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  1. 8 games unbeaten coming up

  2. 8 games unbeaten coming up

  3. hanging on

    1. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      Too early for Gary Speed jokes Bud!

  4. When I look down I can see it :)

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    2. Kendo


      but when Murray7 looks down he sees your heid, whit are you 2 up to?

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Nane of your business.. Murrray, move ower, this beds big enough to keep away from me, for now. :)

    4. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      The top of Mrs Blues heid?

  5. Radio Scotland makes my weekend

  6. Goodbye Neil Lennon

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      where's he away to? ;)

  7. I'm originally from Erskine too. Grew up in Bargarran. Where are you?

  8. 27-32, a chance of showers in the afternoon

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