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  1. The order for 21 jerseys is away to @cdborgonya Can’t wait for them to arrive
  2. Those in the Paisley area wishing to buy a @cdborgonya top shld drop me a DM with the following Full Name Tel No Size Quantity Shirt No Name on Rear (+ £5) Price £45 delivered to GHR. Add £5 if you want name on rear. 6-8 week delivery No refunds for wrong size Order by 7 Dec On receipt of DM I’ll send payment details. Payment will be required by 7th Dec. Price covers international bank transfer charges and postage. Any monies left over will be paid to @cdborgonya Collect jerseys from me pre-match at GHR once I receive them Sizes are In centimetres
  3. I had the privilege of transferring €2,000 into the account of CD Borgonyà this evening Thank you to all of the fellow Buds who donated to, and shared the details of, this appeal The clear up by the community continues in Borgonyà and hopefully they’ll be playing back on home turf as soon as possible The crowdfunding has raised the profile of CD Borgonyà and they have now made replica kits available to purchase You can order individually via their Twitter feed but I’m putting together a consolidated order, which will save on individual bank transfer costs and delivery. Also makes it easier for the, to process. Details to follow in next few days but looking at £50 delivered pre-match, by me, to GHR All monies to CD Borgonyà Kenny
  4. Anyone interested in buying a CD Borgonya jersey? I’m putting an order together. Looking at a price of approx £50 delivered to the UK Drop me a PM for details
  5. We’re sitting at £1,600 this evening and this is what we’re raising funds for http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/telenoticies/el-camp-de-futbol-del-borgonya-inundat/video/5793595/
  6. Update on the proposed Bucket Collection. Sadly, in the case of this appeal, it’s a no go. The club has advised that requests for collections are received from registered charities at the start of the season and that Saturday is booked out already Thinking caps on again
  7. This evening’s update - We burst through the £1,000 initial target this morning and I have set the next target at £1,877. The fund currently sits at £1,140 - Interest in the appeal is growing, both in Catalonia and in Scotland. The story is being carried in 8-10 local and national online news outlets in Spain (all complimentary and recognising of the contribution that St Mirren fans are making) and there’s more going out over the next few days. - Bucket Collection. I’m still awaiting confirmation, or otherwise, from the club following the meeting today. I’m not home until late tomorrow afternoon so there’s not much I can do although it would be good to know so that bodies can be gathered and publicity can go out
  8. Thanks for sharing this BurghBud An update on where we’re at at the moment WRT fundraising - Donations via JustGiving are sitting at £750. The page will remain open until the 15th November as this is the shortest period that JG allows - When it expires it will take another 5-6 days to get the funds transferred from JG to my own account. I will then make an international transfer to CD Borgonyà (I’ve already been in discussions with them re their bank details) - I have sent an email to the SLO’s (Tuesday) requesting permission to have a bucket collection before Saturday’s game against Killie. They have a meeting with GLS tomorrow (Thursday) and hopefully we’ll get a positive response. Any funds collected would be added to to the received JG total, therefore avoiding their commission, prior to the international transfer. - In addition to the above I have also asked the SLO to ask the club if they would possibly support the appeal by putting up some Hospitality / Signed Jerseys as prizes. - I’m currently still in Girona until Friday afternoon so any offers of assistance would be appreciated (assuming we get the go ahead). - SMISA have advised that any assistance via the £2 pot would not be possible as it sits outside the criteria. I have no problem with this. SMISA have also advised that they will discuss alternatives at their next meeting If anyone has any other ideas for fundraising then please get in touch. Thanks to all who have donated so far. Hopefully we can push through the initial limit KennyS https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/saintssuportcatalanbuds
  9. Rae's obviously seen enough to give him another chance rather than letting him slide away. Not a lot of security in the game is Gallagher single or married with children?
  10. I can appreciate the data protection issues related to handing over the list but could 10,000hrs email all those on the list directly advocating their support for the SMISA bid?
  11. My take from the meeting was that SMISA have opted for the three packages to keep it simple but would be open to alternative proposals
  12. To think that the consortium knocked back over £2m a few years back
  13. I'm sorry but they weren't. I've still got my receipt and wasn't offered a refund. In fact I'd be surprised if they had issued receipts to all those who entered the car park as I, and a number of folk I sit with, regularly have to demand receipts on entering the car park and I've seen plenty of cars drive in without being issued receipts
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