately lost his place and was moved on to us.  I knew of him myself because I got to a game almost every week over here. I follow the CZ game closely, but my wife's family are all Liberec fans who attend week in week out and they told me that he wasn't a bad keeper, just absolutely average and definitely not the best keeper at the club at any point over his 4 years there. 

    Based on all of this, when he moved to us, I wasn't very excited. 

    He moved onto us and has somehow managed to seriously improve his performances. To the point, he has been superb. But a year and a bit isn't long enough to be classed as one of our best ever keepers. If he did it over 3, 4 or 5 years then I would say yes. 

    I am sorry, but only stepping up to the plate for a year and a half of your career when you are almost 30 isn't good enough. 

    If I hadn't been living over here in CZ and like everyone else had only known him the past year and a half, I would be raving about him too. 

    In my opinion, to be regard as one of a club's greatest players you need to tick a number of boxes. Longevity, great performances, win trophies. Hladky only ticks one of those boxes, so there are a few keepers ahead of him in my greatest Saints goalkeeper list. 

    Absolutely not going to get into a Bazil style tit for tat on this but I think you’re avoiding some of the nonsense you posted earlier. I’ll just pick the most obvious one. You suggested that peoples’ high opinion of him was based on a penalty shoot out. By any stretch of the imagination that is utter bollocks and it does you a disservice if you can’t admit that.

    That’s all I’m saying on the matter. Each to their own opinion. 

  6. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    Fatalities and cases at a level not seen since the very early days of this situation..

    The doors wide open for starting to open up more areas, drip feeding the return to closer to a level before this epidemic.

    Noticed the Channel Islands have successfully overcome this virus, and are now opening up public businesses. 

    Maybe @TPAFKA Jersey 2 can provide a real insight? 


    Yes. I think we’ve had literally a couple of new cases in the last couple of weeks and only about 6 live cases in the hospital. 20 odd deaths in total all bar one of which have been very elderly.

    We came out of lockdown a couple of weeks ago. We are allowed out for as long as we like. Shops are open again as are restaurants and pubs, albeit only al fresco areas and with social distancing. I went out for a meal on Friday night for my birthday with my wife and daughter. Felt a bit weird, but enjoyable nonetheless. 
    Since the relaxation there has been no more than a couple of new cases. Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

    Guernsey is poised to reopen its borders again and I don’t think we’ll be far behind them. 

  7. I’m going to break ranks with the usual Bazil bashers here and say that on this occasion he was bang on to keep at this one.

    Prague Buddie made a complete arse of it with his initial post. A really really dumb post in my opinion for all the reasons Baz pointed out. 
    He then started doing some half arsed back peddling as a smoke screen to his initial nonsense. If he had just come out straight away and said he’d made an arse of it, there would have been a lot less posts on this thread. We all know Baz won’t let something go until someone categorically admits they were wrong. He’s not always right but on this occasion he was. 
    An utterly ridiculous notion to suggest that Hladky is only a decent keeper because he was once a bit rubbish in a handful of games in the Czech Rep. 

    Prague Buddie is a good poster on here, but this time he made an arse of it. Pure and simple. 

  8. On 5/10/2020 at 11:24 AM, antrin said:

    Not to me.

    im bald.  :)

    This lockdown must be a nightmare for you Antrin.

    How you must miss going to Spain in a chocolate aeroplane. 😃

    I can only hope that my susceptibility to Covid will be based on the mental age of my humour and not by my years on the planet. 

  9. 10 hours ago, antrin said:

    Only idiots could conceive of the Scottish leagues being completed.  After June 10(?) , players will be off.  Saints, I believe, have only 11 bodies available.

    playing it out would be farcical and unfair - that league is practically, financially, logistically, healthily... OVER.

    If Scotland was more mental than I believe it to be, it could try...

    ....like the Germans did.  :lol:



    Worth reading that link just to have a juvenile giggle at the Dresden Sporting Director’s name.

    Ryan Gosling Reaction GIF

  10. 4 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    Well I haven’t worked it out (coz I can’t be arsed), but I’d have thought if they’d played a game less and were only a point behind, their points per game would be better. Forgive me if I’m mistaken. 

    Just checked and they’d still have gone down by 0.002 of a goal.

    So I was talking shite. No’ like me!

  11. Just now, lenziebud said:

    Why does that change anything ?

    The principle is totally wrong full stop.

    As it stands its impossible to get this solved, there might be legal challenges on financial loss but otherwise its done. 

    Wonder what the view would have been on here if we hadn't beaten Hearts

    Well I haven’t worked it out (coz I can’t be arsed), but I’d have thought if they’d played a game less and were only a point behind, their points per game would be better. Forgive me if I’m mistaken. 

  12. 50 minutes ago, FTOF said:

    For any country, no matter how many deaths occurred within their borders, to start playing football again is crazy.

    Given that there are figures arising from countries around the world that up to 50% of covid positive individuals could be asymptomatic, all it takes is one hotel worker to pass on the virus to the football players staying a hotel. Given the entourage that will be involved in setting up one game of football, IMO it's completely irresponsible.

    Even worse in the UK, where hundreds of people are still dying per day, and they're considering rushing into playing games in the English Premiership in order to finish the season. IMO that shows a complete lack of respect to the people that have died or are still dying. All in pursuit of filthy lucre.

    Here's an example of such a case of asymptomatic covid in another "sport". If this isn't a warning shot, then I don't know what is.



    I hear you bud, but I think sooner or later we’re going to get to a point where every country has to say “f**k it. We need to crack on. If folk get it and die, folk get it and die.” Otherwise countries are just going to die on their arses. Harsh as hell but surely that point has to come at some point?

  13. 1 hour ago, windae cleaner said:

    Until Sellic get a grip of the Green Brigade they still get equal billing

    Nah. Tolerating the Green Brigade is clearly unacceptable, but for me Rangers actively PROMOTE bigotry.  Historically and presently. 
    That’s why they don’t get equal billing for me. 

  14. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    I understand more testing is being done but that doesn't fully explain the number of positive cases, it could just as easily tell us the numbers are falling.

    Again, WHY are the cases physically rising? 

    WHY, despite the lockdown, is the virus still spreading? 

    Other countries have increased their testing and the numbers have gone down.

    I'm very aware of the apples and oranges but there are some generic actions that can be observed and compared.

    The "data" from worldometer is what I've tried to use since the start to try to keep some  relative consistency. 

    I agree the numbers from care homes were not noted for too long.

    The UK isn't the only country who have had issues with gathering the numbers in care homes. 


    Might that argument be solved by figures being quoted as percentage positive of those tested?

    I’d say increased testing is highly unlikely to give lower numbers of cases, but we may find that those percentage numbers have dropped. 

  15. Whilst me nor any other self respecting St. Mirren fan would ever come close to “backing” either side of the OF, I also don’t subscribe to this apparent requirement to “hate them both with equal passion”.

    I would refer posters to my recent offering on the “Poor Rangers” thread to find my view on this. 

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