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  1. That was a funny read. The Thommo seethe is brilliant. My personal favourite was when some nugget sad “what has Thompson ever won?” And one of his chums came back saying “the League Cup.....against us” 🤣 Hilarious.
  2. So on that basis Ricky, probs best not to slag off other posters’ grammar then aye? It’s rule number one in the “How not to make an arse of yourself on a football forum” rule book. 1. Maketh sure thou don’t f**keth up thine own grammar when pokething fun at a fellow poster’s grammar.
  3. Yes, entirely predictable. My point has been made and I’ll be leaving it at that.
  4. Yes but crucially you didn’t use any of them as an example. You used the 1980s Dundee Utd side. Hence why I said it was a ridiculous comparison. I would’ve thought that was pretty obvious and the comparison remains ridiculously stupid.
  5. There is only one thing I hate more than sitting down at football matches and that is selfish bassturts standing up in front of me when I’m having to sit down. Coming up a close second is unfeasibly tall Khunts sitting in front of me. 😆
  6. What a ridiculous comparison 😃 That Utd side were a well established unit, forged over the previous years, crammed full of top quality players on long contracts who couldn’t just be poached by bigger teams as soon as they strung half a dozen decent games together. In the Bosman era any even remotely decent player gets hoovered in no time and it is almost impossible for a team like St. Mirren to establish a settled team over a number of seasons. I know that you are the main man for throwing shit at St. Mirren, but I genuinely credited you with more sense than to offer such a stupid comparison as that.
  7. Sevco. That would be the logical choice given that Chelsea fans have been causing trouble at Sevco games for years!
  8. We did all of those things except beat Rangers. We also beat Motherwell in the cup. So you’re wrong that we are not as good as or better than the teams around us. We have proven regularly that head to head we are. But like a few have said, all of these teams seems to have the capability on an occasional basis to get a result against the OF. That has to be purely down to attitude in those particular games. We clearly buckle under every single time and that fault has to lie equally with both the players and the management team.
  9. Goodwin will definitely set up not to lose on Wednesday. There is nothing surer. How long do we think he’ll get before the fans turn on him? And I don’t just mean the drookit drawers brigade in here.
  10. If the match stats are to be believed, we’ve only committed one foul in the whole match. Speaks volumes!
  11. Over 2 goals, over 3 cards and over 10 corners. 7/2. I’ve just taken that.
  12. I predict we won’t get pumped. 2-0 Celtic. So get yer cash on us getting pumped.
  13. Perhaps you could tell us what he is then?? Apart from utter shite.
  14. He put plenty of shite balls into the box tonight, some barely made it in. He did also put a couple of decent crosses in too. I don’t know if “plenty” is a fair description, but no one is suggesting he’s going to get it right all the time. He’s not Pirlo. The point I was trying to make about our set piece deliveries is that generally good (which Wallace’s were tonight) is better than consistently shite (which everyone else’s were on Saturday).
  15. I’m not a big fan of Hodson at all, but credit where credit’s due, he saved us at the back post a couple of times tonight.
  16. I agree. Thought Wallace had a good game. Most significantly our set piece deliveries which were utterly dreadful against Aberdeen, were considerably better tonight when he was taking them. Sent n some great corners and free kicks.
  17. Got to agree with that. Sticking with Andreu and Morias when they do the square root of f**k all every week is totally baffling. What is he seeing that we’re not seeing. Are the other really that shite that they are the best options?
  18. That was f**kin honkin. If we can’t win a game we’ve dominated as much as that, then we’ve got real problems. Really frustrating to watch.
  19. What the actual f**k does Goodwin see in Morias?? Seriously. How shite must Chabbi be?
  20. Good to see our centre backs throwing their weight about.
  21. Can somebody tell this muppet commentator that Hladky’s name isnae Vladimir!
  22. What a lot of shite this wee leprechaun is talking on Murn TV. Who the hell is he?
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