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  1. Some of them aye……..but no mine. Mine are class.
  2. Just checked back. Prior to Robinson taking over we had lost one game in 11 which was away to Rangers. That included a draw against Celtic and wins over Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee Utd and St. Johnstone. Yet Robinson’s version of that was that we were only playing the like of Ayr and Kelty. c**t! Yet under him we’ve been gubbed off everyone bar a very late winner against the bottom team. The guy has such a brass neck it’s unbelievable.
  3. Ffs mate, I’ll give you the Celtic game but are we writing off our chances now against teams like Hearts, Dundee Utd (who we beat at Tannadice a few weeks before) and an “in form” Ross County. I’ll think you’re wide of the mark mate, if you think he didn’t deliberately play down our good spell in order to take the focus off himself. Totally inexcusable in my opinion. If I was one of the players I’d be thinking, who the f**k do you think you are you snide little shit. I’ve been really put off him by this episode. Don’t like him at all and going by their performances under him, neither do the players.
  4. What really irritated me was the way he harked back to our bad run under Goodwin and then glossed over the more recent really good run JUST BEFORE HE JOINED. What a horrible Teflon wee snake.
  5. Oh my lord. What a horrible little snake c**t. He can get to f**k as far as I’m concerned after hearing this…
  6. Slightly worrying that even big Joe, who in my opinion has been our one constantly solid player this season, was utter keech today. That’s the kind of thing that gives me concerns that this is about the manager. Time will tell.
  7. You can hardly say he hasn’t had a chance mate.
  8. Ha ha. Ffs BinEK, please tell me you’re not trying to liken Ethan Erhahon to Billy Stark………….or Kenny McLean for that matter??
  9. Unless he played like Messi in the first 25 minutes that I didn’t see, then I can’t even begin to agree with that mate. I thought he was absolutely honking. Consistently gave the ball away and then didn’t look arsed about trying to win it back.
  10. It’s certainly very strange the unbelievable turn around under Robinson. I’m not saying we were world beaters under Goodwin, but we were pretty solid and winning a few games. It’s completely fallen to pieces. As for today, we totally shat it. All the other results went just about as well as we could’ve expected. Unfortunately we didn’t even come close to doing our bit. I didn’t think the play off was even remotely possible for us, but a combination of only a 6 point gap and this abject form has got me a wee bit worried now. Thank f**k St. Johnstone are away to Celtic next week.
  11. My both teams to score bet today. Useless Cardiff cunts.
  12. Need Gogic on for Erhahon and Greive on for Henderson
  13. That was the main surprise in the starting line up for me. If Robinson was desperate to play Erhahon, I’d rather it had been for Power.
  14. You’re obviously ahead of me so shut up. 🤣
  15. Quite strange for me catching up on this very negative thread. I came home after 25 mins and it’s been all saints since. 🤣
  16. We don’t want Hibs to win. If Hibs and Livvy both win and we don’t, we’re f**ked for top 6. If anyone is going to win that game I’d rather it was Utd. Preferably a draw. Even if we won today it would mean we’d probably need to beat Rangers.
  17. Can’t disagree with any of that. Only thing I’d say is momentum is a big thing too. As is consistency. I’ve no issue with making changes. In fact at half time I was calling for him to replace Ferguson and Armstrong both of whom it just wasn’t happening for tonight. If he felt Patterson had done enough I’d have put Hickey on at RWB where he plays reasonably regularly for Bologna. I just don’t see the point of giving O’Donnell any game time. I’m not an O’Donnell knocker, I just don’t think he’s the future and he’s not even the present unless we are very desperate. It’s really my only criticism of Clarke, the fact that he makes a fair few baffling subs. I just think sometimes he tries a wee bit too hard to keeps the clubs happy.
  18. I’d take it a step further and say it should be any part of your body that you can legally score with but yes, definitely not an arm. Makes no sense at all.
  19. A perfect example of why we have a bit of a downer on friendlies. in a competitive match there is no way he swaps Patterson and Robertson with O’Donnell and Hickey. That was the moment we lost our attacking threat. EVERYBODY knows Scotland are always at their best when they are taking the game to the opposition. I’m sure Clarke won’t be too bothered but we as fans find it very frustrating. Well I do anyway. All that said no one could deny that Austria deserved at least a point, but throwing away a 2 goal lead in any game should always be treated as very disappointing.
  20. Historically he definitely was much maligned but I think he is much less much maligned 😄 (if ye know what I mean). I think folk are coming round to the idea that he’s turned into a pretty good defender. He also has fantastic pace.
  21. Hopefully he’ll get a chance in their game against Lithuania.
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