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  1. Please be assured…. Or… Please rest assured… but definitely not… Please be rest assured.
  2. I am from Foxbar and I’m guessing not massively different age group from you. Must admit I don’t recognise the name Tam Anderson.
  3. Apart from those seasons where the strip is so horrific that some mentalists blame it for potential relegation 😁
  4. 😍😍 Could he have been any more complimentary? What an absolute gent.
  5. No, but we’ve played their beloved neighbours a good few times. 😃
  6. He’s a great shot stopper and very comfortable with crosses, but I always thought his biggest attribute was his distribution. From hand or with his feet, the best I’ve seen at our place in many a year. If you can be bothered watching it, this was his finest hour.
  7. Hi mate, Brilliant goalie. One of the best we’ve had in years. It was tears and snotters for us when he was leaving, but luckily we managed to sign an equally good keeper in Jak Alnwick. I suspect the Salford City thing was purely down to pounds, shillings and pence. I imagine they would be able to pay him good money. Always suspected he’d end up somewhere decent sooner or later. If you sign him I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
  8. Just need to get them now with the German striker Yerma Punzkunzel.
  9. Hmmm I’m no sure. The Lord was an irritating c**t, but he didnae have God’s aggressive keyboard warrior style. Unless of course you called him a licensed murderer like I did, in which case he offered you a square go up the back of the Northbank 🤣
  10. That’s a shame for you God. Heart goes out to you. You coping ok?
  11. So after all that we’d have played Netherlands in Budapest in a full stadium. What a trip that would’ve been eh Renfrew156?
  12. Stayed away last night as I was too ensconced in the game. Wow!! That Renfrew156 guy is like 5 year old wean 🤣. And he appears to have a massive hard on for the TA who according to him appear to be the only set of fans who dare to enjoy themselves when they go to away games. Anyone thinking that just because Croatia might not be quite the team that got to the World Cup final, meant that we ought to be on a par with them is mental. They were streets ahead of us last night. This wasn’t your typical Scottish disaster/f**k up. We just lost to a much better team on the night. I’m nowhere near as disappointed as I’d normally be under these circumstances. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept you’re not quite there yet. I’ve got high hopes for our young squad and I see a bright future. At the moment we’ve got the makings of a decent side but we urgently need to fill some gaps.
  13. There was a fake tweet doing the rounds saying that Meatball and Robbo were also out. Nearly choked on my corn flakes. Some folk are just too cuntable for words.
  14. Are we trying to sign the team that got relegated last season? 🤣
  15. Ha Ha!!! FOR ONCE!!!!! I beat you to it 🤣
  16. Actually don’t bother I think I’ve just worked it out.
  17. You’re going to need to talk me through how that’s possible???
  18. That was not a good result for us. However, it was for my bet! C’mon Belgium. Geez a wee equaliser. Ha Ha just went to my app to take a photo of my bet (Ukraine/Draw/Netherlands and both team to score) only to find I didnae f**kin press place bet!! Watch this f**kin come in now! 😫
  19. So from a Scotland angle (yeah yeah I know…) I’d say we want a draw in the first game and then wins for Belgium and the Netherlands. Betting head though says…. Ukraine/Draw/Netherlands.
  20. Well, shows what I know, Wales probably through now, fair play to them. Although I don’t think he’s in the same class as Bale, Ramsay is another player who is streets ahead of anything we have. Dan James is also significantly better than anything we have in a forward sense. Also I’d say their journeymen are a level above ours. In short, they’re just a much better team than us. If they go through (as looks very likely) it won’t come as any surprise to me. ETA - Meant to quote FS’s post, not Stanley Saint’s.
  21. Note to self. Make sure specs are on when posting.
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