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  1. In games against the old firm teams you desperately need the ball to stick up front, to release the pressure on the defence/midfield. Ayunga and Main did this superbly against Celtic and this was at least in part, the reason for our success. One of them will definitely not be playing and the other possibly not. That’s my main concern. We will also miss Strain’s energy down the right hand side. Stating the obvious I guess, but I’d be more confident if we had our full squad to pick from. The point being I ordinarily wouldn’t have ANY confidence going into a match at Ibrox, even with our full squad.
  2. Ah right. Clubs not involved in European games only. 👍
  3. How come there are two random Premiership games midweek?
  4. Big weekend next weekend. All the teams who can overtake us (Hibs, Aberdeen, Livi and Hearts all have very winnable games while we’re away to Rangers. To make matters worse we’ll be without Ayunga and possibly Strain, Main and Brophy. Big challenge for us. Bring it on though.
  5. If we were being really really really greedy, that performance and result against St. Johnstone is becoming ever more annoying.
  6. Wouldnae matter if I was in Timbuktu, if the Buds are playing, I’ll be watching. Plus it was a 10am kick off here so handy timing.
  7. Dreadful game. One really good chance each and that’s been it. Seems like the ball has been out of play more than it’s been in play.
  8. What a day. On holiday in Bermuda. Played a nice round of golf this morning. Drove down to Horseshoe Bay for a dip in the turquoise ocean. Headed back and lay by the pool at the hotel. The day took a turn for the worse when I gave myself brain freeze by slurping too quickly on my first pina colada. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad and I learned my lesson with the second one. Then retired to the hotel bar to watch the game with a few Heinekens. Magnificent performance by the semi ressies. Truly awesome. I’m now wolfing down a very large helping of humble pie regarding my pre match thoughts about Porteous. Aaron Hickey ❤️❤️ He’s fast replacing Patterson as my right back man crush.
  9. I would say Ay ra. For what it’s worth I hate the term “The Republic”. Republic of where? South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ireland? For me, Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Eire all acceptable.
  10. Is that not a bit like saying “Nobody says Deutschland these days. Everyone calls is Germany”.
  11. No confirmation yet but he’s having scans on his knee and ankle, worryingly the same ankle that was operated on last season. Hope the boy is ok as he’s a cracking player, but I was very impressed by Hickey when he came on to replace him.
  12. It’s amazing how teams can look like they urnae bothered when the other team is much better than them. Whoever wins this group not only get a guaranteed play off place for Euro 2024, but also is guaranteed pot 2 for the qualification draw proper. It was a hugely important game. Ukraine no bothered my arse. What I will accept is that Ukraine aren’t THAT great, but they are still a team we should be delighted to be cuffing 3-0. We should never have lost to them in the summer. Our mentality and tactics were all wrong for that game.
  13. What was wrong with the first half performance? Apart from the first 5/10 minutes we dominated the entire game. Or do you just mean the second half performance had the finishing too?
  14. Agree with everything apart from the last point. Ireland is not a harder game. They are rotten. It was an absolute riddy losing to them last time. I’m hoping we give them a good spanking to make up for it.
  15. Superb performance. Reminded me of Murn v Sellik at the weekend. Toffee!
  16. Would be interested to see a photo of the West Stand yesterday, because I thought the main stand and the family stand were both considerably fuller than they’d have been in the past for an OF game. In fact I thought the Main stand looked fuller than in did in the games when they had two ends!
  17. I think we might be talking at cross purposes. Just say it has turned out to be the correct decision to only give them one stand and I’ll know we’re on the same page. 👍
  18. I was actually thinking the opposite. Normally I’d agree with you but I’m quite happy to bask in this victory for a couple of weeks while Scotland exact some revenge on Ukraine and RoI.
  19. So by that token, the last game against Celtic would’ve quoted numbers in exactly the same way?? And there were only 200 odd more fans at that game. I don’t understand your point? Whatever way you cut it, the new stance has not financially disadvantaged us in any significant way as it was predicted it would.
  20. Or just miserable bassturts! I mean it’s no like we don’t have plenty of them 🤣
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