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  1. Who's the right ugly cnut on the right?
  2. I'm not, he's pish. Wonder how many fans are down there, 6 or 7 hunner?
  3. davidg

    Paisley Pubs

    Yip, the guy plays for the Tartan Rose in the West Renfreshire pool league. 8 ball pool tables, none of this 9 ball pish.
  4. Marvin Andrews seen at Love Street That one was on the radio and it turned out to be a fitness instructer fron the gym
  5. davidg

    Xbox360 Or Ps3?

    Brian, is it a wireless connection? When you are at the menue screen hit the yellow button for Xbos dashboard. Scroll to the right til you are at System settings and select network settings. Select edit settings. 3rd one down will let you change the setting from cable to wireless if that's what you have, also will let you select the modem and it will find all the settings needed to go live. This should work Let me know if iy works ok and I'll kick your ass at Pro eve
  6. Top 5 Movies 1 - Bourne Ultimatum 2 - American Gangster 3 - Die Hard 4.0 4 - Rush Hour 3 5 - Shooter Top 5 Albums 1 - Arctic Monkeys --- Favourite Worst Nightmare 2 - Klaxons --- Myths Of The Near Future 3 - Babyshambles ---- Shotter's Nation 4 - Chemical Brothers ---- We Are The Night 5 - Kings Of Leon ----- Because Of The Times Top 5 Singles 1 - Klaxons ---- Golden Skans 2 - Kaiser Chiefs ---- Ruby 3 - Timbaland ---- The way I are 4 - Leona Lewis --- Bleeding love : 5 - The Arctic Monkeys --- Fluorescent Adolescent What's yours???
  7. 6 - American History X 7 - Collateral 8 - Man On Fire 9 - Primal Fear 10- Shooter
  8. 1 - The Bourne Identity 2 - The Bourne Supremacy 3 - The Bourne Ultimatum 4 - Boyz N The Hood 5 - Godfather Part 1
  9. davidg

    New Moderator

    Bet the Ross County Full Back by 2 votes
  10. It's quite good bud, never as good as the Libertines though. Got tickets to the Babyshambles gig in December, should be a good night as long as Pete isn't in Jail.
  11. 1 - Gazza crying after getting booked at Italy 90 2 - McFadden in Paris, what a goal!!! 3 - Rooney breaking a bone in his foot 4 - Beating France at Hampden 5 - Beating Holland it Hampden
  12. Owner of a 'Best of WWE Sountracks' CD no doubt...........
  13. My fav best of album is probably The Best of James.
  14. Coco on Bebo If you are on Bebo, join this group (FTOF) Clicky
  15. davidg

    Non S M I S A Members

    Ahhhhhh, I get it now. Didn't realise they got added to the vote count.
  16. davidg

    Non S M I S A Members

    You can't log in as an one of your alias's any more to rig the polls
  17. davidg

    Non S M I S A Members

    Any one else getting strange maths?
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