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  1. My son and I went for a couple of drinks in the supporters bar after this fantastic game. On leaving and in high spirts when we came out, blow me was the Hearts team bus not parked right there outside the club shop with all their players getting on. To my surprise I regressed 40 years by dancing around, waving my scarf, singing going down, going down etc. Will always remember the look on Naismiths face as he watched, it wasnt anger more just shock that an old bloke like me would do this. Funny what football can do to you. Hope it comes back soon.
  2. Prediction for tomorrow at Killie. Huge queue of away fans trying to buy tickets with stewards saying we were not told there would be so many of you and famous Killie Pies sell out just at start of half time...
  3. Good ref last night, makes a bleeding change...
  4. Bloody brilliant win Saints, no failures.
  5. Hopefully he will learn from pervious mistakes and bin Andeau and Morias and try and go to win this vital match.
  6. Certainly not confident of beating Hearts on Wednesday, think we are living very dangerously.
  7. McGrath again, must be superb in training but did nothing all night, again. How we can make three subs and he stays on is baffling. Very disappointing tonight.
  8. Tight game might have to settle for a point but hope not. COYS.
  9. oops. Bloody Jack Ross. Im sure Hibs management dont want Hearts to go down.
  10. Horrible last night, wished I'd stayed at home. McGrath out of his depth sadly, looks like a championship player. Rest no better.
  11. Hoping for early goal in this one. Fear a 0 - 0 bore draw and replay up there.
  12. If ever there was a time for a Fergie style 'drive round the streets with a loudhailer to drum up a crowd' its this Saturday in Paisley...
  13. That result tonight could put 1,000 on the crowd for Saturday night.
  14. Radio kept saying how bad our corners were. Something that really has to improve.
  15. Fantastic result. Well done travelling fans, great support.
  16. Could easily have been called off hours ago. Conditions horrendous.
  17. It is just relentless. Expect this one to be off.
  18. This match is breaking the internet. If Div ever comes on here anymore lots of Error 521 messages. 4 4 final. Extra time.
  19. Tam Cowan will be saying something like 'St Mirren are like Barcelona'
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