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  1. The ugly sisters will have to think again!! From BBC Football Posted at 16:14 Breaking Premier League B teams and “non English” clubs ruled out of discussions on reform of English football pyramid. The EFL and the 72 clubs it represents have collectively ruled out including Premier League B teams in future plans to reform the structure of English football.
  2. Not sure anyone is going to go for "The Jim Goodwin Family Stand"
  3. Got to agree. One of Sharkland or Hardie and another CM would have been my preference.
  4. Duck Somner Tony Finchpatrick
  5. They used to sell stuff like that at the Sunday market at the old cattle market in Glenburn. I bought an Arsenal top with my pocket money and didn't notice til I got home that the cannon was upside down :-(
  6. As mentioned on another thread, we have a manager, get behind him. Mods, please shut this pish.
  7. Firstly, great post by OP, but I can't believe folk on here are now discussing who our new manager should be. It's absolutely shocking. It seems the sacking of Danny Lennon is a fait acompli if you were to read this topic. Yes, I know the performances and results have been poor lately, but we are 3 games into the season with the transfer window still open. Let's get behind the manager and the team for the two very important games coming up this week.
  8. LOL That is easily the funniest post I have seen on here in a long time. Cheers Shull
  9. Therin lies the problem, he rarely is!
  10. It seems to me that if Newcastle don't sign another striker we won't get Campbell. If they do then we probably will. Glad to hear that we have other irons in the fire, because we can't wait around indefinately for Newcastle to decide, unless we are able to bring in Campbell and someone else (unlikely though). I agree with some that the clamour for us to sign a youth player to go straight into our first team is bordering on embarassing, but some of that may be because there has been little speculation on us bringing anyone else in, therefore some of us are getting a bit desparate. The way I see it, I would like to see what Campbell could do, based on what is being said about his talent, but I certainly won't be panicking if we don't get him. We do definately need another striker and I'm sure we will sign one before the window, but until then, we do have options. Harkins, McGowan and Reilly can all play off Thompson. There is no need to panic, certainly not after one league game.
  11. After someone else announces it, you mean.
  12. Jones is a good shout. I thought he looked dangerous whenever I saw him last season. I know he's 34 or something, but he's still quick. A one year deal wouldn't break the bank and he might just supply the ammunition for Thompson.
  13. Cannot recommend their album "Palace" highly enough. Herbie, I hope you've got into this band as I think they would be right up your street. Likened to The House of Love by some.
  14. Also listening to Ladyhawke. Pretty good, especially Paris is Burning. Plus these. White Lies - To Lose My Life Bloc Party - Intimacy (Saw them at the Academy last night...superb) Swervedriver - Raise Orange Juice - You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Blondie - Parallel Lines
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