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  1. Naw.. I'm well aware of the position and have defended the deal since it was done. However I assumed there was a sell on, and I still think there must be. 10% of a future sale is surely no deal breaker. OK Celtic are a business but it stinks of pure greed if they refused to budge on that.
  2. Naw.. that has to be a joke right? Must be some mistake. No club cud be shafted as badly as that, a sell on clause of at least 10% for a young player is practically standard. I refuse to believe we could be that incompetent at negotiation. 300k is no compensation
  3. porks

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Yes, I'm afraid I hate you. ;-) And Billy Reid
  4. Nah. As well as Samson has done for us, testimonials are given to reward loyalty and years of service, not performance.
  5. Yes Saint, thanks for answering for me. [emoji16]
  6. He's rejected them. Very common statement for a manager to come out and say they have ruled themselves out of the running rather than say they have rejected the team - it's the professional thing to do. And pretty standard, you see it all the time.
  7. porks

    Ondrej Mihalik

    Flareybob is about as entertaining as a boot in the baws
  8. porks

    TV Documentary....Tannadice 87

    And they won f**k all
  9. porks

    Injury Updates

    Understand that but if we are going to have a squad then we have to be prepared to use it, otherwise what's the point of having these players? We won't always be able to play our first picks and can't just go and get more players in every time a few are out.
  10. porks

    Injury Updates

    Why's everyone pissin their pants? We have 4 centre halves, two are available
  11. porks

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    Do you ever wonder why practically no one else in the world agrees with you on this? In some ways I am envious of your single mindedness / ignorance / simplicity / arrogance / stupidity. If it was me I would at least question why I was standing on my own on one side of the fence. If you ever do wonder, the reason is that other people are giving themselves license to use their brain, whereas you refuse to let yours stray any further than stats. Or maybe you're just on the wind up. Or you're a stubborn c...
  12. porks

    Kyle Magennis

    Yes, heard it. Just standard polite post match comments, keeping it professional. And of course it is true - Dundee are perfectly entitled to play it as they want to. But did Jack send his team out to play like that? No - as confirmed in same interview. Do other responsible managers? No. Jack didn't look too happy during the game thought right?
  13. porks

    Kyle Magennis

    Disagree. This is just wreckless. 99% of friendlies are not played in that manner and there's a reason for that. If you believe otherwise you are in a misguided minority along with that wee twat McCann.
  14. porks

    Kyle Magennis

    He's a second choice wee dick
  15. porks

    Kyle Magennis

    He's obviously referring to the friendly. Completely out of order the way that wee runt McCann sent his players out, probably has a chip on his shoulder since he was 2nd choice. You want friendlies to be played in a competitive but safe manner - it's hard enough getting a good team out on the park without having them injured in friendlies.