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    Irate-Pirate reacted to oaksoft in Is The Forum Deid?   
    This thread is a great example of what has killed this forum.
    No normal person wants to spend their precious time wading through this type of  nonsense on every thread and who can blame them.
    A handful of posters have systematically destroyed it over the last few years.
    Some might wonder if it was deliberate. If so, well done chaps. I think you've finally succeeded.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Slartibartfast in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)   
    Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, that's irrelevant to my point.
    Maybe Kibble could achieve all their aims without buying shares but maybe there is a benefit for them to do so - I would assume that there is, or they wouldn't be doing it.  That, though, does not necessarily mean that the benefit to them would be detrimental to SMFC, it could also be beneficial or neutral to SMFC.
    As I have said from the start of this, there are questions that need to be asked and, depending on the answers, an informed decision can be taken by those voting.
    Claiming things, one way or the other, without getting answers to the relevant questions first is just scaremongering or "fanboying", depending on your stance.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Lord Pityme in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership   
    Ahh the classic back out. Toodle pup old chap!
    Next time dont start with the Big Dog... work your way up thru the pack.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to div in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership   
    It's not a merger.
    SMiSA will own 51% of the shareholding of the football club if this goes through. That is the same level of shareholding that every club in Germany operates on.
    SMiSA will appoint 75% of the directors of the football club board. Kibble will have 25%.
    The SMISA members are being asked to approve the proposal. If they don't, it doesn't happen.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Stu in Kibble/SMiSA Partnership   
    A silly question but I'd appreciate a sensible answer from someone I don't have on ignore (so that wipes out about half the posters on this thread).

    If Kibble's involvement leads to increased use of facilities, as is mentioned in the documents, are they entitled to a percentage of the increased income or does it all go to the club?

    Basically, is their involvement purely to get experience etc for their staff or will they be benefitting financially as well?
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to HSS in RIP Graham   
    I met Chingford last week when he was up here to move his Bro into Sheltered Accommodation.
    It's a shame how things work out.
    Thoughts are with you Roddie.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Wilbur in Worst Managers ever!?!   
    Sorry but I can't agree with this.
    Yes, if the OP had intended the responses to be limited to ex-St Mirren managers then these are the two main contenders IMO. But Craig wasn't our worst ever manager.
    Craig was an utter incompetent, entirely clueless, and an imposter in the post. Shameless but not immoral. A shockingly poor appointment undoubtedly.
    But even worse was Hay. Neither incompetent nor clueless, but he was happy to do deals that were intentionally anti-St Mirren. He used his substantial player budget to sign his old pals, a shitload of ex-Celtic duds with career-ending injuries looking only for a pension boost. Unforgiveable by Hay, a piece of utter vermin.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Eric Arthur Blair in Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.   
    Old Sneddon St.
    The St. Mirren bar is now the Argyll bar. The Abercorn Bar, in the distance, later became the St. Mirren Bar and is now a DIY store. It looks like there is another bar beside The Metropolis.

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    Irate-Pirate reacted to DLBud in Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads   
    I’ve learned/reaffirmed a few things over the last couple of days.

    1. Supporting this club is hard work.....harder than it needs to be.
    2. Too many people enjoy revelling in that turmoil.
    3. Letting supporters get a hold of this club will be the mother of all clusterf**ks

    Oh, and if I have an employment law issue I shouldn’t call Lookatme!🤣

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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Eric Arthur Blair in Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.   
    71 Love St, this is where the car park was, you can see turnstiles on the right of the picture.

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    Irate-Pirate reacted to BuddieinEK in St Mirren v Dundee Utd Play Off Second Leg   
    My Dad's 1977 whisky glass only comes out on very special occasions!

    Dad was a grafter. I never told him as I never fully appreciated it in my youthful ignorance, but he grafted till he dropped, over twenty years ago, still in his fifties!

    What wouldn't I give to have poured that dram for him and celebrated with him.

    Celebrate what?

    Finishing ninth out of ten? No way.

    Winning a play off match? Nope.

    Had we lost, I would still have been so proud of Oran and the players!

    I reckon most of us would be.

    Dead and buried at Christmas, I never wavered in my belief that despite Stubbs best attempts to ruin us, we would stay up!

    We took it to the latest possible stage... Penalties after extra time after a play off! That's the St Mirren way.

    I would have applauded them off the pitch regardless of the result, for giving hope where there was none!

    I would have been far from alone there.

    Why celebrate?

    Those players fought tooth and nail, giving everything for the cause.

    They grafted. Where they were questioned, they stood up and fought harder.

    They took the blows, knocks and hurts for the team and kept nothing in reserve.

