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  1. We don't honour the KKK Scottish Football honours BLM
  2. Just wait till December, January and February. The fecking winter. Influenza cases will be through the roof. As usual. The Covid kid on will continue.
  3. Some players and lots of fans do glorify the IRA and UVF also.
  4. Scottish Football players dinnae honour the KKK. Just the BLM.
  5. Oops, got a hire. It's Lewis Hamilton. Free Cab for this oppressed laddie.
  6. Scottish Football players Take The Knee to honour BLM who are Racists , Fascists and Terrorists. Shameful I will never spend money on Scottish Football again.
  7. So no need for her to send her pocket money to that cnut and victim, Lewis Hamilton for reparations. I here you say, hear here Shull.
  8. I told my 12 year old daughter that slavery has been on the go for thousands of years and perpetrated by many. I told her she is 100% not to blame and should have no guilt about it whatsoever. Me also. The only privilege she has is me being her dad.
  9. Where I am, I have noticed the whole length of the Paisley Road West is relatively flat. That's good enough for me.
  10. Millar and that other cnut, Stewart McLaren. Also, diving wank, Vic Davidson who cheated for the penalty.
  11. He was called names when he deserved it. Other times he was a fine gentleman and remains so presently.
  12. shull

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    Poor result at Pittodrie as the Dons pull further away from us.
  13. shull

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    Accies nearly there. Two more please
  14. Influenza just can't be beaten It's the time of the year for it. It will calm down late Spring. Wear a mask and keep yir distance
  15. shull

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    If we have any ambition , we need Hamilton to draw with Aberdeen. Going to be mighty difficult now . 4-1 presently to Aberdeen.
  16. Probably not. He will likely be a cnut though by Taking The Knee , with the rest of the cnuts on the pitch. Show BLM The Red Card
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