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  1. [emoji23] Does it say which seats you have "bought"? Look on the bright side, it might be a nice wee earner if you turn into a tout for the day. [emoji12]
  2. Some people are never happy. When you are in a relegation battle it doesn't matter how you pick up the points. Unbeaten in three - that's fantasyland under Stubbs.
  3. Year after year Hamilton have been able to somehow get results like this. Just when you think they are going to go into freefall, they pump somebody.
  4. Anybody know when the meeting takes place between George Adam, W7, board, police and any other relevant group or individual? Hopefully it's not still just a "proposed meeting".
  5. 'Our entire playing squad today were white' is a rather bizarre title for a thread. Although maybe the poster hit the 'w' instead of 's'. It would certainly work for most of our games this season.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/JOEdotie/status/1092774021026988033?s=07
  7. So, without Googling, can anybody think of a game where one team was awarded 4 penalties?
  8. When the stadium was built they left the breeze-blocks unpainted to keep costs down, or so we were told. Therefore if we paint the murals are they going to need to be constantly re-done? If so, how often?
  9. Hope we don't sign any blokes from Cameroon if our previous two acquisitions are the standard they will be (Djemba Djemba and Bahoken) !
  10. Mrs Strachan was my teacher in Primary 5 and then again in Primary 7. She took the whole class to visit her home after all the work was finished. That certainly wouldn't be allowed nowadays.
  11. So Kilmarnock have sold out their allocation of 1600 for the North Stand. I'm still wondering how Hibs managed to get 1700+ in there.
  12. Commented on that at the time. The only explanation can be that the turnstiles at the North Stand are somehow linked to the scoreboard. In other words, goosed today!
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