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  1. Good luck to the guy , he was definitely one of our best players and has done well for saints it has always disappointed me when we lose players to the likes of Ross county though ( higher league status aside) it's sad that we can't compete financially with a wee team from Dingwall. Wont be the last time I think
  2. The Dynamo bottle is on the other side , there is a braze on bracket for it and a little cover over the top of the bottle to stop any wet weather spray. Im surprised at the effort gone into welding all the little braze on brackets onto the frame and how neat the the Dynamo set up is, nowadays things are zip tied into bikes.
  3. Can't believe how well this one scrubbed up , the chrome is superb condition considering its age , purchased from Harry Keiller , paisley circa1978. 52cm 'youths bike' with an allegedly lightweight frame 'cadre allege' Fully working bottle dynamo , wired in to the underside folds of the mudgaurds and with little braze ons just to hold the dynamo wire to the frame. Originally with black bar tape but I thought red made it look more French. Simplex derailuer in perfect condition and working all 5 gears perfectly. About 30 hours work to strip clean, restore and completely rebuild , well worth it I think
  4. Thanks for the info and for the photos , absolute beauty of a bike.
  5. Pure pantomime all that Barton nonsense , the real news is at saints ! I hope hope we get the right man in place soon in the meantime we should get behind the team and support Alan McManus during his caretaker spell GOOD LUCK ALAN - COYS !!
  6. I was wondering if any of the older heads on the forum remember Harry Keiller cycles in Johnstone street Paisley circa 1970-80 ish ? i believe Keiller bought it over from the Cunningham family but would love to find out a bit more or even see a picture if any are out there. I am currently restoring a 1978 Peugeot bicycle and it has Keillers badge in it , any info welcome , cheers.
  7. Over the last year or so - Ash - O2 ABC Guy Garvie - O2 ABC Simple minds / Stranglers - Hydro Paul Weller - Hydro Sting / Paul Simon - Hydro Maccabees - Barrowlands All the rights artists but not necessarily in the right order Nothing planned for the year ahead but plenty of ideas via their thread
  8. Was that the same game where yards tried to waste a bit of time near the end of the game by shielding the ball near the Morton corner flag and promptly knocked it out on his first dribble? From the sublime to the ridiculous , it made me and my mates laugh anyway !
  9. Maybe we could have a midfield of peace , love and understanding ?
  10. Yeah but the twist is it actually IS Chris martin cleverly building himself a firewall so he can properly vent his disdain for the slobs who pay his wages ...........man!, I hate that guy !
  11. We will never know will we ? And look how its gone since then ? Bad appointment after bad appointment, very poor judgement from a board (yes IMO starting with Lennon) who are failing to invest in the future of the club in order to possibly increase what they might personally take out of the club if they do ever sell it. They must be kicking themselves ! It doesn't take a genius to know an SPFL club if worth more than a Championship club and so on. We should be a shining model of a Scottish football club, we have all the infrastructure, a good business model (as football clubs go), non football revenue steams, our own training ground, a reportedly good youth system, a new stadium and potentially a larger fan base than we currently have. Whilst no one want to see us in debt it seems to me that some investment, both in monetary terms and in the best available playing and coaching staff is essential. It feels like we are in terminal decline and I really can only look back to Lennon's constructive sacking and wonder what if .. ?
  12. ...... And they let one of our most successful managers walk out the door. Seriously, they must think about that day and wonder. The only plus side is that they must be beside themselves watching the club's value plummet along with their 'walking away money'.
  13. AR has said he feels there is a gap in age groups between our older pros in their 30s and the nucleus of our team who are young players of around 21. Although he said the older guys are still valuable he thinks that if he brings In two or so players they will be seasoned 20 somethings. He also said there was a budget for players and that maybe a couple would go out on loan to free up wages. I doesn't sound to me like BM fits his idea of who to spend precious funds on , still you never know !
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