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  1. From this Friday the Fascists in Wales are jailing their people within their homes for two weeks.

    What are they going to do after two weeks ?

    We will still be in the flu season which will probably last till late Spring.

    So major lockdown till then ?

    Feck the Fascists.

    Open up the United Kingdom.

  2. 9 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Have you asked these "others" or are you, as usual, trying to court favour, and failing miserably? :lol:

    We've been here before, you ratio of acknowledged (liked) posts to the number posts is one of the worst on the forum , that's a fact.

    Maybe it's because you're a very unlikeable type of simpleton? :byebye

    And he's reeking with his jobby panties.

    The Main Stream Media have him in absolute terror.

    Typical sheep.

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