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  1. shull

    Paisley Pubs

    Are ye Rab C. in disguise ? As well as the Cottage Arms , ye could also see the back of the Caley Stand in the Programme.
  2. shull

    Paisley Pubs

    I drove past The Maxwelton an hour ago. It was shut ...
  3. Skippy The Movie was a classic ...
  4. How do i spell rhetorical as in question ?
  5. NSS and SMOKIE SAINT will be Honorary Members.
  6. Anybody want tae join the - We dont dae away games cos we're miserable cnuts Club '
  7. That reminds me, there's a Programme on tonight about Chic Murray. Need to watch it. Chic was very funny.
  8. Whit ?? That my dad used tae come doon the Stairs oan Xmas Morning, wearing a Black Tie and saying Santa wis Deid !
  9. 1 day to go for this excellent St Mirren Publication ... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ST-MIRREN-100-GREAT-...A1%7C240%3A1318
  10. Do paypal. Its a dawdle. No hassle at all. Your items might start at a pound but they could rake in high amounts. Go for it and advertise them on here.
  11. Good price Bob, i might purchase another copy from you.
  12. Norrie wid be mair like Jack Copland...
  13. Here on my Ebay.... http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/ravdub_W0Q...QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ
  14. Are ye thinking of Gus McLeod fae the early 70's, who scored 5 goals in a 7-1 victory for us against Hamilton Accies ?
  15. I think they reopened it in the Merchant City.
  16. I can do that, gies a joab ? As long as i don't huv tae face tha Pitch.....
  17. I cannae disagree with ye Sid apart fae the Steward bit....
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