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  1. Trying to think of a decent top 5 thread that's not been done before, not sure if this one has and couldn't be arsed searching. Top 5 Bands/Musicians/Pop Artist etc You Haven't Seen Live, But Wish You Had 1 - Queen 2 - The Libertines 3 - Runrig (Although seen wee Donnie at Scotland games) 4 - Dire Straits 5 - Green Day
  2. Shish Mahal - My fav Indian by a mile. Been to pretty much all the so called big name ones in town but they don't come close to this IMO. Ho Wong - Quality, streets ahead of the much raved about Amber Regent L'Ariosto - Top Italian food Strathearn Gleneagles - Best of quality Cherry & Heather - This place is just off Paisley Road West at Cessnock (has about 4 seats). It's really a take-away place for lunch but they also do outside catering. Their food is top quality and highly recommended.
  3. Just the lack of future for Scottish football Stuart.
  4. He was picked up a slight injury at Brechin, played the game at Morton and picked up another knock in the last 10 minutes. He's much fitter than most of the squad as he returned for pre season earlier than Saints when he was at Queens. Gaffer told him he wouldn't get as much time in the friendlies as they are all about fitness.
  5. davidg

    Paisley Pubs

    Turf Tavern closed today.
  6. PM Div or Tom, they are the only ones who can do it for you. Are you no longer solo?
  7. Any football on the tv this week?

  8. I'd quite like us to go for Jim McAllister of Morton. He's out of contract and already been in contact with 2 SPL managers, looks set to head north though.
  9. davidg

    Paisley Pubs

    The Glenny is a great boozer
  10. League games on a Thursday, cup game on a Sunday.
  11. I didn't want to post this until it was 100% and Mrs SFS approved. The idea was respectfully ran past Derek's wife Maureen who also thinks it is a good idea. On behalf of everyone on Blackandwhitearmy.com, my idea was to get my hands on Billy Mehmets top from the weekend and the top could be put on top of the coffin or whatever Maureen and family wish to do with it. The top Derek's fav player had on the day he passed away, the same day Billy scored a hat-trick. I'm sure Derek would be happy with this. Spoke to Billy today and has agreed to give his top (signed) to the family which is very touching, he was saddened by the news and asked for his condolences to be passed on. Billy Mehmet, an absolute gentleman.
  12. If there's someone on here who knows SFS's family quite well can they give me a PM, something I'm trying to do but want to know if it's ok. Cheers.
  13. Go to Hamish McLean's in George Place, I'd be happy to contribute. I've got something in the pipeline as well for SFS which would be good if it is possible, will know more tomorrow and post details.
  14. Gutted mate, John was a top bloke who'll be missed by many. Couldn't believe it when I heard that news.
  15. Only met Derek a handful of times but he was always very pleasant to me and it was abvious he was a very popular buddie. Sad news.
  16. Not had mine on for almost a year since I changed car. Traffic polis are too fussy so no' much point in it.
  17. davidg

    Ps3 Deals

    Looks like Argos have stopped that deal, last month it was £240 with any game.
  18. davidg

    Ps3 Deals

    Think Argos were 240 with any game for the slim. I sold one a few weeks ago for 180, if I knew you were looking for one you could have had it.
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