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  1. Only top 1.....this advert " Holidays are coming.......Holidays are coming...." Can they not make a new one.....same pish every year.
  2. So that's how you make the green man come.You jab his button.
  3. WEE BOB

    Msn Messenger

    Job done.My step brer.....Andy.You put up a guy for couple of weeks and you get this? Also half inched the plank.....as in the weans extra stuff. Shown the door. Bang oot a order......only reason I didnae......tears....her's that is. f**k im....
  4. WEE BOB

    Msn Messenger

    Feck me it was worse than I thought.Had to get the IT guy at work to give me a hand.Seems someone has got a hold of my e-mail and password and has been using them for their own purposes.Had to re-new all my passwords/settings. There were also a big list of MSN contacts who I'd never heard of.Rarely on there as it's kinda frowned upon at work. Next job is to find out who the f**k has been doing it.Audit trail in progress. Someone is going to get a boot in the stones for this.
  5. WEE BOB

    Msn Messenger

    Is it possible for someone to hack your profile on MSN and send dodgy messages using your e-mail settings? I keep getting dodgy e-mails and replies to things I didn't send. Won't go into details but suffice to say they area bit iffy. How do I stop this? Anyone any ideas? Do I need to delete whole thing and start again or is there some other way to get rid of this stuff? Cheers.
  6. Hollz try going into control panel....then select network and internet connections.Then select network connections.Check if the details on here are the same as provided by your ISP.If not amend them.Failing that try clicking on repair connection on options on left hand side.This will probably refresh your settings. Worth a go mate.
  7. Wummin and technology.Bit like oil and water. Only kiddin Hollz.
  8. Another thought check in internet explorer that you're search facility isn't blocking various sites.You might want to also check your anti-virus software for the same thing. I'm fresh out of ideas now Hollz.Hope this may help.
  9. Try clearing your internet temporary files and cookies.Probably won't make a difference but sometimes if you have loads of these it can really slow down your PC.Click on tools,internet options and delete cookies/temp internet files. Might work.Failing that you may want to check your internet settings with your ISP.
  10. Yeah.I exchange them for an edible hat.Just in case Bill.
  11. 1/ Socks...black ones....I have hundreds. 2/ Aftershave that makes you smell like a Turkish Brothel 3/ The Obligatory Christmas jumper...with some zany pattern....that you HAVE to wear because your Auntie/Gran etc bought you it. 4/ After eight mints.I ALWAYS get at least one box.Can't stand the feckers...don't know who started it but I wish it would stop. 5/ Some novelty tie...that lights up..plays a tune.Just why?
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