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  1. Couldn't agree more. I thought he was outstanding against Dundee Utd.
  2. Yeah, you can choose which stand but not your individual seats. I kinda understand why, as the tickets have been printed in a massive run, all stuck together. Would be a nightmare for the office if they had to digging through the pile and separating them all to find specific seats.
  3. Really? I'll have a look. Ta.
  4. I have a spare ticket for Stiff Little Fingers at the Barrowlands on March 17th if anyone wants it. Yours for the cost of a couple of pints. First come first served....
  5. Horrific conditions to play a gme of football in. At one point Storie passed a ball in the general direction of the left corner flag and it ended up at the right hand edge of the penalty box. I asked a steward at half time if it was always as cold as this. He replied that "Methil was Hell, without the warmth ".
  6. From Barry McLaughlin on Twitter. The old troops are rising.... Next 2 lge games will define @saintmirrenfc season. No sitting on the fence , must win both .Time for the boys to show if up for the fight [emoji123]
  7. I remember that I was in a quite fortunate position (depending on how you look at it) that I seemed to know a few members of each of the Paisley gangs in the 80s, so almost always managed to avoid any grief. Think it was a combo of living in the East End, supporting the Buds and having mates in Ralston that helped. The Seedhill Young Squad, Ganja Derry, YPen (Penilee), REMO and GYTO are the ones that spring to mind. Not forgetting the short lived Craigton Knife Club. A collection of racist, skinhead arseholes that seemed to patrol the Glasgow Rd. Thankfully, most of them have since OD'd on smack....
  8. Alex Rae is an arsehole. Yes, I known this is a crass and slightly drunk comment, but he is. He's an arsehole, and that arsehole Farrell is an arsehole as well. f**king two-bit ned charlatans. Never trust a ***. Especially one with a tim best mate. FTOF.
  9. Agree with you on the Pixies album. One or two cracking songs buy disappointing overall.
  10. Yeah, I was there. Quite disappointed that the set was so short and that Stuart Braithwaite was missing though. Saw them at the Art School earlier in the year and they were absolutely tremendous.
  11. Some good suggestions here. I liked Sami, until I remembered that my younger cousin is also called Sammy. Don't think she'd take kindly to naming a Dug after her.
  12. I'm going to take this with a pinch of salt in the hope that you aren't actually being serious, but I have my doubts. I can be assertive. Here's an example. I think you're an arsehole and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.
  13. Minor Victories self-titled album is by far and away the best album I've heard this year. Superb.
  14. Has to be subtle I'm afraid. The likes of Gunni she'll suss straight away.
  15. So, I'm getting a Border Collie in January and I want a Saints themed name for him. The problem is, the wife says naw to that plan. Any suggestions to names that are Saints related but she won't realise? I've already rejected Loser and Relegation so the usual grumpy f**ks need not respond... Ta.
  16. A very merry Xmas to all! Except for the pessimistic ones and grumpy ones. I hope you lot have a cnut of a day.....
  17. I'm feart to go for a lie down in case I'm next....
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