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  1. I've got Sports Mania mate. Where did you find DeeTV?
  2. What? Aye there is a thread or aye I'm the only person who's seen it. If the former, where's the thread?
  3. The West Brom match in 1977 is the best friendly football match I've ever seen......like ever!
  4. Or am I the only person who's seen it.... http://m.heraldscotland.com/sport/14566317.Exclusive__Qatari_consortium_make_bid_for_St_Mirren/
  5. Aw c'mon. Is it no' about time somebody gave StuD a wee bite for his OP? Poor bugger has probably looked at this thread a hundred times now waiting to have a wank and been disappointed every time. Cut the guy some slack FFS.
  6. The attached link is quite simply, the worst I've ever felt after a Saints game. The only game I ever took my girlfriend of the time to and what a big mistake. I was obviously in a foul mood leaving the stadium and she uttered the immortal words "AW FFS it's only a game!" to which there really is only one response. "Fukoff you stupid cow. You're dumped" (obvs I went crawling back the next day and thankfully for me she understood my pain and forgave me). Horrible night though. I might get into trouble here for even mentioning it, but here you go..... http://stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1985&GameID=2145
  7. Remember that game so well. Was right up there in terms of being most gutted at a Saints game. I was convinced as a naïve 13 year old that we were going to win the Cup that year. Will watch these highlights tonight. Like someone else said, I never knew they existed. Re crowds, I've always been surprised at the quoted numbers for crowds back in those days. I always thought our stadium capacity was.... Pre - redevelopment of the East terracing (i.e. when it was still the old bowl) - 53,000 Post redevelopment (i.e. as per this Celtic game) - 35,000 If you take games like the 1977 DUFC Cup game, or the 3-3 game with Rangers at the start of the 77-78 season, I distinctly remember the ground being absolutely rammed. Both those games were pre-redevelopment, yet the quoted crowds were (I think) 20,000 and 27,000 respectively. How is that possible? Equally if this Celtic game was 27000 and the capacity was 35,000, there is not a chance you could have squeezed another 8000 folk in there. I was only about 10/11 for the first 2 games I mentioned and probably 13 for the Celtic game, so maybe I've just got some romantic memory of it that wasn't a reality.
  8. This is the one that sticks in my mind the most. Think it was also my first Renfrewshire Cup Final. Brilliant game. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1976&GameID=1632
  9. Just shows you. I would've staked my life on the fact that the Southampton game was 2-0. No recollection of Bobby Torrance's penalty at all.
  10. Yes that's what I mean. I was there. Was a brilliant match. I'd just like to see a match report so I could remind myself of the line ups that day, scorers and how the scoring went etc. I was only 11 at the time, so memory is a bit sketchy but I just remember it was a fantastic game. The 3rd/4th place play off game the following day against Southampton was murder tho'.
  11. Anyone know if there is a match report online anywhere for this game? Can't seem to find one. Remains one of the best games of football I ever saw in my puff. Certainly the best "friendly".
  12. I've already had one smartarse at work ask if it's being named after our average attendance!
  13. Have the "Murray! Murray! Get tae f*ck!" chants started in the stadium yet, or is everyone too apathetic?
  14. Can I just ask a question as to why some people on here appear to be excited by the prospect of Jamie Langfield signing for us?
  15. For anyone staying over I'd recommend getting down to Gellions on Bridge Street to watch Schiehallion. Absolutely brilliant band.
  16. I was only using FTOF's gauge of experience. Number of games played appeared to be good enough to justify Ozturk's experience, so I assumed he would consider it a reasonable measure that Wilson last season and Kelly this season were of equal experience. For what it's worth I agree with you. The bottom line is however that neither Wilson nor Kelly can be considered experienced pros and the fact that Wilson is slightly more experienced is neither here nor there. I don't think Wilson is any better a player now (with the benefit of his "experience") than he was when he was turning in excellent performances for Rangers that got him noticed by Liverpool. Anyway, my sole point remains that you don't need to be experienced to be good enough. And I reiterate that I'm in no way saying Kelly or Baird are good enough, just that their experience is irrelevant.
  17. Sorry, also meant to add that Danny Wilson has made less top flight appearances than Sean Kelly and at the start of last season he was no more experienced than Kelly is now.
  18. So a total of 31 appearances for a combination of Dutch also rans and the Turkish Dumbarton makes Ozturk an experienced player, but Sean Kelly with 64 SPL appearances under his belt is inexperienced? Righto. Anyway mate, we're like bald men fighting over a comb here. My original post was purely to bemoan the use of the tired "too inexperienced" Scottish mentality, not to justify the suitability of a Baird/Kelly central defensive combo.
  19. Eh? Ozturk is 22 and played a few games in the Eredevisie and some in the Turkish equivalent of the Championship? And the very fact that you're referring to Wilson as an experienced player (which in this context its fair to say he is), tells you how inexperienced Hearts were in general.
  20. I'm not saying they didn't. But they also had a shedload of inexperienced ones who performed admirably.
  21. Only in Scotland could folk still be saying stuff like this after seeing what Hearts did last season.
  22. I've always been a fan of "In the name of the wee man!!". I'd like to see this make a comeback. Who was the wee man incidentally? Was it an actual wee man, or just a hypothetical wee man?
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