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  1. Even a draw is a great result for Rovers as it takes them two points clear of us and nullifies our superior goal difference if we had gained the one point that we were behind them.
  2. I know some folk regarded Love Street as dilapidated but I cannae believe that fella is having to hold the roof up!
  3. Hod the bus!!! I was just about tae get aw angry there (mo like me) at you saying you joined ages afore me. How come the stats say you joined this board 2 years afore me, when we both pre-date this board back tae the old Saints Online Guestbook. I demand a Stewards Enquiry. I've been on this board since it was created. No that ah'm annoyed or anything.
  4. Incidentally, this was as close as I'm prepared to get to admitting defeat!
  5. If I wasn't so damned angry all the time, that would've made me laugh.
  6. Sorry, how does the rest of that post equate to me wanting you to have a breakdown? You count posts do you?
  7. Fair enough but I'm certainly not going to apologise for being annoyed at this development. As you rightly say, if it doesn't bother you, that's your prerogative.
  8. Where to start. Firstly, all I said on this thread was to ask you if you were happy about it. That's it. How does that equate to wanting you or anyone else to have a breakdown? Secondly, the only time I can ever remember aiming a negative post at you was on one thread yesterday where you dared to say the subject matter was boring. I couldn't help but see the irony in that given the number of posts you make that could easily fit that category. Thirdly, I'm perfectly calm.
  9. DJ, maybe you and Faraway Saint could draw up a list of things that we're allowed to be disgruntled about so we don't incur your ire in future.
  10. Erm. No it isn't. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=troll
  11. So you're happy with our rivals being given an incredible advantage? I don't use this board often enough to know if you're a troll or an idiot, so for now I'll bite. Maybe some kindly regular who doesn't constantly post $h1te can put me right on that one.
  12. i have a horrible feeling though that in the true law of statistics/probability, Slartibartfast is probably (no pun intended) correct. I further suspect that he knows exactly what we are trying to say, agrees with the spirit of what we are trying to say, but is intent on being a pedantic smartypants . If he is indeed correct, then I refer you to an earlier post of mine and would contend that the law of statistics/probability gobbles donkeys!
  13. You asked me to explain who the team was that have zero chance of beating us. I said the team who loses the other semi final. How is that fact affected by our inability to win our semi?
  14. The team that loses to the other team we don't play in the "semi". They are the team that has zero chance of beating us.
  15. Slartibartfast could end all this by just admitting that he is wrong
  16. Don't bring him into it or we'll be here even longer!
  17. How can there be three chances we could lose when we can only play two ties. There are 3 teams we could lose to, but not 3 chances we could lose.
  18. Oh aye, as opposed to your fascinating tit for tat snorefests with faraway saint.
  19. So to be clear you are saying that the odds of winning a 4 team competion when you have to play 3 games are the same as winning a 4 team competition when you only have to play 2 games?
  20. Anyway, if it can somehow be proven indisputably that Slartibartfast is correct, then it will be my contention that the laws of probability are wrong and me/oaksoft are correct.
  21. And my post explained why it isn't. Unless of course Slartibartfast is the God of Numbers and I wasn't aware?
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