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  1. Let's have a National Day of Fecking Mourning for Wales.
  2. From this Friday the Fascists in Wales are jailing their people within their homes for two weeks. What are they going to do after two weeks ? We will still be in the flu season which will probably last till late Spring. So major lockdown till then ? Feck the Fascists. Open up the United Kingdom.
  3. Stop Testing and open up the Stadiums to spectators.
  4. Maybe Lewis doesn't know its missing from his house.
  5. shull

    Donald Trump

    Are you with her ? 😒
  6. Well done those players for not glorifying terrorists.
  7. When does The Season of Influenza officially begin ? It seems to have started in the last few weeks. Do they in the know still call it Influenza or has it been renamed summat else, like Covid nnnnnnnninefeckenteen ?
  8. No matter. Global Fascist Government maybe on its way. UK will be split into Regions with the four countries disappearing. I have never voted and never will.
  9. And he's reeking with his jobby panties. The Main Stream Media have him in absolute terror. Typical sheep.
  10. No need for pooping of the panties. Get the World opened.
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