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    after the regs from fifa saying that refs could wear other colours bar the all black outfit apparently we were the second club bar vasco da gama in brazil to come out with an all blackshirt.... geeks, get searchin...
  2. let me do ma John Peel impression (R.I.P legend) and go for some new stuff; its pretty raw but there is some good stuff and i know the buddies have some well educated muso's so give it a listen: The Decemberists - Picaresque Belle & Sebastian - The life... something or other... David Ford - I sincerely apologise for all the trouble i caused Fruit Bats - Spelled in bones * HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* Mew - And the glass handed kites Richard Hawley - Cole's corner * not everyone's cup o' tea*
  3. Didnt include Love St. cos that is a gemme!
  4. 1. Villa Park (1996 - Scotland v Switzerland) 2. Hampden Park (2004 - Scotland v Holland) 3. Caledonia Stadium ( 2000 - Inverness Caley Thistle v St.Mirren, what a party!) 4. Hampden Park (1987 - St.Mirren v Dundee Utd) 5. Crappielow ( Anytime - we hump the manky mob)
  5. wyd the file with the players shouting for the support for the 87 final is on the same link but is called st.mirren 1987 side B.
  6. apologies, hollz. got it now, and got the player's rallying cry to get behind the boys for the 87 cup final on mp3 file on phone. Brilliant!!
  7. Yeah i know. unfortunately im marooned in the shithole that is wolverhampton working at the moment, my laptop is back in sunny paisley and this work pc is about twenty years old and wont support the driver. oh well, ill sort it out at the weekend. back up for the game on saturday. cheers, anyway.
  8. anyone got any idea where i could download a good quality st.mirren club badge for my mobile phone? I have a sony ericsson k750i and would like some commentary of 87 cup final winning goal if possible, but doubt that one. PM me if anyone has any idea. cheers.
  9. Jim Gardner (definately) he is imo the worst player i have ever seen in a black and white jersey, Graham Fenton - Major disappointment. Moussa Dagnogo - seen a little of him, and that was enough! Paeslack - PISH. Twaddle or Annand - expected much, provided so little.
  10. kudos to the belle & seb fan. anyone know of boards of canada?? thought it was a bit obscure but a genuinely brilliant scottish band as is idlewild, mogwai, the vaselines, the cocteau twins, altered images, frankie miller, bmx bandits, teenage fanclub, more recently i would recommend a wee band fae berwick called eastern lane, they have a track called " feed my addiction" nice slice of indie-rock which you can download off the net.
  11. A great time to be a buddie, surely the best squad in the league!!! Mt prayers have been answered, "we need a good forward player, a big guy who can score goals on the deck as well" - DARA!! JOHN SUTTON!! "We could do with a creative midfielder, a bit like ricky 7 or 8 years ago, someone to attack and feed the telling balls..." - DARA!! CHARLIE ADAM!! How the hell did you do it gus, you read my bloody mind!!
  12. Ahh, the old "bob Holness played sax on Baker Street" line, one of my favourite nonsense hoaxes, one of my mates started a campaign on some website to say Audley Harrison was going out with Sol Campbell. Total pish, but made me laugh!!
  13. Should be reasonably easy, some tremendous scottish bands been around so ill kick off with: 1. Belle & Sebastian - Step into my office, baby 2. The Vaselines - Jesus dont want me for a sunbeam 3. The Corries - Flower of Scotland (Hampden Version Only) 4. Average White Band - Pick up the pieces 5. Talking Heads - Any one of many!! Beat that!
  14. Its amazing how they managed to make the dad from The kumars at no 42 so un-funny!! he always cracked me up on that show, now he is an indian-cowboy line-dancin' restaurant proprietor!!! oh how i laughed..... nearly. 1 to be embarresed that its scottish, not celebrated.
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