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  1. Come on Hibs. Just one wee equaliser, that’s all we need.
  2. Hibs all over Saintees since I switched over. Just missed a great chance there.
  3. I’m going to give our game about 20 minutes, then switch over to cheer on the Hibees.
  4. I think they should all head down to Parkhead in a couple of weeks for when they clinch the title. I’ll be in my helicopter with my popcorn and shiteballoons
  5. Why? Because we’re no playing next week?
  6. Out of curiosity, what do you think Jak Alnwick was claiming for at the first goal? Do you think he was complaining that Kent kicked the ball too hard for him?
  7. Well, the best that can be said about that is it could’ve been a lot worse.
  8. What the f**k is it about Ibrox? As much as our record at Parkhead was terrible too, at least we put in a few decent performances there. At Ibrox we are consistently rancid.
  9. JDH having a stinker too. Passing has been shocking. Even the simple stuff.
  10. FFS BtB. I thought you meant Hibs had equalised 😡
  11. We won’t be going to Ibrox if we get top 6. Just sayin...
  12. On reflection I don’t think this game is going to give us the first clue what Quaner is made of.
  13. A serious humping could really damage us today. EXACTLY what we didn’t need.
  14. It’s going to be a very long day if we keep giving them so much time, space and possession.
  15. We are standing off them far to much here. Need to get right in their faces.
  16. Perhaps stating the obvious, but another thing we definitely need to do today is keep 11 men on the park.
  17. Aw naw. We’re wearing the stripes. 😳
  18. I’m on SMTV until I hear which commentator it is. It takes a helluva lot for me to tune into Clive Tyldesley.
  19. Right. Let’s see what Quaner is made of.
  20. Swap Erhahon for Flynn and that team looks perfect. Still, looks no bad as it is.
  21. Does this mean I’m pure dead popular, or does it just mean there’s lots of other people on here as stupid as me?
  22. Aye, especially as I told him he would’ve got pumped.
  23. I entered the Jersey Open back in the early 90s when it was still a tour event. I beat a guy from Southampton in the first round. I played a guy from Manchester in the second round and if I’d beaten him I was playing Eric Bristow in the following round. Unfortunately I lost 2-1. I saw Eric at the bar later and said to him “Haw Eric, you’re lucky I didnae get through that second round or you would’ve got pumped”. He replied “f**k off. You Welsh are all the same. All talk”. I’ve never been so insulted in all my life.
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