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  1. I'm not saying they didn't. But they also had a shedload of inexperienced ones who performed admirably.
  2. Only in Scotland could folk still be saying stuff like this after seeing what Hearts did last season.
  3. I've always been a fan of "In the name of the wee man!!". I'd like to see this make a comeback. Who was the wee man incidentally? Was it an actual wee man, or just a hypothetical wee man?
  4. Think you're only really making half a point here Rick. You're going to have to point out to me which parts of Paisley are like Mayfair or Covent Garden. Perhaps Causeyside Street is our very own Champs Elysees. Are we to imagine the Hammills as the Paisley equivalent of the breakers rolling in on Copacabana or Ipanema beach. And now that the Fountain Gardens have been done up, erstwhile lovers of the Trevi are flocking to Caledonia Street as we speak?
  5. The first "have" is redundant. Just thought I'd pedantically point out the error in your pedantry.
  6. Anyone actually know what the script was with Sadlier not even being in the squad. Injured?
  7. Harper was born in Spain to two Scottish parents. He is not Spanish. He is fiercely proud of being Scottish and he speaks in as Scottish an accent as you or I.
  8. The simple answer tae that HSS is naw. Not without it costing us an arm and a leg anyway.
  9. Worse than that Jimmy, it means oor favourite Friday night West End haunts might be riddled wi Paisley ne'er do wells bringin' the tone doon!!
  10. There's always one. Everyone else was doin such a brilliant job of ignorin that penis.
  11. Naw the GB was just rolling posts. This was a wee chat room thing mind.
  12. Mind the old live chat thing. Did that pre date the old GB or was that at the same time?
  13. Oi Slash. I resemble that remark!! Get ontae the club wi yer sob story Jimmy. Ye know ah like a freebie!!
  14. Lets not kid ourselves the guy is a f'kin liability and has let us down once again.
  15. Take it you live in Ardrishaig Saintargyll? I've got a hoose in Kilmichael. Absolutely love the area. Some stunning spots. One of my favourite wee spots is Tayvallich.
  16. Agreed Drew. Bla Bheinn is a cracking hill. We climbed it last year. We too were lucky enough to get it on a great day. Some good scrambling on it too.
  17. Haven't done the Cuillin Ridge before, but my mate and I climbed Sgurr Alistair last year, so got a good feel for what it was like. Doing Liathach, Beinn Alligin and An Teallach for the first time in June. Cannae wait.
  18. I'm going to give a shout for Kylesku in the North West. A magic wee place and a superb gateway for climbing brilliant hills such as Quinag, Suilven, Cul Mor, Foinaven, Arkle and many more.
  19. I'll admit I was being a wee bit tongue in cheek. You are of course right. It's down to the individual. I just found 5 days was the right blend for me of going at a pace I was comfortable with, whilst still being able to appreciate everything around me. I am nails though!!
  20. Ha Ha. No not having it. I met many an old git doing it in 5 days. I'm not exactly young either. Change "Old Git" to "over 75" and I'll give you it.
  21. This is the way to do it. Potential to swap Inveroran for Bridge of Orchy. Not much in it. Anyone who does the WHW in more than 5 days is one of the following:- 1) A lazy bassturt 2) A girl 3) the blouse belonging to a big girl I've done it 3 times over 5 days and the only mistake I've made was the first time, when me and my mate slightly underestimated walking 27 miles from Milngavie to Rowardennan in the pishing rain. Don't think I've ever been quite so knackered in my puff as I was that night. We were rewarded though with the following 4 days being absolutely glorious sunshine. As others have said, as long as you are even half fit, wear the proper footwear and look after your feet, then it's a walk in the park (albeit a very beautiful park). The only section that can be tough (more mentally than physically) is the section between Inversnaid and Inverarnan. It's only about 6 or 7 miles, but because it is really slow going, it seems to last forever and can be a bit soul destroying. Highly recommended. In fact think I might do it again soon.
  22. Murray Street's gone a bit quiet after that dressing down. For what it's worth, I agree wholeheartedly with FS on this. Around the time of France 98, I got to a position where I had the means to follow Scotland (something I'd always wanted to do but could never afford). I went to the World Cup and then a couple of the qualifiers for Euro 2000 and was astonished by the quality of the Scotland support and humbled by the reception we received from locals. Between 2000 and 2011 I went to every competitive Scotland away game and as many friendlies as my wallet/Missus would allow. As you can imagine that period covered:- The turgid late Broon era The disastrous Berti era The steady the ship Smith era The hod on a minute are we good again McLeish era The don't be daft naw we urnae Burley era; and The get yersel tae phuk ya arrogant specky twat Levein era So whilst this period of time never captured the magic of the 70s/80s, by recent standards it covered a pretty mixed bag in terms of team performance. The notion that I went just for the party is utter nonsense and in my opinion 95% of the Tartan Army would agree with that. I didn't really understand Murray Street's point in relation to that. If we only followed a successful team, St. Mirren Park would be empty every week. As for behaviour of the TA, lets use me as an example. On my many trips I have been.... Sober Drunk and behaving well Drunk and behaving like a bit of a tit I'd like to think that for the majority of the time I was firmly ensconsed in category 2. Again in my experience, so have 95% of the TA. Being drunk does not = being a fanny. Being a fanny = being a fanny. From time to time you will witness these fannies on TA trips and it's fair to say, the bigger the crowd, the more fannies there's likely to be. In exactly the same way, if our beloved buddies ever qualify for Europe again, are people (Murray Street) seriously trying to suggest that there won't be any fannies present in our away support. Jimmy H will be there for sure. I gave up in 2011 through mental health issues. I basically didn't think it was mentally healthy that I wanted to murder Craig Levein after THAT game in Prague. If truth be told i think I was getting a wee bit old for it too. But I still watch every Scotland game on telly, i still desperately want them to win and in the context of this thread, I'm still immensely proud of 95% of what I experienced on away trips. The other 5% is not to be discussed. PS - Contrary to popular belief "Jimmy Hats" are very rarely seen on away trips. Glengarrys wi big stupit feathers aye, but Jimmy Hats seems to predominantly be the preserve of the home crowd.
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