    They were a team that reminded me of my Dad, and one that he would have been proud of!

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    Irate-Pirate reacted to oaksoft in St Mirren v Dundee Utd Play Off Second Leg   
    When Danny hit his goal all I could think about as it hit the net was his new baby and I won't lie I got a bit choked. Then when Hladky made that final save I thought about his mate who died and I really struggled to hold it together.
    Nothing but sport can do this to a grown man. I have been a grade A pussy today and I don't even care. Div told another married man that he loved him on Saturday night. I think I am in a good place in comparison. 😂
    If Carslberg did sport they wouldn't be able to come up with a story like pur season culminating in that incredible finish today. You can shove your Champions League right up your arse in comparison.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to farmer john in Dundee Utd v St Mirren Play Off First Leg   
    missed all of this last night and could only follow the match various online means and the last 20 mins on car radio..

    Hey, we have managed to boil it all down to a one off, home match, starting 0-0 against a lower league team to stay in the top league.
    Everyone one of us would have taken that at Christmas.

    I think OK has managed the tie pretty well thus far and will change line up and tactics on Sunday to win the match for us.
    What an occasion at St Mirren Park.

    I will be out, and I mean OUT out on Sunday afternoon after clearing away the MoK Run course and wearing my stripes proudly in Campbeltown pubs cheering us on like a crazy man.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Dirty Sanchez in Interstadia ticketing website   
    Phantom tickets are for W1. Been informed they've been sent out, when I collected my real purchase today.
    If I get them it won't be an issue because I've been promised a refund, and I'm sure I could easily shift them anyway without taking them back.
    The issue will be if they don't arrive, which isn't out of the question since the street name on the address is jibberish. Fortunately the postcode and house number are correct, so we'll see. Would be a waste of two tickets for someone who needs them and a waste of £36 for me.
    Of course, I was dismissed as though it was obviously my fault when I first highlighted it today.
    Because that's what I'm known for. Lying about buying tickets I don't know anything about.
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    Irate-Pirate got a reaction from whydowebother in Interstadia ticketing website   
    Does it say which seats you have "bought"?

    Look on the bright side, it might be a nice wee earner if you turn into a tout for the day.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to madball in Potty Mouth   
    The thing is it could be any area of the ground as the touchline mics pick up a lot of the things being said/shouted. I used to have my telly connected through a home cinema app and it was funny hearing the swearing coming through the surround speakers behind me, not particularly loudly, but creepy when there was a lull in the game punctuated by a "you're a prick" or similar coming from over your shoulder and there's no-one else in house
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Dirty Sanchez in Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.   
    To put a date on it, my earliest memory of that map was  watching Dundee United fans using it to find Love Street before the cup tie where Fitzy scored the winner and McAvennie fractured his skull, which would have been about March 1982.
    In my defence, I can't remember any of the other maps mentioned, and my only memories of County Square are in colour, not black and white.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Kemp in Hamilton vs St. Mirren 6th April 2019   
    f**k sake, time to put a few more in the sin bin. If you only come on here to slag off individual St Mirren players & other St Mirren fans then you can get sent tae f**k in my opinion.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to oaksoft in Hamilton vs St. Mirren 6th April 2019   
    Given we spent so long in 12th place and at one point were 5 points behind Dundee I would have bitten your hand off to avoid 12th. That is our first point at Accies in years and people are still complaining.
    10th is absolutely within our grasp. Remember Hamilton have a very tough derby against Motherwell to come and they have to visit us as well.
    4 points have been banked this week.
    Dundee now need a minimum of a 2-result swing to overtake us, given the goal differences, with 5 games to go.
    I'd say that was a f**king good 7 days.
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    Irate-Pirate reacted to Sweeper07 in Latest Scores   
    Good Day for Buddies - how are the knicker wetters holding up?
    Both rivals beaten and having 3 players booked.
    Any positive result against Killie and we leap above Dee.
    Oh. and the Fakes continue their poor form - hoping that continues for 1 more game . . .  
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    Irate-Pirate got a reaction from JM1 in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Some people are never happy.

    When you are in a relegation battle it doesn't matter how you pick up the points.

    Unbeaten in three - that's fantasyland under Stubbs.
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    Irate-Pirate got a reaction from santaponsasaint in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Some people are never happy.

    When you are in a relegation battle it doesn't matter how you pick up the points.

    Unbeaten in three - that's fantasyland under Stubbs.
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    Irate-Pirate got a reaction from ALBIONSAINT in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Some people are never happy.

    When you are in a relegation battle it doesn't matter how you pick up the points.

    Unbeaten in three - that's fantasyland under Stubbs.
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