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  1. Sounds good. More likely to be up Finsbury Park way as most of us are North London based. We used to have a couple of lads in Chiswick and Hammersmith but they've headed up the road now, so F3K a bit less convenient. Also means I don't need to sit on the Tube for an hour on the way home needing a pish!
  2. Confirmed there is a London St Mirren Supporters' Club Also confirmed that we have the best flag...
  3. Where abouts in London are you? A few of us get together to watch the televised games now and again. Used to watch them out West Kensington way but more often up round Finsbury Park these days. Welcome to join us if you fancy it.
  4. St Mirren 2 - 0 Edinburgh City D.Mullen P. McGinn You heard it here first....
  5. It's almost like the manager doesn't have a clue....
  6. I read melmac original post as meaning St. Mirren TV would need to apply for a licence to broadcast live in potentially all of the 27 EU countries post brexit as opposed to none at the moment? Oops! Read it quickly and jumped to the wrong conclusion. FWIW I don't think St Mirren would be caught by the revised Regs as they'd neither be broadcaster nor an on-demand service provider, but I may well be wrong
  7. The blackout window for in-country live coverage (in the UK being 14.45 to 17.15 on Saturdays) is nothing to do with EU Law. It stems from UEFA rules. Each member of UEFA needs to set a blackout window which encourages attendance at live games in their country. That’s why St Mirren TV is only allowed “outwith the UK”. Technically, games could be shown live without restriction mid-week, but it’s probably a ballache for the Uni to do that.
  8. Unfortunately sounds very familiar. Far far too early to part ways yet - but we can't go on like this.
  9. A good bloke David. Intelligent and passionate about the Saints. Best of luck to him in the future.
  10. Cracking article. Welling up here! Did anyone every identify who the bloke Jack went into the crowd to speak to was?
  11. Can't help but think the gaffer potentially leaving during the week will have unsettled the team.
  12. What a tremendous day. Motor intact - presents have made it to Paisley - and I'm drinking a Moretti. [emoji481] On the fitba front: Fantastic comeback - absolutely delighted for big Gary Mac. An iffy first 10 mins and I actually thought he was getting hooked when Eckersley was subbed, but he ended up having a decent game and scored the winner. Fairytale stuff. I can't remember feeling this good about a Saints side since the millennium season. That comeback today was up there with Junior's goal against Raith at Starks Park that year. It's testament to the football Jack Ross has us playing that even at 2-0 down I though we could still win it. I'm a happy man tonight.
  13. An excellent idea, if someone else would kindly drive him down from Glasgow for me!
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